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In Grove 6 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Sorry posting is taking some time, this time of years always hectic with work. I'll be able to post almost every other day soon. I'll try and get a post up within the next few hours, I'm just on my phone at the moment with no PC access.
In Grove 6 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Location: Rosashire - Red Lion Tavern

Seymour awoke to a faint sunlight shining through the curtains that covered his window, the sound of early morning workers heard through the thin glass panes. He got out of bed and crossed the room to the window, parting the curtains to take a view of the outside. A horse drawn cart noisily made its way past the Red Lion and towards the centre of Rosashire.

Moving away from the window Seymour got himself dressed, fully adorning his armour with him long, crescent sword strapped to his back. He tightened several buckles across his attire before making his way downstairs. Leaving the room he was presented with the corridor, it looked no different to the previous night, still illuminated by fading candlelight. He walked the corridor paying no mind to the doors on his flanks as he passed, the other two would be ready at their own time.

The staircase creaked with each stepward downward, giving Seymours approach away to everyone in the bar. Skarjaw continued to wipe away at the top of the bar, cocking his arm at a steep angle to try and get rid of a stubborn stain. Behind the bar with him was Nuala, the young elf turning to Seymour and casting a smile. Seymour tipped the front of his hat in her direction, a slight curve at the edge of his mouth giving away that he was glad to see her. At the bar was Leo but near him was another man, Nuala called him Rowan just as Seymour was in earshot of the conversation. He spoke of a search happening today and even though he said it, his entire demeanour showed a distinct lack of optimism.

"No wonder nobody has been found if this is who is looking." Seymour looked the man from head to toe before taking a seat at the bar. "Nuala could you please get me my breakfast while I talk to these men? I have left it in my horses saddlebag." Nuala smiled with a nod before turning and heading towards the small stables out the back of the tavern.
In Grove 7 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
If you want just have Skarkaw asking for more and Seymour will cover your cost
In Grove 7 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Oh I meant trap

Yeah ok I'll get rid of it.
In Grove 7 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Just so there's a little bit of background on Nuala I have created a CS for her below. I'll expand more as time goes on.

In Grove 7 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Location: Rosashire - Red Lion Tavern

As the patrons began to leave Seymour did his best to restrain himself, he was not opposed to violent outbursts but the pair opposite him seemed determined to stick around. He did his part, he warned them of the dangers that could lay ahead, his conscience was clean. Even without the threat of their demise, Seymour was hesitant for them to stick around. He had spent much of his time hunting alone meaning that he only had to worry about his own personal safety. On the positive, the one known as Leo was a scout for the Royal Barracks which could make him useful to the search. He stood up from the table and looked at both men.

"I have warned you both that this doesn't seem like a simple situation involving mortal creature." Seymour drunk the last of his drink and placed it back onto the table. "Should you choose to stay then that is on you. I will not be responsible for anything that happens to either of you." Maneuvering around the table towards the bar Seymour glanced back over his shoulder giving the pair his parting words. "I will be down here in the morning. Should you remain then common sense dictates we work together."

Seymour moved past the ale stained bar and nodded at Skarjaw, the orc gesturing upstairs. "Your room is up the stairs at the end of the corridor. Nuala is just getting everything ready." Seymour flicked a silver coin at Skarjaw as he walked past, the orc clumsily dropping it on the floor. "'s gone through the floorboards..."

The stairs creaked and groaned as Seymour ascended, split and splintered wood making up each step. Even with his natural grace it was almost impossible to ascend the stairs without making some sort of noise. At the top of the stairs was a candlelit corridor with a blackened rug running the length of it. There were two doors either side of the corridor with a fifth at the back, the door slightly ajar. Seymour walked to his room and carefully peered through the gap in the door to see Nuala making his bed. The elf sighed heavily as she finished, taking a second to sit down on the bed. She looked down at her feet while letting out another exasperated sigh, he head dropping into her hands. Seymour pushed the door open carefully, the creak of hinge giving him away. Nuala turned to see Seymour enter, her reddened eyes sending tears down her soft cheeks. She frantically wiped her face and got up rushing towards the door. "I...I'm sorry. Excuse me." Nuala moved to go around Seymour but found him sidestep in front of her.

He looked down at her as she stared back up at him, tears continuing to stream down her face. "Please...just move..." Seymour continued to stand in her way, unflinching. "I said move!" Nuala drove the palms of her hands at Seymour's chest, the dhampir standing his ground with ease. He reached out and pulled her in close, her head coming to rest on his chest. "I...please..." Her words were soon replaced with heavy sobs as her tears ran down Seymour's leather chest piece. The elf continued to cry for a couple of minutes before taking Seymour to the bed, the pair sitting next to each other.

"What has gotten you so upset?" Seymour and Nuala had built a bond the last time he was in Rosashire, spending several weeks together, but this was the first time he had seen her cry. He waited for an answer but her eyes were firmly focussed on the floorboards at her feet. "Is it Skarjaw? Has he done something to you?" Nuala shook her head violently before casting her bloodshot eyes in Seymour's direction. "It's Varyn, he has been missing for a week and nobody knows where he is." Seymour remembered Varyn, it was Nuala's mischievous younger brother. He had gotten himself in trouble with some debt collectors when Seymour was last in town and if not for the dhampir, would have been hanging from the nearest tree.

"Has he gotten himself in trouble again?" Nuala shook her head once more. "No not at all. After you were here he got himself a job helping out the mayor as his assistant. He was a totally different person, he actually had something to live for..." The tears began to well in her eyes as she spoke. Seymour raised his pale hand to her cheek and wiped away the freshly falling tears. "Is he caught up in what is going on?" Nuala let out a muffled reply, "Yes." Seymour contemplated for a moment whether anyone or anything would have went for Varyn in particular but he quickly put it down to coincidence. "How did you keep yourself so calm downstairs? You were all smiles and...This must has been eating at you." The young elf took Seymour's hand in her own. "It's part of my job...I need to be able to put on a show at all times...whether i'm dying inside or not. It's easier downstairs, there are people who can provide a distraction, but when I get up here on my own...I crumble."

Seymour stood up and moved towards the nearby curtained window, peering outside to see the ever darkening sky. He turned back around and spoke to Nuala in a tone of total sincerity. "I promise you...I will find out what happened to your brother and everyone else in this town." For the first time since entering the room Nuala's beautiful smile stretched across her tear stained face. She leapt from the bed and wrapped her arms tight around Seymour's waist, before standing onto her tip toes and tenderly kissing his pale cheek. "Thank you Seymour. I knew the second I saw you that I could count on you." Seymour gently caressed the top of her head before the pair separated.

Nuala took a deep breath and wiped at her face with the palms of her hands. "I really should get the other rooms ready. I cannot thank you enough." Seymour could not hide the disappointment from his face, no matter how hard he tried. He could usually hide his emotions from people with little trouble, however something about Nuala made it very difficult. "You do not need to thank me, just be here when I return and that will be thanks enough." Nuala smiled and moved towards the door. "Sleep well Seymour. I shall see you in the morning." The elf closed the door behind herself as she left, her already reddened cheeks turning a darker shade as she blushed. 'It really was great to see you again,' she thought to herself.

With Nuala gone to sort the other rooms, Seymour undressed and got into the bed. It wasn't the most comfortable he had ever experienced but it was better than solid ground. He stared at the ceiling for several minutes, trying to work out what could be going on in Rosashire, before eventually succumbing to the urge to sleep.
In Grove 7 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Apologies for the delay in posting, works been manic and then getting home to Christmas prep etc.
In Grove 7 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Location: Rosashire - Red Lion Tavern

The man sat down without taking Seymour's hand, Seymour simply grinned in response. Some words left the mans mouth but all he took from them was his name, Markus. The dhampir began to open his mouth to speak before another man approached from the bar, this man stood a couple of inches taller than Seymour and had pointed ears much like Markus. Much like Markus' introduction, Seymour took only the name from this person. He listened as Markus spoke to this man Leo before firmly putting his palm down onto the table. The glasses shook violently, the candle in the middle of the table almost toppling over.

"Forgive my interruption but I think you would both be better off leaving this entire situation to me." Seymour wasn't a cocky individual, if anything he was trying to keep these other two safe from harm. His demanour often caused conflict with others and explained why he was still working alone. "I have dealt with these sort of situations before..." Looking down at his hands he clenched his fists tight before casting a glance at the direction of the other two. "...more often than not these events are as the result of inhuman beasts and unearthly creatures." Seymour took a gulp from his drink before standing up.

"I have seen men battered and beaten to a pulp, eviscerated from throat to cock before they could blink. Seymour gestured from his throat down to his stomach, his eyes giving off an intensity that showed his sincerity. "If this is one of those situations the best thing that you two could do would be to walk away now and leave this to me." He returned to his seat and returned his drink to his mouth for another gulp.
In Grove 7 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Location: Rosashire - Red Lion Tavern

Seymour watched as Nuala walked away listening to Skarjaw's rather blunt instruction. He could quite have quite easily taken the drinks himself but he wasn't the reason people would keep coming back. Seymour saw her on the opposite side of the room, pushing clawing arms away while maintaining a professional smile. She soon made her way back towards him and the conversation picked up where it left off.

“So, what do you think?” Seymour looked up at her with a grin but before he could speak someone approached from the bar behind and spoke. “So, what do you think?” Nuala turned to look at the approaching man, his long black hair flowing down over his shoulders. Seymour stood up from his chair, the scraping sound of the chair legs on the floor snapping Nuala's attention back. She looked to see Seymour staring a hole right into the approaching man.

"Hello there friend. I don't suppose your mother ever told you it's rude to eavesdrop?" Seymour forced a toothy smile, his elongated canines giving away his heritage. He reached out his hand towards the man for a handshake. "Nuala please get this man a drink." She nodded hesitantly, walking to get the man a drink. "My name is Seymour Von Carstein, take a seat and let me tell you why you need to turn around and leave this to me."
In Grove 7 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Location: Rosashire - Red Lion Tavern

The odour of the tavern was like every other Seymour had visited, a pungent mixture of sweat and stale ale. He had visited Rosashire once before several years ago and the smell had only gotten worse in that time. His last visit involved tracking down a wealthy heiress who had disappeared without a word. Her father was willing to pay handsomely for her return, more so if found alive. Unfortunately Seymour found her body languishing in a sewer run off, her corpse bloated and rotten. Her body was a perfect metaphor for Rosashire, bursting at the seems and rotten to the core.

Seymour took a gulp of the ale in front of him, it's bitter taste stung his taste buds but the easiest way to blend in was to seem just like any other patron. The rest of the tavern was filled with a variety of people from different races, it's orc owner willing to serve anyone with the required coin. His name was Skarjaw, he was a hulking mass of muscle, his dark green flesh scarred from head to toe. Whether you knew him or not, he was clearly someone who had been through and seen alot. Working for him was a slender elven woman called Nuala, shed doubled as entertainment for the customers using her soft singing voice to briefly take away their sorrows. On his first visit to the Tavern Seymour had wondered why such an attractive woman would risk working in such a place, but after seeing how she handled someone trying to reach under her dress he was more scared of her than the orc owner.

As he took another gulp the woman came over speaking in a distinct, eloquent voice. "Hello there. I see alot of people come through here but I always remember a face." Seymour looked up to see her smiling down at him. "What brings you back here?" He never felt comfortable discussing his business in public but Nuala had helped him the first time he was in Rosashire. "What do you think Nuala?" She turned away as her cheeks turned a mild shade of pink, "So you do remember me then." She took a glass of ale from the tray she was carrying and placed it onto the table in front of Seymour. "There can only be one reason you are here and i'm guessing it's not for the entertainment." Seymour's stern demeanour broke to reveal a smile, "I wouldn't be here if there was no entertainment, although the entertainment i'm after you can't provide." Nuala tried to put on an angry face but her smile broke through to break the facade. "Well then I guess I should just..." Before she could finish she was interrupted mid sentence by Skarjaw. "Nuala get over here and take these drinks to the group in the back." The elf turned to Skarjaw and nodded, huffing under her breath as she turned back to Seymour. "If you hand around a while i'll tell you what I know."
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