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Wayhey the last CS begins!
As we are in Central City you probably wont need these in the post above but either way, i've typed them out just in case they are ever needed in the future.

Role: SOLDIER 1st Class
Location: Junon
Tag: Alain - @Double, Laphicet - @Tenma Tendo, Astral - @Renny, Damian - @Zarkun

Caius watched Astral sprint off and turned to the younger person immediately next to him. "It's time for us to get going." As Caius chased after Astral he reassuringly tapped the person on their shoulder, "Keep up as best you can." The steps moved in his vision as a blur as his legs propelled him rapidly up the stair case. He reached the doorway at the top spotting Astral surveying the scene, appearing in time to spot the target unleash a beam of searing heat at another man. He stared in awe as the barrel began to give way, the laser cutting through it without effort. &$%£...

Caius knew the man atop the barrel was in trouble, easy pickings if he made it to safety, he would need a distraction. Caius returned to his sprint, tearing past Astral and towards the back of the Metal Cricket. As he approached the large machine he slid under it, swinging his blade at each of the joints of its left legs, hoping to cripple the machine. His momentum carried him under the entirety of the mech, using his free hand to push himself into the air when the sight of the sky returned. As he flipped over he glanced at the falling barrel, hoping to see the other 1st Class get to safety. He landed feet first and pulled his sword back sharply, he gritted his teeth before lunging forward, the tip of his blade heading towards the glowing eye of Metal Cricket.
Just as awareness for anyone still doing a sheet, I would like a sparring partner so feel free to be a top student at my characters fathers dojo. Whether as a rival or friend, whatever really I have no preference. Feel free to just post something or if you don't feel comfortable doing that PM me.

If nobody wants to that's cool too lol
@Holy Soldier I have completed my CS - Direct Link here

Any issues just let me know.
Awesome guys. I didn't exactly state this, but for future reference, we haven't been able to achieve space flight. So if you make a new race please keep in mind that no knowledge or how to is known quite yet. It's only been spoken about as myths or theories. Can't wait to see what you all come up with!

Would you like me to change the history to fit that (I.e They are native to the planet) or is the whole marooned alien story ok?

Role: SOLDIER 1st Class
Location: Junon
Tag: Alain - @Double, Laphicet - @Tenma Tendo, Astral - @Renny, Damian - @Zarkun

Caius' helicopter came in low as it hugged the ground towards Junon, the sound of the rotating blades making it difficult to hear anything that wasn't a shout. He sat calmly on his seat looking at the pilots in front, the two in the middle of a discussion he couldn't quite hear. The way they paid more attention to their conversation than flying impressed Caius, it was clear they were very capable pilots. He rose from his seat and approached them, leaning over to speak to them. "How are we looking for time?" The pilot on the right hand side turned to Caius with a smile, "Two minutes out. Radio chatter is saying that it's pretty bad down there." Caius spoke back with an elevated voice, "I'd expect nothing else. Just make sure the second I am off you get yourselves out of here, I could do with you as my pilots again." The other pilot turned to Caius and at that point he realised that they were identical twins. "We appreciate the offer, would be nice to see what you guys get up to. Donny and Lonny Vetter at your service." Donny paused briefly before continuing, "You may want to buckle up."

A grin began to stretch wide across his face, something about it made Caius immediately sit back in his seat and fasten the harness. Lonny reached above his head and flicked a few switches, the white lights in the cabin replaced by a red one above the door to Caius' left. From out of the window he could make out the ocean, meaning they were about to pass over Junon itself. With his raised hand Lonny counted down from three with his fingers. As he dropped the last one the helicopter began to climb steeper and steeper before turning on a sharp angle. Sully felt himself become weightless for a brief moment before his body was driven into the seat behind. The door next to him opened as the helicopter levelled out, now facing Junon head on. The red light turned green as the Vetter brothers held the helicopter steady. They gave Caius a thumbs up as he stood up, giving them a nod in return. Cause leapt from the machine and onto a long rope that dangled to the ground below.

His cloak fluttered in the wind behind him as he descended quickly on the rope, somehow his hat managing to stay in place. He hit the floor with a solid thud, waving the brothers off with his hand. He watched them fly away, the black rope retracting back up with them. He quickly looked at the surrounding area, clear signs of fighting evident wherever he looked. Bullet holes in vehicle body work, blood stained pavements and scattered corpses. The sound of heavy rockets engaging came from nearby, he knew it couldn't be anything but the Metal Cricket. He broke into a steady sprint, avoiding the debris and corpses that littered the street. Eventually he was met by the ravaged entrace to the military base, entering with his Anima's Pain drawn.

The main courtyard was awash with battered robots and slain men alike. On the opposite side of the courtyard Caius saw a bolt of lighting devastate a group of enemies. The source of the lightning came from a figure he had seen once before. It wasn't anyone he had met before but it was another SOLDIER 1st Class who he had been briefed on previously. With him was a significantly smaller person in both height and bulk, however he had no idea who they were. The pair made their way to a nearby staircase. I need to catch up...

Caius kicked himself into a full sprint across the courtyard, his slight but toned legs propelling him at a quick speed. As he approached the stairs one of the lightning struck machines to his right tried to return to it's feet. No thank you... Caius put Anima's Pain out to his right without breaking stride. Electricity began to arc where the Rovers turret met it's lower body before the turret dropped to the floor with a thud, leaving the legs locked in position. The blade had cut clean through the already damaged machine with ease.

When Caius reached the bottom step he looked up to see the towering man and smaller person half way up. He began to bound up towards them, "Greetings, I am Caius Sully. It is a pleasure to meet the two of you."
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