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The following days were not very good for Donna. Exhaustion from this deployment finally got her. She has found herself often almost dozing off, and she's lucky that this hasn't killed anyone yet. Other than her usual duties, she has been called for last rites again among the religious soldiers and being closer to death has made her mental situation worse.

Today has finally reached a new level as she found herself late to her duties. Only barely hearing what she's supposed to be doing she was in her work uniform, running to the hangar with a loaf of bread on her mouth. "Thank God this isn't Berlin." She thought. "But what if this place get me scolded further than ever?" The Gundam pilot shook her head in embarrassment.
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Donna found herself unable to sleep, likely from the adrenaline that still rushed through her from the battle. She moved around the tough bed, but gave up and opened her eyes. The Gundam pilot had many things to think about in the past days. She also worried of her own war back home. Are the Earth forces holding with the remaining Gundam pilots they had? She took her emerald field jacket to wear over her black tanktop, wore her boots and quietly walked out of the quarters.

At the hangar, she observed the crewmen that still remained at work, or ones that took a different time. She walked back to her own Sandrock with something in her thoughts. The cockpit opened for entry with interior lights activated. She climbed in and reached for a compartment with some dossiers. There was one labelled 'The Gundam pilots' that she took from the rest. Going through the clipped or stapled papers, she found a set she was interested in:

Name: Yuy Mercurio
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Born: A.C. 196
Rank: 2nd Lieutenant
Assigned Mobile Suit: XXXG-01 Wing Gundam

Father: Yuy Heero
Mother: Yuy (nee Darlian) Relena

Mercurio Yuy is the son of former Foreign Minister now leader of the Pacifist Party Relena Yuy and her bodyguard Heero Yuy. Allegedly Heero is the pilot of the original Wing Gundam, and later the Wing Gundam Zero. He grew up in Brussels as the oldest sibling with two younger twin sisters.

Eight years after the outbreak of the war, he enlisted in the military academy also in Brussels. He showed great potential that he became the pilot for the rebuilt Wing Gundam. If the rumours of his father are true, then he is born to be a Gundam pilot to change the course of history once more.
Donna nodded, and found herself yawning too. Contagious yawn maybe? "I agree." She replied. "The fight was tiring. It can be said that we did make most of our efforts to survive another day." Remembering the gossip provided, she smiled. "And I will note on your gossip. I will approach them at some point, but I do not listen much to Pop so it may have problems." She got up from the seat. "I will be off." She quietly announced as she excused herself from the room. "May tomorrow be a good day for us." She headed for the elevator back to the quarters.
Donna nodded. "That is an idea." She agreed. "Everyone can add something somehow. We will see what they think." Her first idea on who to ask was Graham still in the room. "Mr. Aker, can you think of something to add to our song?" She asked. "Puru and I so far agreed to theme the song on 'unity', as we need to unite as a means to survive here." Although asking a career officer was a longshot, it would be interesting to receive his insights. In the meantime, she collected thoughts on who else to ask after.
Thinking about cake... Donna relised it wouldn't work here. "Bad idea." She scratched it away. She instead remembered something. "Actually Puru, anything for our song yet?" The Gundam pilot asked, looking to change the subject. "Theme I think should be something to give us hope, something to bring everyone here together?" Thoughts went through her mind. Something to remember back home? Something to fight for? Fight to see the end of this ordeal? She wished she can write those ideas down, but she sees nothing useable. If Puru had some ideas, it would be great.
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Donna saw Nena leave in a huff. She turned to reply to Graham. "I never thought politics as affecting my fighting." She replied honestly. "I was kept kept ignorant in politics until Instructor W arrived. My father did not think I would be fit in intrigues, but the Instructor had a different idea. Though most of my training focused on close-quarters combat." She looked at the confused Puru. "Actually Puru one thing I also learned was to cook. I learned to many things from mashed-potatoes, borscht, cake to pot-au-feu. Maybe we can cook a cake at some point together?"
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