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Hello and welcome to my first interest check in over a year! I won't ask for your gender, age, sexual orientation or religious beliefs as they don't matter in the making of a flourishing rp partnership. What I will ask you is your interest, your creative effort, your good will and your patience when it comes to the remainder of our partnership. I won't be able to pass all day on the computer, but I do promise that I will be present enough to chat everyday, if not post (you never know, I may be able to post daily, but just to be safe!) in a regular manner. That said, if you enjoy posts of a good quality at least once a week, you may be at the right place!

As for my own tastes, I would prefer a lively plotting and chatting OOC thread on a background of a well thought series of bi-weekly posts to a silent partner who posts at the speed of light. I greatly enjoy discussing our common rps, and finds that the best posts are often retouched in a word processor over the period of a few days. I enjoy both Science Fiction and Fantasy, and am happy to tackle good plots relating to more modern or historical settings when the fancy strikes me. I will always have one main character taken from a small cast of secondary characters, and as such the focus of my writing may change from character to character over time.

As far as characters and their interactions goes, I would prefer we gloss over the more suggestive or darker scenes we may come across while still making sure to keep the allusions clear enough for no confusion to be had. Romance is fun but can't be forced in my book, and as such while I do any type of pairing I will not guarantee any lasting couple in our rp. Do you feel our storyline has gotten stale? Why not switch up the perspective with a different set of main characters? Just be open with me and I'll do the same.

Now, I do prefer creating plots from cravings, and as such I will be outlining my current plot candies to all interested, just be aware that I can get pretty verbose when I'm inspired, and that short posts tend to kill my muse.

- Clones and body doubles offer a lot of possibilities in a science-fiction or even a fantasy rp, and I'd love to explore the chaos that having two or more identical persons with either identical memories or ingrained habits running around the streets at the same time without being aware of the other (or are they)? Bonus points for 'evil twin' clones or unknown lab escapees.

- I'd be happy to try adventures or thrillers involving curses, ranging from 'mere' bad luck to Beauty and the Beast-style transformations. As a matter of fact, retelling of the original fairytales such as Sleeping Beauty would be very fun to do!

- I would love switching around what seems like a classic situation and make it into something else entirely from what the average bystander would believe. The Evil Prince actually protecting the populace from wild monsters by forcing them to hide deep in the kingdom's mines? Bring it on!

There is always new ways to explore an old plot, so if you have anything you would like to try in a different way, do feel free to ask me about it! On that, I bid you all good night.
Thank you very much! :D
Hello to one and to all,
my name could be Summerfall!

I've been on a LONG break from writing anything at all these past few years and decided that enough was enough. I'm a cute critters lover who plots 'til kingdom come if given half the chance and the barest hint of a storyline, and am thus the chatterbox type. Should you wish to talk or write with me, you'll be seeing me around plastering my interests and availability all over the place, so don't feel shy if the opportunity presents itself. I don't bite, I swear!

The basics are that I lived my whole life as a french-speaking citizen of Canada, and that I'm a young woman with a taste for one main and multiple secondary characters (genders and personalities varying depending on the current need and inspiration) to play around with in each roleplay. I will have time to post something (that it be IC or OOC) everyday, but my time will be unfortunately limited to at most a few hours a day.

Nice to meetcha!
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