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I would like for this to still go ahead, I just wasn't sure how to respond since it's not actually my decision yet.
@Jynmi88 @Lost Cause: Accepted.
I'm sorry, but I think the current group is probably the limit of what I'm comfortable GMing. If someone drops out, I can PM you if you'd like.
@ActRaiserTheReturned: Accepted.

@jynmi88: I'd say people will gain combat skills based on the source of their gear/abilities, or if it's something original, enough combat skill to put up a fight without everyone instantly being the best archer/swordsman/martial artist/etc in the multiverse
Even if there are exceptions, giving someone specifically dark side force powers does not seem like something a good organisation would do.
I'm definitely interested. Still lookin' for people?

I'd say we've got room for one more person, sure.
To be honest, I'm inclined to say no, based on how corruptive and innately evil sith power is. I can't see it being something an organisation with good intentions would give to anyone, let alone a recruit they know little to nothing about.
Formed by a coalition of heroes, the organisation known as YGGDRASIL watches over and protects the multiverse. They aim to prevent or counter the abuse of extradimensional travel, from enslaving less advanced worlds to destabilising timelines. However, YGGDRASIL doesn't have an unlimited budget, and many of its operatives have their own worlds to worry about. So when an investigator reports on several seemingly unrelated minor incidents, it's hard to justify calling the big guns in.

Detective Hiiro Yamada found himself in such a situation. Unable to call in any experienced heroes, he convinced his superiors to grant him limited access to YGGDRASIL's armoury to outfit some new recruits from a world without its own supervillains or giant monsters to worry about. The first world on his list of incidents would even make a perfect training ground!

As a result, a number of strange blue portals opened on Earth, on footpaths, floating in the air or even attached to the front of a speeding truck. The portals vanished when the new "heroes" entered, leaving no sign they had ever been there.

So, basically this is a multiversal RP where a group of characters from Earth receive powers or gear from/based on a fictional setting and are sent to other worlds to handle incidents caused by unknown dimensional travellers.

While I'm not expecting everyone to be identical in terms of ability, I will reject characters that are too powerful...or too weak. After all, it wouldn't really make sense to give someone the power of "gun" to deal with technologically advanced aliens, wizards and whatever other superpowered things the party will encounter, and if someone can single-handedly wipe out any threat they face, it can leave the rest of the cast feeling a bit redundant. "Joke" characters are probably also not getting in.

If anyone has any questions about the RP, I'd be happy to answer them. And with that out of the way, here's the character sheet:

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