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It's fine. Looking forward to what you come up with.
The town of Ironridge started as a dwarven mining settlement in the kingdom of Rhun. However, it gained wider attention in recent times, with the discovery of Aetherite, a crystal with incredible magical properties. As more miners are needed to meet demand for Aetherite and mages from the College of Whitehill visit to study the crystal formations, the town flourished. However, this attention has brought its share of problems.

Fortunately, this means there's no shortage of work for aspiring adventurers. Whether scholars and trains to and from the town require protection, miners dug too deep and uncovered goblin tunnels or other subterranean beasts or roving bandits stealing supplies, there's almost always something for them to do.

Which brings us to our band of heroes, a recently established group who have made a name for themselves around town. Since setting up their small base of operations, the party have found fairly regular work. Recently, a servant of the family that runs the mines approached the group to ask for their assistance on their employer’s behalf.

This RP will take place in a world with the technology levels you’d expect from a medieval fantasy world with a few exceptions. Thanks to the discovery of Aetherite, magically fueled trains and airships were developed. Flintlock firearms are available.

This is a world where gods exist and walked the planet up until roughly 200 years before the RP, when they vanished after a catastrophic war devastated the planet. There are locations around the world which bear the mark of this exodus, some are holy sites where great temples stand to honour the gods, others are inhospitable hells overrun by creatures from another plane.

Sorry for repeating this, not sure if it was seen the first time. It looks like a lot of people have expressed interest so before I start working on a character, I was wondering if you had room for more players?
It looks like a lot of people have expressed interest so I figure I should ask before I start working on something, you have room for more?
I would like for this to still go ahead, I just wasn't sure how to respond since it's not actually my decision yet.
@Jynmi88 @Lost Cause: Accepted.
I'm sorry, but I think the current group is probably the limit of what I'm comfortable GMing. If someone drops out, I can PM you if you'd like.
@ActRaiserTheReturned: Accepted.

@jynmi88: I'd say people will gain combat skills based on the source of their gear/abilities, or if it's something original, enough combat skill to put up a fight without everyone instantly being the best archer/swordsman/martial artist/etc in the multiverse
Even if there are exceptions, giving someone specifically dark side force powers does not seem like something a good organisation would do.
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