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I'll fill in the personality later, but for now...

I think the power level mentioned in the OP is kinda inaccurate, since basically every character people have signed up with is so far below that level. It's probably better to look at the rest of the cast as a gauge for the general strength characters should be at?

And sorry I haven't posted recently, to be honest...I really can't think of anything to contribute to this scene without just repeating someone else's questions.
I think the ideal solution would be not having a situation where intervention's needed in the first place? There's too many characters in one place for a fight breaking out to be a good idea, especially given the reason for them gathering.
Lucia frowned at the news that these girls were just as lost as she was. At the very least, it showed her that who or whatever had brought them here must have been taking victims from more than just one plane. She raised an eyebrow as electricity sparked off of Mikoto's head. Was she another mage? The thought of learning about magic from another world danced in her mind for a brief moment...

Only to be replaced by the scent of...whatever it was and a young girl's attempt at singing. The knight placed a hand over her stomach, she had been waiting for her allies to return for dinner when she was taken, so the delicious aroma was rather distracting. Besides, someone who was setting up a shop and selling food couldn't be as lost as they were, right? So investigating the source was the most reasonable course of action.

"Shall we take a closer look?" she asked.

She was hesitant to invite herself to join the duo, as it seemed a little rude in her mind. However, with the alternative being leaving a pair of unarmed children (even if one seemed to be a magic-user) in a strange, mostly abandoned town like this, with goddess-knows-what potentially arriving from different realities, it was her duty as a knight to accompany them. And maybe she could ask about that magic later.
I think it's probably best to just skip me. I don't really have anything to add at the moment. ^^;
To make matters worse, the place is dynamic- ever growing and changing. Every day (and sometimes not even that), new locales and characters are shunted in this place to stir up even more trouble.

I imagine that bit would make keeping up with a map kind of a pain.
An armoured hand clamped down on the hilt of Lucia's sword as she took in her surroundings. Wherever this was, it certainly wasn't the tavern she had been resting in. She looked at the architecture with a combination of confusion and awe as she wandered through the town. Were these ruins of some forgotten civilisation? Another plane? The metal carriages, the strange buildings and the single tower looking over the place were nothing like anything she had seen before. She frowned.

The knight stepped around a corner, then quickly retreated, peering out at a pair of figures with all the stealth one would expect from someone clad in steel plate. A pair of girls? They seemed unarmed from what she could see, and with their strange clothes, perhaps they knew more about this place than she did. Releasing her grip on her weapon, Lucia stepped out into the street and approached the teens.

"Please excuse my intrusion, my name is Dame Lucia of Whitehill. I am afraid I am quite lost at the moment. Would either of you know how to leave this place?"
Hmm...need to figure out where to put Lucia, I suppose.
Name: Lucia of Whitehill
Universe: An original fantasy setting
Appearance: She's about 5'10".
Personality: Lucia is generally polite and soft-spoken, especially with those she doesn't know. She has a strong sense of justice and hates seeing innocent people suffer. She is very protective of her allies and willing to throw herself into harm's way to defend them. As a knight, she grew up learning about honour and chivalry. She is always eager to improve her skills, as both a knight and a mage.
Swordsmanship: Lucia is a skilled swordswoman, having trained since childhood. She can easily hold her own against much larger opponents or groups of enemies.
Magic: She is also a capable spellcaster, able to use her sword as a focus to fire off her spells or channel magic through it to enhance her attacks.
  • Blazing Heat: Creates a fireball which explodes on impact or used to superheat the blade of Lucia's sword, greatly enhancing its armour piercing ability.
  • Fury of the Storm: Creates a bolt of lightning which chains between enemies or sends electricity coursing through her sword, enhancing its damage.
  • Frozen Burst: Fires a burst of magic to freeze an area, potentially causing anyone crossing it to lose their footing. Alternatively, causes cold energy to surround her sword, before crystallising into spikes of ice on contact with an enemy, causing massive damage to unarmoured targets.
  • Blessing of Might: Enhances her strength and agility.

Brief Bio: Lucia was born to a wealthy noble family in the city of Whitehill, with a history of providing knights for the royal guard. She began her studies in swordsmanship and magic at the age of five. On her eighteenth birthday, she left home and embarked on a heroic journey. She wasn't sure what heroic deeds she was meant to be accomplishing, but it was a tradition stretching back generations and she was happy to go. Since then, she has travelled in search of monsters in need of slaying, damsels in need of a knight in shining armour and other such glorious pursuits.
Equipment: Her sword, which is enchanted to be nigh-indestructible, due to some issues channelling fire and ice magic caused with mundane weapons, and her armour, which is just mundane steel.
Others: Not that I can think of.
So, hopefully this is okay.

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