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Current Not sure if the world is in my hands or on my shoulders, not sure it matters. At least there's writing :D
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I'm here for the feels.

I write literal novels outside of RP, and like to write long posts when playing.

Talk to me OOC, it's just polite and I like to GET HYPE!! *air horn sounds*

All of my roleplays will have romance as a central element. I need a good plot above and beyond that too and am a sucker for plotting, brainstorming, and whatnot. But be forewarned: Angst, drama, kissing, snuggling, misunderstandings, insecurities, and general relationship-driven intensity will be involved. I want soap-opera level dramas, OKURRR?

I like dark and offbeat themes (medical settings/themes, teacher/student, mafia/crime stuff, historical fiction weirdness of many eras and flavors, medieval fantasy, certain taboos) and most of my characters have a disability of some kind (whether physical or mental illness). Have a roleplay you want to try, but were too afraid to ask? Hit me up, I might be into it.

Also, I try to be very open and honest. If the RP isn't working for me, I'll let you know in no uncertain terms. I'm happy to workshop and fix things, and would hope you do the same for me.

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I'mma get straight to the point:

I'm looking for someone who enjoys writing long, detailed, rich posts that delve into the character's head and what's happening in/with/around them. I'm looking for high emotion, high drama, and high stakes. I'm looking for legendary romance and an intriguing plot. I'm also hoping for queer characters, specifically MxM and/or trans*.

Sound good? Read on...

Meow :3
~ Hi there! n__n ~

You can call me cactus, but I'm actually also a marshmallow. Welcome to my roleplay search thread thing. Take a look around, make yourself at home, and if you want to RP with me, send me a PM! I don't always remember to check the threads so please, please, please PM. <3

Some dumb rules:
- Roleplay is fun. Fun is mandatory.
- 18+ writers only, please and thank you. Mature themes possible and likely. <3
- Your characters should also be 18+. I'm 27 for fuck's sake and it just gets weird to even RP with younger characters.
- OOC chat is a must, whether we talk about the RP or not, it just helps to communicate about stuff. If we're already having a convo and one of us has a problem with the RP, it's then much easier to say, "Hey, cactus, wtf?" than to message someone out of the blue after not talking for six weeks. Also, making friends is fun. And what did we say about fun? (You: ... it's mandatory?) Yes. Good. :'3 Moving on.

*scampers in and sits on top of this plot bunny* Mine! Just kidding, of course, but I totes PMed you. :'3
I PMed chu~ I hope I make the cut ;____________;
I believe it's due to something in our psychology; inherently, thanks to evolution, some men prefer either the buttocks or breasts, or even both. Why? Bigger breasts mean more milk, while larger buttocks...Hold on, I'll get back to you in a moment. I'm sure I can come up with a reason. Not really.

Actually, I'm not sure whether the size of the breasts would affect the size of the mammary glands.

So according to "studies" which I am too lazy to look up, individuals which store fat in the hip/buttocks area have a lower risk of coronary disease than those who carry fat on their midsections or elsewhere. And as you know, the storage of energy as fat is a protective mechanism against famine, which was handy back when we were cavemen.

Therefore, it may be surmised that "ass men" have evolved to prefer women with large buttocks because they are more likely to survive a famine and mek mor babbys. IDK if explaining that made any sense but it's p logical to me. Ass men. heh.
Quick pause

Why does death, depicted as a skeleton, have boobs?

idk and idc... because it's hot in a messed up way?
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