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Current As Spring grows, so too does the itch to dream, to imagine, and to create.
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It's Christmas time! Put up the lights, and hold up your light! #LightTheWorld
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And it's impossible to edit a status. Wonderful. I meant to say my hard drive is down; I'm working out of a flash drive now.
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Whoops. That's one flash drive destroyed. Kids, take good care of your toys! For those concerned, thank you! I don't have any storage, but I do have access to a browser; roleplaying continues!
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Driving on my lunch break when a random kid on the sidewalk yells, "It's the internet man! Hi internet man!" Spend the rest of Monday feeling like a champ.


*Picks up the profile*
*Looks at it oddly, as though it vaguely reminds him of something he read once*
*Blows off a mountain of dust*

Ah! That's what this is! It's my old role-player guild account!

Hello, folks, from a friend new and old. Old in that I spent many happy hours fictating way back in Old-Guild before Lost Christmas, and then I spent some time in New-Guild during its beginning development; new in that I've been gone for two years, so a lot of the "faces" I was familiar with back then don't seem to be haunting the place these days. Whether you've known me before or not, I extend to you a hearty greeting and a virtual feast. If you'd like a name shorter than the full one, please call me Taro. I'm rather comfortable with that one.

Well, you didn't come here just to hear about my history. You're probably looking to see what kind of a role-player I am. Truthfully, I'm not totally certain right now; two years without practice does bring on a multitude of changes. Then again, even in those two years I've kept the creative spark fed and fanned, in isolation though it may have been, and I can tell you this much with great certainty:
I like light-hearted laughter, soul-searching questions, and that precipice of commitment.
My favorite settings would be:
High Fantasy
Modern Fantasy
Science Fiction (new worlds, a newer Earth, even just in the immensity of space)
I consider it a given that, where boys and girls coexist in a story, Romance will blossom.
Horror I have a very weak stomach for. (I read the basic instructions for Betrayal at House on the Hill and had to consciously tell myself that night that everything was fine and I would sleep safely. I didn't even play a game; I only read the instructions!)
I stay away from graphic violence, sexual depictions of any nature, and profanities. I'm very much a PG-rated writer; I plan on sharing everything I write as bedtime stories with my kids someday.

I play a convincing dude (I'm sure you never would have guessed that), but a vast majority of my favorite characters are female. So if you have romance in mind, I'm happy to play either party. If you don't want a romance, you will probably have to tell me that plainly. Then I'll just go with what feels right for the story, subject to a few personal whims which I hope will only bolster the plot and development.

I'm very picky as far as my own ideas go. I'll try just about everything I can think of to break the idea in order to insure there are no gaping plot holes. I invite everyone else to examine my ideas in a similar light--different people, different thought processes, different problems discovered--and to offer any compliments or constructive criticisms you have. As part of that, I absolutely love pushing the boundary of an idea as far as it will stretch, or looking for that odd, "I never thought of using it like that" approach to a character's abilities.

What else would I say with this space? I really like old poetry; reading Isaiah gives me the happy trembles. I hope I've presented a fair assessment of my writing style and capabilities through this brief introduction. I love creating--creating characters and bringing them to life from the page; creating worlds filled with fascinating lore and beautiful locales; creating stories, be they narrations of ordinary men and women facing their trials or epics of fated heroes overcoming every obstacle to save Dwarf-kind.

And, in closing, I'm excited for the chance to work with you. I should be able to post daily. PM me anytime, especially if you have a question about anything I've said here or elsewhere, but even if you only want to chat. You could even ask me about my mysterious two-year absence. I'll tell you now that I was in California, but that doesn't really answer the question. I'm happy to talk anytime.

Sweet water and light laughter until next we meet!

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"Cee!" Karuu cried, happy to see she had made it. "Yeah, I think it'll be enough. Got my extra swords repaired for when this one snaps. Glad you could join us! It'll be a relief to have you with Kira on the vanguard; that'll keep a lot of the pressure off Tower and I." He spent a few minutes filling her in on the strategy, pointing out on the map the section Last Genesis had been assigned to sweep.

Now their party was ready. "Alright, folks, let's move! Hit fast, hit hard, and don't stop to farm! We're going to be first done so we can help the other guilds. And Kira," he added, turning a grin on his guildmate, "Keep count. Loser buys dinner."

Following the instructions wasn't difficult, though it was a bit confusing. They turned left at the first intersection they found; that tunnel in turn twisted right until it seemed to be going the same direction they had been. Moving straight through the next intersection seemed counter-productive; but at Koph's insistence that this was what the Prum lass had said, they pressed on. Without much warning, the tunnel twisted back in a complete U; and when a new convergence of paths appeared, they turned left, which twisted right, and let out into...

A cavern. A rare occurrence in the top three floors. Also a potentially dangerous one. The wide open space made it all too easy for a group of monsters to totally surround you. On top of that, at the far end of the room was a treasure chest.

Though it was rare, the Dungeon would create these in difficult places. As traps. They always held something good, of course; if they didn't, Adventurers would never touch them. The original potions were said to have come from chests, which alchemists and herbalists studied and recreated. Sometimes special pieces of equipment came in these chests, things that could greatly improve an Adventurer's strength and chances of survival. But one and all, these chests were trapped, placed to lure Adventurers into dangerous positions where the Dungeon had a better chance of consuming them.

"Oh," was all Koph could say. She looked around the room cautiously, wary of what may happen once they put even one foot in. If the walls were entirely filled with monsters...well, a guess based just on surface area left her picturing dozens, a full horde against the two of them.
Come down they did. The two elves stared, shifting uncomfortably but trying not to let the new-bloods notice. Doris's smile faltered briefly, but came back after only a moment--though a little sadder this time. The other two, Mel and Stel, didn't react beyond a stern nod of acknowledgement from the one and a cheerful smile from the other.

"Amaterasu, huh. Solome-san still training kids like you?"

Koph nodded--the fact seemed self-apparent to her, as they were in Amaterasu Familia and here in the Dungeon.

"That's good. He is a good man." For a moment Doris's eyes were glazed over, looking at something far off in the distance. Then she shook her head and she was back. "When you head home tonight, tell 'im Doris said hi."

Again Koph nodded.

"Ooh, me too! You can tell your goddess that Astella Isabella sends her best wishes and congratulations."

"What are you doing? You don't even know Amaterasu-sama. What are you even sending congratulations for?"

"For having two beautiful children, of course!"

Koph remained silent, though a little bit of color was starting to show through the dark skin of her cheeks.

"Let's move, girls! We're almost home, and I for one need a long, hot bath!" So saying, Doris started their procession up again, leading the way back up the tunnels Koph and Voltaire had just come from.

Just as she passed by the pair, the Prum spun back to quietly say, "Straight ahead will be pretty boring for a while, but there's something good two tunnels over. Just take the next left, then straight, then left." With one last wink, she turned around and hurried back to join her teammates.

With that, the strange encounter was over. Koph let out a deep breath as she relaxed. "Something good?" she asked, turning to face Voltaire--as though he would have any better idea than she about what that might mean.

"Sorry, it's just the word they gave me. Probably means something smaller than a monolith and post-like with carvings. No troubles with destroying the thing itself reported, just a brutal fight past replenishing guards to get at it. Naturally, no scouting party was able to destroy all the totems alone; while layout is random, the difficulty of the dungeon doesn't seem to change between iterations. We have no information on the boss. You can use your imagination, though: goblins plus wolves, then whatever colossus comes out on top. My first guess is a hobgoblin chieftain, or a larger greenskin like an orc or an ogre. Him being able to rally an army is a valid concern." Karuu paused there and looked around at his friends with a cocky grin. "Not that we can't handle it. One thing at a time, though. Aramo will gather us up one more time once we've secured the forest; hopefully the scouts can get in and out with information then."
Koph shook her head at each suggestion. "People," she answered. She refrained from saying any more, standing still and watching ahead until the approaching persons appeared.

Leading was a heavy-set dwarf fully covered in armor. What little could be seen beneath the sturdy metal was a tanned face, a sturdy jawline, a few snippets of brown hair, and a pair of similarly brown eyes, lit up with a touch of excitement from the moment they locked with Voltaire's.

Behind came a human with a bow--a rarity, as it was difficult to use in the upper floors and few wanted to relearn to fight in the lower floors. She was distinctly female: long and straight, black hair; bright, blue eyes; fair complexion, soft features; and a figure that even Aphrodite would approve of. Leather armor adorned her person, and a rapier hung at her waist.

Beside this beauty was another, a Prum lass with a blonde pixie cut and a graceful, slim body. She wore trousers and a long blouse--or perhaps a very short dress--that looked easy to move in. Her weapon wasn't immediately apparent, but her sleeves were loose enough to hold something short. Her eyes were an enchanting silver, shimmering with excitement now that they'd landed upon another group of adventurers.

Two more women trailed behind, quite obviously elves and just as obviously sisters. Each sported green hair, pointed ears, sharp eyes the color of spring lilacs, and lithe forms that bespoke the years of training they had with the chakram at their sides. Their were few differences apparent between them--though the most notable was the smile given by one contrasted with the suspicious frown from her sister.

"Hallo! Sorry to intrude, we're just passing through. Good to see some young blood hard at work this early in the morning!" the leading dwarf called out--in a voice that was low alto and probably female, though some doubt remained.

"I would be eager, too, if I had such a cutie to bring with me," the Prum added, throwing in a wink--probably at Koph.

"Stel," the human snapped. "This is the Dungeon; don't give them any trouble. I don't want to hear about them dying because of something you said--or did."

"What could she do? Embarrass them into splitting?" smiling sister remarked.

"If they're adventurers, they should already be able to fight alone."

"Quiet down! No need to give grief here. Sorry about this," she(?) said, turning back to the confused pair. "These girls've been in Rivira near a week; naught but unpleasant sorts for now. I hope ye'll forgive 'em a bit o' fun. I think we're all a bit...starved for it."

"I think I've had quite enough of 'it,' thank you."

A magic lantern clicked on inside Koph's head. "Artemis Familia."

"Oh, does this mean I'm famous?"

"I very much doubt that."

"Good point; they probably recognized the beautiful Melanie Manson."

"Hey! What are you-!?"

"Girls! Sorry again. Like you said, we're from Artemis Familia. I'm Doris, here's Mel and Stel, and that's Lily and Vivi."

"Vivian," stern sister corrected.

"And yourselves? What familia?" Doris continued, ignoring her comrade's objection.
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Whatcha thinkin'?

Health: 800/800
Mana: 1777/2200

Alisea had intended to watch the frontline handle this grind. After all, with River watching over them HP was an endless resource. All the boars turned on Dirk, just as they should; however, after a single convergence the boars scattered again. And one was moving straight toward her.

Immediately the magess began to invoke Shadow Bind. She could feel the tingle of gathering magic, the nerves in her avatar feeling the ticklish buzz it created. It was a feeling she was growing accustomed to--enough so that she could tell the spell wouldn't be charged before the boar had reached her.

It would reach Kyo.

Alisea canceled the spell, pushed Kyo away and toward Reylan, and swung out with her fist to deliver a Stunning Punch at the same time the boar charged through her. The two forces connected and Alisea was thrown back. Her body hit the ground and tumbled like a rag doll. When the rolling finally stopped, she lay very still.

"Wake up. Do you intend to be late for your vocal lessons?"
"What? Did you forget to tell me something?"
"No, it's not that-"
"'That is not it.' Refined speech, Alice."
"... Yes ma'am."
"Well? What do you have to tell me?"
"Alice, if you have nothing-"
"Will Dad bring Evan to the next recital?"
"... I see no reason that should matter. Whether your brother is there or off performing some strange ritual, you will sing and sing well."
"... Yes, ma'am."

Light crept back into Alisea's vision. Her mind came swimming back out of unconsciousness and feeling returned to her body. She blinked several times as she tried to recall what she was doing. She was laying down. Her arms were oddly skewed, though not in a painful way; on the contrary, a strange warmth that had filled her was just fading from her body. Where was she?

The loud squeal of a boar as Aster's blade cut into it was a swift reminder.

Alisea jumped to her feet. Kyo had been hovering over her, her face fraught with fear for her friend; now she stumbled back, relief evident in her features. Alisea glanced around quickly to get a handle on the situation around her. Dirk and the rest were still handling the frontline well; Uchaka had moved to intercept the boar charging their gunmen; and Aster was stalling the boar that had stunned her. That irksome beast seemed a good target to vent her newfound rage.

"Thank you, Kyo. You really helped me; that monster made me remember something unpleasant. Stay safe by our Mister, now!" Gathering her magic once more, Alisea rushed even closer to the boar as she cast Shadow Bind, ensuring it wouldn't move anywhere while she and Aster worked it down.

Reaching the immobile boar, Alisea hopped atop its back, planted her hands on either side of its spine, and cast Ice Lance. Two sharp blades of ice erupted from her palms and drove into the boar's body. From this perch, Alisea had no intention of letting go.

Alisea used Stunning Punch in reaction to Boar 4's charge
Spent a minute stunned (blacked out)
Cast Shadow Bind on Boar 4
Mounted Boar 4
Cast Ice Lance on Boar 4
Koph stopped walking. She craned her head sideways, listening intently to the tunnel ahead. After a moment, she gave a sharp nod and looked back to Voltaire. The Amazoness raised three fingers and pointed down the tunnel. "Volter-kun, you had friends!?" she asked in mock disbelief. She withdrew her fingers, then motioned with her arm for the young man to keep the conversation moving. Softly, bare soles making barely a whisper against the stone tunnel, Koph crept to the next bend in the tunnel. Her spear she kept behind her, out of sight, but always at the ready to lash out.

Closer now, the sounds became more distinct. There were definitely several sets of footsteps coming toward them--more than three, she decided now. The regular 'tap-tap' of the loudest definitely came from heavy leather boots. None of the others carried the scratchy sound of monster claws on stone, either; the group approaching must be adventurers.

Greeting them with a ready spear wouldn't be particularly polite. It wouldn't be very safe, either; a group coming toward them, rather than walking away, must be coming up from a lower floor. It was unlikely they were merely level 1 adventurers; they might well be level 2's coming up from Rivira.

Koph relaxed and stood straight, then padded quietly back to Voltaire. Best to have an ally at her side for this.

Health: 800/800
Mana: 2027/2200

Was what she had said, but Alisea hadn’t expected the Dungeon to teleport them into it. Now there wasn’t an escape route at their backs. They couldn’t send Kyo back if it was dangerous; now keeping her safe was the only option. ‘Papa’ seemed determined on that, as well. That brought a large smile to Alisea’s face.

“Heeeh. Restricting mana sounds so dull. But I suppose this will be a long day, and even more boring if I run out halfway.” So saying, Alisea hopped ahead of Dirk to keep him out of the range of attack and unleashed a Shadow Raze centered on the central boar, letting its area of effect spread out toward the others. Then she stepped back, casting a Chakra Magic on herself as the melee fighters ran past her.

"Now we get to watch the fighters work hard," Alisea told Kyo with a smile. Keeping her safe was most important. But. If there was the chance to do so safely, she would let Kyo use that sword.

Alisea casts Shadow Raze, directed at central boar (Boar 3) and intended to harm the two nearest it as well. (Spell didn't specify area, but Alisea has used it on the wild boars outside Genesis City and is familiar with its range)
Alisea casts Chakra Magic on herself
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