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Currently I'm looking for a partner for an erotic smut roleplay, mostly something with a basic plot but filled with an abundance of seductive moments. There are a few ideas below that you can sink your teeth into as well as some general pairings which may interest me depending on my mood. If you have your own idea PM me and see if I am also interested, however I will only roleplay privately within PMs.

I play a mix of female roles and the occasional male but would prefer a partner who will play a female character. Any partners should be capable of a couple paragraphs per post as I will not RP with anyone who produces a short paragraph reply. Lastly and surely not the least, I don't have a huge amount of free time due to some rotating shifts, so my responses may vary.


  • Teacher x Student
  • Student x Classmate
  • Step Siblings
  • Secret Relationship
  • Shop Worker x Manager
  • Shop Worker x Customer
  • Human x Witch
  • Human x Vampire
  • Human x Monster Girl
  • Monster Hunter x Huntress
  • Pirate x Pirate
  • Pirate x Captive
  • American Mobster x Escort

Fandom Pairings-
  • Pokemon Trainer x Gym Leader
  • Nintendo Character Mashup
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