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I feel... Empty, Foxxie. Like, in another life, I am happier... More whimsical... Like a belly dancing polar bear. o.o

That said, I can't wait to play Baldyr and Demetri again... And I guess Aibell, even if she's like, serious mcserious butt.
You know I love you, between not having tabs, or image alignment, or fonts q.q

Georgia Rhettland // Retrieval Mission

"Is Alyss working on direct orders from the Council?" Georgia asks, ducking back to the room she had entered at to gain confirmation.

"Probably." Derek replies. "They don't tell me shit, hon."

"Someone is getting fed a line of spew..." she mutters back into the link, "Let's hope its not us."

"Don' worry, I'll keep you safe. I like it when Carolyn smiles, she wouldn't without'cha."

"Good. Keep that promise. I think I've got a good read here... Going to follow it. Advancing ahead before I lose it... And before we get swarmed. The longer we take, the worse this is going to get, we just don't have the time and I know I'm the fastest here."

Georgia takes a deep breath and eyes the security room. She frowns and takes her combat knife out, on edge after hearing the voices as if they were beckoning her towards the double-doored with no knobs. She fixes it on opposite the flashlight as a bayonet and takes a deep breath, realizing the risks of making too much noise here in the mansion. She could draw in who knows what upon herself. It was apparent there were things in here now besides Eve.

That said, she decides against trying to risk the security room. She was alone apparently with no back-up and a scuffle might cause whatever was in the double-door room to break out and come after her... Even worse, her tapping into the system may cause some sort of psychic disturbance that it might apparently sense. So with that in mind, she keeps to what she had told Derek she would do. She would follow the psychic signal that she had picked up that was guiding her down the stairs. It rang similar enough to what she had felt before the jump, so there was enough of a chance that it would lead her to Eve. And at this point, the only way was forward. Standing still in a place like this would just be death.

So silent as she can manage, she clears past the double-doors and security room and makes for the stairs, gun secure in her hands. Georgia angles her light down the stairs, causing the light to bob up and down with each step as she radios in to the rest of her group, “Roman, go with Nathaniel. I'm going down a level, I think I sense the target. Be careful, though... I... I thought I heard a party. And someone there knew my name. There's stuff that can get in your head in here.”

Raen. If that was 'your friend' you should have invited them before you royally screwed the pooch and fucked your way out of this group. But we all know it is not the case. We all know you have been caught. The mask has been pulled off. The unveiling has taken place. The unraveling of clues has been spoken and you have been revealed as the creepy old Mr. Jenkins. Jinkies.

You are embarassing yourself at this point, Raen Lupus Black Rabbit. You have tried to lie your way back into this rp and failed. Twice. You could have simply left with your dignity without trying to pull this alt crap. You apparently could not. You could have left silently when you were found out. Instead you threaten my best friend. Get the fuck out of here. You are digging your own grave. If you keep up with these building threats, I will request the mods report you to the authorities because you are beginning to go above and beyond and are crossing the line. I don't give a fuck who you are or what your issues are. No one threatens my friend. Get the fuck out of here you pissant.
LimeyPanda said
I like him.Brovo, Temp, can we keep it?

We'll see, little panda. We'll see.
Rayvon Krayvitch // Liveria - Heaven's Haven

Rayvon, coming up on the champion was firsthand to bear witness to his sheer might. Gore spatters across her chest as he hews through the steed of Elrbetr like it was butter. The half-orc turn-coat is thrown back like no more than a child's ragdoll. It was enough to unnerve herself, it was no wonder that Elrithros was so quick to turn about to seek another foe to assist against.

Yet, that left the paladin Rayvon there alone as the sole melee combatant against the orc champion, injured as he was and roaring in pain. She bolsters he trembling nerves as she tries to make sense of what she had at her disposal as he struggles to move. She could see his achilles' tendon was severed and his movement would be hampered direly from here on out. A lucky blow, Heavens' mercies be upon them. Andrea and Ceann both were called upon by Elrithros. Gabriel was still upon the cliff. Elrbetrt, for all she knew, was unconscious or dead. She could not see beyond the hulk before her.

“Mila! Helene! With me! By the Heavens' might we will fell this foe, yet!” she grits her teeth, clenching her fist tight about her blade as she ducks in low and closes the gap between her and the champion, going in upon his injured side, praying to whatever heavenly figure might hear her plea that her blade run true... True to the mark Elrithros has spoken of, the gap between the armour on the orc's mid-section. That Mila and Helene would find the wisdom to know how best to disadvantage the orc further... That by the Heavens' grace Rayvon might see it through to the other side by some divine intervention where the axes fail to cleave through her.

It could almost be a trick of her mind, brought on by the adrenaline coursing like fire through her veins, but the light radiating magically from her armour almost seemed to be shining ever so brighter.

Move along, nothing to see here folks.
*sees what Raen is doing to the OOC while both Brovo and I have been dealing with crap in real life* ............. *skims through what everyone else has been saying in response* ............

This conversation is over.

It is no longer a debate.

It has reached hostile.

If you have something important related to other things related to the RP, please feel free to post it.

Just nothing related to these 'battle field tactics' because the point has been thoroughly discussed on both sides and i've seen the names being pulled out. We don't need name calling, however 'friendly' in a discussion on tactics. No room for that.

I'm disappointed this elevated so far and carried on for 2 days.
Raen Elvarasi said
Agreed. But it is also very easy to take advantage of, and thus weaken the team. That is why all my plans rely on a good defense to make a stable offense.

... But also have the canooneer shooting into melee and killing your own team. Which is not a good defense or offense.
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