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3 days ago
Current I don't think he's that much of a Mahzochist. :P
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3 days ago
Really? Amahzing!
5 days ago
God bless AdBlock.
5 days ago
Same. I feel alive outside. B)
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7 days ago
Typo of the day: looking up Helen Mirren, I wrote Helen Mitten.
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Gender: Male
Age: Old enough to mingle!
Timezone: CET (+1:00)
Preferences: Whether it's 1x1 PM or thread-based group play, I'm all for it! That said, I've grown a liking for 1x1 lately! I'm a big fan of character development, so any game that's character-oriented will certainly pique my interest. Also, I love paleofauna (dinosaurs and other extinct creatures), so I'm always scouting for those kinds of RPs! I lean heavily towards Casual RPs; free are too easy, and advanced requires too much investment IMO.
Favorite genres/genre elements: Slice of life, high fantasy, adventure, comedy, romance, friendship, music, bit of superhero (but not Marvel or DC)
Favorite anime: My Hero Academia
Stuff I don't do: MxM, FxF or polygamy, incest, rape, interspecies (I just don't swing that way), friends-to-lovers, Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Game of Thrones, anything inspired by modern Hollywood, grimdark bleakness.

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In Mahz's Dev Journal 21 hrs ago Forum: News
Status bar is open even after I close it myself, but with a plus icon. Upon seeing that, I need to click it twice to close it again.
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