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Flora sat in her seat, waving at the people filing into the classroom. She kept trying to start a conversation with people but they all seemed to move into their own little corners of the room talking with everyone else.

She was kinda okay with this.. just watching all these people show themselves off was.. fun to her. She scanned the room taking in all the peoples neat little quirks that she could see.. there was one guy off in the corner.. looked almost like a ghost and this other girl with the neat orbs around her.. and cant forget that loud mouth over there with the foghorn sneeze! She was getting all excited just looking at these quirks, she couldn't wait to actually start doing something with them!

'this has got to be one of the coolest places eve-' her thoughts were cut off by this massive explosion sounding thing.. it shook the floor below them, and not a minute after this, kid.. looking as if he was about to cut someones throat basically barged in. she eyed him carefully as he found his seat, seeing a bleu-ish glow around him.. it was very faint. She.. "casually" strolled over to him, leaning on his desk. "so, mr.sweatingyourpantsoff, you and that explosion connected? you're the only kid that walked in after it so either you created it or you're the only one that survived from it. She said to him in a teasing sort of way, really she was just curious..

@Dead Cruiser

Flora stood tapping her foot quickly and impatiently, looking at her phone periodically. well, more like every two seconds. it was 8:14 and these guys said be in class by 8:30?

'wish they'd open the damn doors at least, what kind of high end school does this?'she huffed, and scoffed kicking the door again, getting frustrated with waiting.

She was facing the door, holding onto her backpack as she watched and waited, then suddenly the doors shot open. Flora almost fell back in surprise at the suddenness of these gigantic doors flinging open yet she was caught in the first wave of students rushing in, being dragged along. She regained her footing and started running as well, looking at her phone. 8:16.

'i can make this, Yea, no problem' she thought to herself. but right at the front doors, guards. They said something about, "not letting them pass?" oh she didn't have the TIME.

a few students tried to get past, only to be shoved back by this burly man. he didn't seem to have any protective quirk on his hands... so Flora had an idea. She grew thorns along her arms, rushing in, once the guard tried to push her she just stuck her arms up, he grabbed onto them.. big mistake.. his drew is hand back as the thorns dug into his arm, and she ran past. She stuck her tongue out at the guard running ahead.

There was a split path in the way, she saw this creepy ass nurse on one end and this other weirdo on the left. she wasn't sure which on to take, until she saw a massive flash come from the right wing, she made her decisions and rushed that way. The nurse was... creepy to say the least, asking for a blood sample in THE most creepy way flora had ever seen. She ran past as most of these students were blinded by that earlier flash yelling to the nurse

"i don't have blood so im going ahead, BYE" she turned another corner, and bolted up the stairs.

'room 1A... room 1A... aha! there it is!' Flora ran up to the door, took a deep breath, slid the door open waved at the few students inside and sat down at one of the desk, obviously excited and not afraid to show it!
@Experiment 249
noone you punk kid

jk jk, everyone i presume


OH! im re-writing it, yes. but the base is going to be the same, no re-working, just additions. the quirk is gonna be the same too, so nothing to worry about.

but i will run it by you once again, so dont fret.

Is my character approved? or is something wrong with it?
tfw re-writing entire character just because of that wall of text. BE PREPARED.

oh damn double post mb

i, am so down to participating in this. i have an entire character already set and such, i just need to DM you the quirk ideas right? YEA! i'd love to participate!

oh, also, im super new to the sight, BUT i aint new to rp-ing, so dont underestimate me!
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