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Hello. I will update this more as I feel it pertinent.

Currently figuring out my inspiration.

If you have arena threads you think might intrigue me to read, please send them my way.

Thank you for your time.

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The pale imitation of what will be a characters thread so I can procrastinate more.

Will work as a test of concept. Threw it together in about 6 minutes.

Easy to edit quickly.

Now to think up actual characters.
I have roleplayed a fair bit before, fallen out of it in recent years, and am currently trying to reignite that creative spark.

Reading around here has intrigued me. So if I do get back into it as I plan, I think I will try it here.

My interests in a roleplay capacity have largely involved combat, being rather enamored with the nature of play by post "tournaments," arena fighting and the like; I believe some like to adopt the MMORPG adage of "PvP" which suits me well enough. Although I have tried my hand at general sci-fi settings and especially enjoyed a stint in a 1920's detective story so I am not opposed to story building.

I am age 30. I am a man. I have engaged in roleplay since I was 13 years old. Pleasure again to make your acquaintance, I hope to break past my crippling gaming addiction and be a substantive contributor to this site. It is nice to see a living roleplay bbs in this day and age.
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