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Rylex sat silently on the bed within the blank room he had been assigned. He did not hear the light rapping on his door, the headphone in his ears temporarily blocking outside noise. The song Coming Home by Stratovarius played in his ears. He had been sitting there ever since he had learned the truth about the situation on the ATLAS. Truth be told, the situation didn't really scare him nor had it been what drove him to his room where he sat to be alone. Growing up on his home world, he had been faced with many horrible situations, each and everyone designed to prepare him for moments like this. He would do his job, do what he was brought here to do, and that was all one could really do at the end of the day. No, what brought him here to be alone was the memories rushing back to him. Seven hundred had passed but it felt like no time had passed at all for him, maybe it was because he had nothing to leave behind but the substantial increase in years didn't bother him in the least. It was knowing that the road before him was empty, that he would be walking alone that drove him to seclusion. Being here now had finally sank in, the reality of his situation plain to see, no matter how far you ran or how far time advanced, you could not run from what hurts you the most. The truth he wanted so desperately to deny was that he was now lost, stranded in a new life that he alone had walked willingly to. There was no turning back now and that was what staked him the deepest.

Without you I am like
A ship without its sails
Calling the wind to save me
I'd climb the highest mountain
I'd cross the seven seas

Just to see you smile again
All the trust that was built along the years
Is coming back to stay
I know, just look ahead
The road is free, I'm coming home

With every stem I'm closer to home
When I'm back you won't be alone
Soon I'll see the familiar door before my eyes
And you
Through the storms we've wandered

He listened quietly to the lyrics to one of his favorite songs, one of the same that reminded him of Nate, the same song Nate used to blast all the time and sing horribly to while he faked guitar riffs and drum solo's. It always made him smile, Nate was as military as the day was long, strict, hardened, and all business. But at home he had been perhaps the most silliest man Rylex may ever know, beyond the military man he was, he was also very much like a child who was always happy no matter the situation. He had a life to him that Rylex never truly had, an innocence he guessed that he was robbed of during his upbringing. It was funny that until he had meant Nate again on Earth just how much he never realized how unnormal his life actually was. For example, Earth children could go to school, and had friends and partied and had fun. In essence they would allowed to be kids, Nate had grown up that way, which is why when Rylex came along, he was one of the only people who could get him to drop his tough exterior, let his guard down, be 'silly' in other words. Rylex raised his hands slowly as he strummed the air to the solo blaring in his ear moving his fingers across the make believe strings. He chuckled to himself at such silliness. He finished the song like this letting his fingers rest at the end. Without delay the next song popped on in his ears. Nothing else Matters by Metallica blasted through his head, this alone made Rylex laugh as he remember Nate getting him to scream 'YEAH YEAH' in a raspy hard rock voice with him. Than he would do drums and he would shred guitar like a bunch of idiots.

Rylex sighed to himself as he nodded his head as if he finally understood something he didn't before. "Your right, you were always right. Your still here, I can feel it even though I still think its impossible." It brought him a small comfort to talk as if Nate was actually there and warmed the coldness he was feeling. "You gotta get out there, meet new people, your biggest problem is your afraid to be the big idiot you are deep down. You can't keep hiding yourself, let people get to know you and I promise if you give them a chance they may surprise you. Now come on, lets go, the boys are having a barbecue and your going if I have to stun you and tie you up."Rylex felt the tug at his wrist as he found himself getting to his feet, give them a chance, let them get to know you, that is all he has to do. Walking to the door he pushed the button on the inside of the frame as it slid open and he walked out. Rylex made his way down the hall of look alike doors making his way to the common area he had passed earlier. He supposed others would be finding their way there soon and perhaps it was a good opportunity to get to know some of the others he would be working with. Removing one of his guns he twirled it in his hand, something he often did when he was a bit nervous. Soon Rylex found himself walking around a light that was hanging just a tad too low on him as he entered the common Area, there seemed to be only one person in there, a younger woman on a pad. With one final twirl he replaced the gun smoothly in the holster and secured it lest he might scare her off. He silently sat down on the sofa opposite of the woman, reaching up he yanked out the small ear buds revealing the loud music for just a moment before he paused it sticking in his vest pocket.

"Hey there uh my name is Rylex Soran, I guess.. we will be working together down the line. I shoot things for a living. Its nice to meet you." Rylex offered out a large hand unaware that his introduction was a bit stiff and maybe a bit frightening as his joke was well morbid as he tried to smile but failed.

Name of RP: A Wizards Tale

Chapter & Name: Chapter 1 Curse of the Shadow

Type: 1 x 1

Gender Pairing: MxM, MxF (I will be playing a male character)

Romance: Optional

Genre: Fantasy mixed with modern

Story Type: Original Concept

Characters: Original

Main pairing: Wizard x Apprentice

Synopsis: A wizard who was once a hero of his people has left the life of battle after final battle which saved the universe from falling into shadow and has returned to his home world which does not believe in magic. Wounded and haunted by the past he has settled into a quiet life in his old town where he was once an orphan and lives his life away from the toils of his previous life and magic. One day he meets a young (man or woman) and they slowly become friends over a short course of time. The wizard slowly begins to regain a sense of normal in his life but unknown to him an old evil, one that threatens the entire universe has set its sight on him, the one who stopped the spread of shadow. Having found him, a force is sent to capture him and take him back, the wizard and his new friend are caught and both of them become hunted. Having no choice the Wizard Flees and takes his new friend with him to keep them safe, in the course of their departure the wizards realizes that his friend is in fact destined to battle this new threat and begins to train them for the fight that looms ahead.

Note: If your interested please PM for more in depth details. Please only serious responses, am looking for a long term partner on this story so please if your a hit it and quit it type, please find another story.


"Get your ass up boy!" Blood, yeah he was pretty sure he was drinking his own blood like a hot drink on a cold day. His lips gave the faintest traces of metal, his throat coated in a fine maroon, yep he was definitely having a hot beverage with his own fluids. That was the least of his worries though, he could hear that deep voice yelling at him to get back to his feet and he knew better than to disobey. But the cool ground felt so good to him, for the briefest of moments he allowed his face to slip into the soft soil inhaling it into his nose by accident. It was a far cry better taste than blood, if let alone he would have stayed there but the sharp pain he suddenly felt in his side was enough to break that illusion. "I said get the hell up you filth!" More blood channeled from his mouth mixing with the dirt and ultimately smearing his face with the mixture as he put his arms in front of himself and lifted.

He could feel his lungs contract from the kick he had just received, for a moment it felt like the air he was trying to breath was coming through an opening too tight to let much through. Against his better judgment, he regained his feet if not his composure. He was shaky, his legs like rubber under his weight, looking up at his instructor he locked eyes with the man. The attack that came after was immediate, the sudden burning in his gut came out of nowhere just before he puked violently gripping his stomach, feeling the fist mark still dented into it. Rylex fell to his knee's letting his body bend forward his forehead hitting the ground as he clutched at himself. It was expected but all the same when he felt the heel of a boot come down dead center of his back driving him forward once again into the dirt he screamed in pain. For the fifth time that day he felt hot tears in his eyes, he wanted to cry and would have but with another blow he was on his back with a boot sideways to his throat choking off the little air he had left.

Rylex weakly lifted his hands to clutch at the ankle above the boot but it was useless, his strength was far too gone to even dream of moving the foot. "If you have way to get out of this I would do it filth! I will pop your little head right off your shoulders, yes I will! Don't you doubt it!" Rylex felt his head going light as he struggled, he felt the first of the involuntary convulses he had become accustomed to in his life as he desperately tried to keep in control of himself. Gotta get free, that was his only thought, he had to do something or die. Sprawling his hands out all around him he felt for something, anything he could use as a weapon. When he felt the cold smooth surface hit his skin he didn't want for an invitation, he didn't think, with the strength he had left he brought his arm up his hand gripped tight on the rock. There was a crack of two solid objects colliding and a yelp of surprise as the foot retracted from his throat.

Rylex sucked in air like a madman rolling to his stomach, his lungs burned so hot it felt like a fire in his chest. He gagged one time, two, three, before he felt the strong forearm come under his chin and he was yanked backwards to his feet until his soles had left the ground completely. He couldn't even scream as he was forced into a rear naked choke. "You think your tough meat huh boy!" There was no real time to consider the implications of what was happening really, the irony that he had come to know well, that he was now being punished for trying to preserve his life. All he truly knew was that for the first time he felt a pot of boiling water in his stomach, the air he so desperately acquired was being choked out again and it pissed him off. His fear was replaced with sudden anger as he kicked out and struggled like a man possessed, with all he had, his head whipped back, his skull bounced into the nose of his instructor like a rock thrown at full force.

When his feet hit the ground he launched forward, there was no wasting time on air this time, he swiveled on his feet and turned, he ran full force and slammed himself into his instructors stomach head first. He was able to knock him down to his back, without no care he lunged for the down man like a wild animal, the boot to his jaw however rendered him to that of a new born cub. Rylex again hit the ground on his back, the fight was knocked out him completely as he lay sprawled. His chest was heaving in an out, his arms felt like lead, the same for his legs, he was done and knew it. When his instructors face appeared above him with a sick smile plastered against his broken nose, Rylex could do nothing as he watched the boot rise in the air and come at his face.

Rylex came to suddenly, way too suddenly in his case as he lunged forward and hit his head on the glass of the cryogenic pod he had been suspended in. "Fucker..." Rylex cursed angrily as he clutched at his head in more disbelief than pain. It was low but he could hear a resounding hiss and the sound of a locking mechanism come alive, the glass door to his cold prison slowly released up and away from him. "Couldn't have opened it before I slammed my face into it..." He was cursing under his breath as he lay there longer trying to beat back the grogginess that had a firm hold on him. For a moment he couldn't quite remember fully where he was, in fact he could hardly feel his damn legs for that matter. His whole body felt numbed, weak, as he rose himself up. His reality came back to him quickly as he looked around, thats right, he was on the Atlas and had been suspended for... well he truly didn't know how many years.

Throwing his legs over the edge he let his feet slap the cold floor and pushed himself up, the header he nearly took would have probably busted his skull. He caught himself though his legs buckling momentarily beneath him like a new born baby. "Travel the universe they said, travel the stars, discover new planets, get frozen like a meat Popsicle for laughs.. psh." Rylex let his waking agitation simmer away as he got some feeling into his legs so he could pretend to walk upright. Nate had always told him was a grumpy asshole when he woke up, guess that hadn't changed. Pushing himself forward Rylex proceeded out of the room only dimly aware that for the first time in many years he was completely naked in a seemingly public space. It had be a very long time since he wasn't wearing his plates, and trust, there was hell when they told him he had to remove them for the process.

Making his way down the seemingly bright tunnel of screens he shielded his remaining eye a little bit from the illumination, his eye was still a little fuzzy. The ache behind his skull only intensified when a voice played over speakers making him cringe. He heightened his step as he had no real care to look at the holo imagery around him or to hear a speech that has probably been replayed for the three hundred years that relic Henderson has probably been alive for. Finally at the end of the tunnel he found himself in what appeared to be a one man locker room. Without much hesitation he approached a casing with all too familiar gear inside of it, sitting down on the bench in the center of the room he removed his plating piece by piece and gently inserted it into the links on his body. A feeling of comfort finally began to wash over him as he felt his combat plating against his body once more, the feeling of naked nostalgic falling away.

"Your awake, slept well I hope?" A light voice broke the silence of the room as Rylex looked towards the other side of the room. Standing in the slightly ajar doorway was a young man who seemed a bit green around the gills. The momentary slap he wanted to give for asking such a stupid question subsided with the boys youth and he merely shook his head up and down. "Thats great. I was asked to give you this, you can read it when your dressed." Rylex merely nodded again as he was handed a black pad, setting it beside himself he looked at the boy and thanked him lowly before he left him to finish dressing. Moments later Rylex was tightening the holsters on his shoulders as he secured his revolvers in them tightly. Reaching into the inside pocket of his vest he removed an old photo from it and looked at it silently. Playing his fingers over the face on the image he gave a rare smile.

"Time.. for a new life. If there is such a place after life, I hope your with me." Rylex gently ave the phone a small kiss letting his smile fade as he replaced the picture inside his vest zipping it up and away safely. Picking up the black pad he flipped it on, all he saw on it was a small message to report to Monolith and directions to where he would be heading for briefing. Rylex stood up as he felt his old strength returning to his body albeit slow and exited the room making his way out of the small room and through the bigger expanse. He took time to note that there were a lot of people running around and yelling at each other as they worked, almost in a kind of panic it seemed like. He simply disregarded them though as he made his way into the hangar where the Monolith was house and made a casual advance towards others whom were up ahead.

"I don't suppose anyone can fill me in as to what the current happenings are around here?" Rylex spoke non-nonchalant to no one in particular as he was fairly sure someone will fill him in and in the grand scheme of things, he could not have been more unprepared for what he was going to be told.

“I had my eye ripped out by a by a raider, and the damage was so bad I couldn't replace it. So the question was do I feel lucky? Yeah I suppose so, I mean it could have been worse, like my nose. An empty eye socket is one thing, but no nose is just unsightly, even for me.” - Rylex


<Snipped quote by The Abyss>

Kept us waiting, huh?

Minus points for 'Nuclear' not being the theme. But I'll accept it

Lol I didn't want to make him too much like Venom now ^^ although Nuclear is still very much my muh song even today.

“I had my eye ripped out by a by a raider, and the damage was so bad I couldn't replace it. So the question was do I feel lucky? Yeah I suppose so, I mean it could have been worse, like my nose. An empty eye socket is one thing, but no nose is just unsightly, even for me.” - Rylex



Thank you for your interest, before we get into the grit let me get some preliminary things out of the way so you don't waste your time. Below is what I am looking for.

Google Docs: If you want to do this roleplay its important to note I will be using google docs as the formatting abilities among other things are much smoother and cleaner than in the guild. I have already set it up so you don't have to do anything other than follow the link and write.

Long-term: I want a long term partner who wants to see this story come to fruition, I am not interested in a see it and leave it type partner. I have a lot planned for this story, and while I personally think it will be a great story, it will have it slower parts, and I would prefer someone who doesn't just give up and leave.

Discord: This is optional as if worse comes to worse I will use PM here on the guild but I prefer chat in discord so we can keep it more in real time and plan out the story a bit easier. I will PM you my discord as I do not want a ton of random requests by putting it in here.

Multiple Characters: I need someone who can play more than one character, I myself have three main characters and will be introducing many side characters as we progress. (read below)

Independent: Picking up from above I need someone independent, meaning I need someone who is willing to contribute to this story in more than just writing. I want someone who wants to create this story both in characters and situations and lore. A lot of this story will revolve around you being able to make up your own content. No back seat in this story, were both the creators.

Ready for violence: Given the type of roleplay this is and where it takes place there will be a lot of violence, swearing, horrible situations and much much more and I need you to be ready for that. Its not going to be in your face, no holds barred, but I will not spare the detail given any situation.

Now with that said lets move to the story!

Name: Fallout: Secrets of the Past
Story Type: Original
Characters: Original
Romance: Can be discussed
Pairing: MxF
Age: 18+

Current age Details: It has been about one hundred years since the events which took place in Fallout 4 and the wasteland has regained a form of normality after the events with the Institution and the Brotherhood of Steel. The institution is gone but not forgotten, their technology becoming a part of the wastelands which has lead to much advancement in robotics and weapons. The Brotherhood of steel is gone, after the institution was taken down the Enclave started a war which ended up destroying both factions. The story itself will be taking place in and around the commonwealth and will eventually branch off into other area's, including area's we will make up.

The Story itself: The story is going to revolve around three men who are renowned as legendary vault hunters, or in other words they dive into vaults for a living. The story begins when these three men infiltrate an unmarked vault which has a high level of security and find something hidden inside of it, i.e. a young woman in a cryogenics pod who was frozen almost four hundred years ago. The three men rescue her from the pod and introduce her to the new world in which she finds herself. At the same time a secretive militant group starts a hunt for the men with the intention of reclaiming the young woman they found in the vault. The woman who has amnesia and can not remember a thing is plagued by images of numbers that make no sense but soon become obvious that it is tied to the group hunting for her. The wastelands are turned upside once more as old secrets come to light and a new threat that could eliminate the entire wasteland all over again surfaces, the three men protect the woman whom seems to hold the key to this new apocalypse deep within her forgotten memories. Its a race against time as the three men try to bring back her memories and stop the impending doom that is coming.

Conclusion: If you interested in this story please shoot me a PM and we can discuss it further and I will fill you in a bit more with details.
Name of Roleplay: War of Shadows
Type: Fantasy / Modern
Pairing: M x F M x M

Synopsis: Morganthe the evil queen of Shadows has declared war, her objective is to turn all of the cosmos to darkness. Valon a warrior in the Council of Light stood against her but fell to her power. In a last act of defiance on a dieing world he challenged her but was defeated as he fell through a portal which transported him to earth where he was in a coma for weeks due to his injuries. Upon waking he finds the strange world he is in under attack by agents of Morganthes whom still search for him. As Darkness slowly envelopes Earth, Valon comes across a human whom has latent powerful magical abilities hidden deep within them. Thinking it is fate Valon convinces the human to come with him as they embark of a dangerous journey, Valon trains the human to use magic believing that with the power hidden within them they can beat Morganthe and stop her from turning everything to darkness.

Summary: Hello there and welcome to my interest check. I am looking for a Male or Female to play what will become a very powerful witch or wizard destined to help save the universe. Above is a brief summary of the story, if your interested please PM me and I can go into further detail about the mechanics of the story, and go into further depths on the plot.
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