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I'm interested! Not too many Fallout based RP's around.

Thanks man. I'll be working on a proper OCC soon enough.

I could be interested.

Thank you. I'll be working on an OCC soon and you can see if it's for you or not.
Generally interested, but I feel like twelve years is just too little time for them to reach all the way over to the Capital Wasteland. It's pretty much said that the Brotherhood Chapter there just about went rogue and cut themselves off from the rest of the group by heading over there. The whole backstory just seems not too thought out to me. But I like the concept, and I'd be down if there's more grit to it.

Hi there! Thanks for the feedback. To answer your questions yeah 12 years is a little too late now that I think about it now. I was thinking that the NCR had more pressing matters like rebuilding and securing the Mojave before they sent a kill team east. However maybe I'll settle for around two and four years after the battle. Also the west and east coast chapters did reconnect in 2283 after Arthur Maxson became the new Elder in the east coast. I know FO4 lore isn't popular with the fans but I think it sets up a nice continuity for the roleplay's setting. Maxson is off on his campaign in the Commonwealth leaving his trusted officers along with the West coast survivors in charge of New Maxson. That's when our Rangers arrive in the area. Something along those lines. Anyways it's all still a work in progress in my head.
In 2282 the war for the Mojave began like a powderkeg going off. Hoover dam was taken in the blink of an eye. The monster of the east, the Hulking Legate Lanius led the charge. After that Forlorne Hope, McCarran, Golf and the ranger stations in the Mojave were overrun. Barely any of our troops made it back to the Mojave outpost. That’s where we made our last stand. We fought tooth and nail for that place. Brought up our armor, our howitzers, everything and anything to stop Lanius. A lot of good men and women died in those trenches but we did it. Course’ Ceasar didn’t care none. He made Vegas his new Rome and ruled over it like he did over any other place. Like the Caesars of the old world though, he didn’t last long to enjoy the fruits of his labor. He died in his sleep one night and nobody ever knew what happened. Rumors has it that he’s been having been ill before the fight. Something about his head being wrong. Soon as he died though the legion started tearing itself apart. It still took us four years to push them back to the other side of the Colorado river.

Our story ain’t about the legion though. When we got pushed back to the edge of the Mojave, the brotherhood decided to strike. We were still at war with them when we got into Vegas but other than the shootout at HELIOS one, there wasn’t too much to it. Brotherhood raids were the only thing we had to worry about. Caesar's attack changed everything. Their attacks got bolder and more blunt. It wasn’t just banks and caravans they were after. Towns and cities were sacked. When the legion started disintegrating it freed up a lot of our men from the Mojave. We sent them back to California to put the hurt on those tin can soldiers. We pushed them back all the way to Lost Hills. They figured out that they stood no hope against us so they packed up and left. Some of the bastards stayed behind. Drew our men deeper and deeper in the bunker. Turns out they had set the whole thing with explosives. Buried a lot of good souls under rubble more than 30 feet underground. The fighting in the Mojave made it easy for the Brotherhood there to slip out without anybody realizing. They were gone and most people were happy to leave it at that.

Now you all must be asking ‘why is Chief Hardings giving me a history lesson’. You may not even care. Well I’ll tell you why you’re all here today. When the Brotherhood left they took with them a mean son of a bitch named Gerald Gewain. Paladin Gewain burned down Junktown and almost did the same to the Boneyard. He’s killed 500 people and those are just our servicemen. He put people, men, women and children, on a pole and burned them alive. If you think the legion is bad then try having them wear power armor. The reason you’re all here is because the top brass wants you to track the bastard down and put him down. Rangers make no mistake. This is a hit order and we want you to kill Gewain with whatever means possible. With extreme prejudice. The Republic is putting a lot of faith and money in this mission and we expect you to deliver.

Welcome to Fallout: (Name still a work in progress), a roleplay about a group of NCR rangers on the hunt for a west coast Paladin who fled east. The year is 2294, 12 years after the battle for the Mojave. Their mission is to take him out at all cost.The NCR can hold a mean grudge and it won't settle until it's paid in blood. It will take them to the east coast. To the capital wastelands now called ‘New Maxon”. There the NCR rangers will discover the ordenstaat of the new Brotherhood. A vision of what could have been if the Republic didn’t come to dominate California.

A lot of things are still just ideas in my head but the general idea is already here. This is just a general check to see how many people are interested. I'm looking forwards to four or five people joining in. I guess that's it for now. Have a good day you all and I can't wait to see who's interested.

Here's my sheet. Hope it's good enough.
Working on mine as well. It's taking some time I apologize.
Ohh excellent. I'll get to working on my character soon.
Very interested. Would there be any space for a naturalist on board?
Welp I apologize for wasting your time. I read through the information on that link and still couldn't make heads or tails on what it's all about. My apologies. I'll make my way out.

Well all you need to know are the basics. Here's a simplied version of everything. All you need to is what thaumatology is, basically magic, what the core fivefold missions of the GOC is so that your character will fit into the organization and anything other than that is trivial.
WIP and Placeholder

@Starboard Watch@Scallop@malmshodes

Hello! Thank you for showing interest.

Is knowledge on the SCP universe a must? I'm interested I just don't know alot about the SCP universe.

Yes it is but no worries. Everything you might need to know is here. If you need to ask anything else, just forward them at me and I'll send you to the proper resources that have the information that you need.

@The Incredible John
Just a quick question. You mention everyone has a specialised power. What kind of power level were you thinking? Is combat gonna be more power-based, or are we gonna have to get creative with equipment and tactics?

You can be as creative with them as possible, so long as your character isn't in godmode. Power levels should be at a moderate. Think someone that the GOC would still consider useful but isn't afraid to put out on the field.

Anywho I'll start working on a proper OCC. I'll get it up in a few days to a week. Depending on how fast I can work. Thanks again and have a wonderful day.
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