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Current ...Eternal.
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How the devil do I get to know people when they won't even interact with or acknowledge me?Oh well *u** it *Lights Up Joint and plays When I'm Gone By Whiz Khalifa*
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Sometimes I just can't help but wonder why everybody hates me.Im a really nice guy and easy to get along with.An funny at times.
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I'm the Nomad who's journeyed from Nation States to here :p


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My response to that is none of my ideas work on ANY forums I use.
And since online RP'ing is my escape from my sad little life and no one appreciates my efforts or thoughts online even well it's enough to blow my lid.
Which I can't do in real life so I gotta vent myself online.
And of course people don't know me CONSTANTLY ignored in chat rooms and social threads.
So take all that frustration and add it all up you've got Mount Etna Part 2.
FUCK YOU to everyone who looks at this cuz you ain't signed up.
Well screw you all too I thought it was a great idea

You were a volunteer.
You were told that you would be given a new beginning.
A new world and life at your finger-tips.
When you heard that the US Government's Scientists had supposedly perfected human cybernetics you jumped at the opportunity.
Were you handicapped?Or were you just seeking a new future and beginning?
Either way,you wanted this,you welcomed this potential change.
After perfecting the cybernetic experiments on animals such as apes and pigs and whatnot the brilliant minds of "Frozen Genesis",a secret military research lab in northern Alaska,decided it was time for the human trials.
However this science was not 100% full proof even now,and they would not open it to the public till it was.
So they chose their volunteers from the military,willing subjects of course.
You were willing and you volunteered.
The plane ride to Frozen Genesis was a long one,and when you finally arrived at this top secret lab heavily guarded by US Special Forces you were eager and ready.
As the scientists took you to the labs,strapped you down and sedated you they began working on the cybernetic customizations you requested on arrival.
They ensured you would would wake up a new person.
You would be reborn.
And that you will be...

So this RP will be about 100 military individuals who were brought to a secret lab in northern Alaska after requesting to be part of the "Reborn Project".
You will create one of these characters and will be given cybernetic enhancements.
Only basic mind you.
No lasers or machine guns for hands or shoulder rockets.
However these new advanced cybernetics will greatly empower your character.
The main plot is that one of the Reborn will instigate a rebellion amongst the others.
Naturally this will panic the military and they will begin killing the Reborn,and this making the situation worse and causing a Cyborg Rebellion.
Will you partake in this rebellion?
Will you choose to covertly aid the government and destroy the rebellious Reborn?
Or will you lead your destiny?
You decide.

1.No god modding.
2.No meta gaming.
3.No flaming.
4.No raging.
5.Auto-hits are allowed however the victim decides the damage done.
6.I need a CO-GM.
7.No one-liners.(Obviously,this is a advanced RP afterall.)
8.No advanced weaponry cybernetics.Simply stuff,like robotic arms and legs,enhanced or altered vision,stronger robotic arms,perhaps a blade if any weaponry.If you want to modify or upgrade your cybernetics you'll have to do so after escaping the Frozen Genesis.
9.Have fun!:)


Character Name:
Military Corps:(SEALS,Special Forces,Marines etc.)
Military Rank:
Appearance:(Picture or detailed description.)
Test Subject Number:(002-100,001 is reserved for my character.)
Cybernetic Improvements:
Alright my characters up.

Name: Darius Sanchez
Gender: Male
Height: 6'0
Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian,Latino.
Grade: 12th/Senior
Sports: None
Clubs: None
Classes: Financial Math,Home Economics,English 4, Agriculture 3
Vehicle: BMX
Personality:Loud,talkative,flirtatious,occasionally obnoxious.
Relationship Status:Taken,has a girlfriend named Tabitha Coleman.

Short Bio: Darius comes from a bad home,his mother is on welfare and food stamps and has a serious alcohol problem.She and Darius live in a rundown apartment near Harlem.
It was here where he met his best friend Tyrone Mercer one day on the basketball court in the park.Darius has went to Yancy since he entered high school.
He played basketball his sophomore and junior year but was cut due to the fact he never took the game serious,constantly missed practices and caused trouble at games mostly from flagrant fouling and trying to start fights.
He's at nearly every party in town and is a very "promiscuous" guy.
He constantly cheats on his girlfriend Tabitha however whenever she's told she denies it saying "he loves her".Most teachers don't like him and many students don't either.

Appearance: Slim but ripped,short black curly hair,clean shaven handsome face and caramel skin.
I'm thinking of doing a trouble maker party type guy.
Could he be good friends with Tyrone?
He could be the Vic to Tyrone's Freq.(If you play NBA 2K16 you recognize the reference hahaha.)
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