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Could always do some shennanigans with a Westerner and an escaped Thull. Could well do Star Wars too, Sith x Sith or, for laughs, Mandalorian x Jedi.
Room for a minor Chaos warchief?
Wow. Belgariad is a rare as hell fandom. I could go for that. Star Wars is always interesting as well. So very many options...
Hmm. Interested in the Jedi x Mandalorian or Clone x Mandalorian still? Got some ideas spinning.
I’m game for it.
Isekai’s always good times...well not always but this could be interesting.
Well now this looks promising. Which plots are you craving at the moment? Also got one idea of my own to float by. Bit esoteric, but it boils down to a pair of Confederate deserters or a deserter and a slave running from the army in 1863. Could go much like Free State of Jones
Hmm. Still any interest in the OC x Tilly story?
They’d started just like clockwork. Good. He’d trained them well on this course and all the others. He was particularly proud of how quickly they’d set up the EWHEB. Of course, in battle things were never fair. One had to throw everything they had into the field to attain victory. Or, as his father had said...

“If you ain’t cheating, you ain’t trying hard enough.” He smiled and reached for the small array of console controls. It was time to give them a real test. He pressed one button at the far side, activating the B1 in the tower. It started to set up its own heavy repeating blaster, almost faster than the clones had, with its mechanical strength and coordination. Another button on then left opened up a pair of panels in the wall, and, lumbering out with stomping metal feet, came the hulking forms of a pair of B2 Super Battle Droids. They made not a sound as they extended their arms, the repeating blasters fixed into their wrists screaming to life.
Belated welcome back! Another busy week here, already.
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