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@The WhackoThe United States died in the revolutionary period. Ben Franklin betrayed the states leading to it never succeeding. It never was a thing to begin with in Code Geass, and its the same in this universe. That's why modern America/Canada is the homeland for Britannia so that would be a no. Even if it was a thing this roleplay is specifically made to cater to the nobles of Britannia in a whole specific faction.

I recall that part, but I had an idea regarding this actually, if you're willing to indulge. Even if the revolution failed, surely there was still quite a bit of resentment toward the Britannians afterward, and that would only get worse when they moved their capital to the Americas. Small rebellions probably occurred and failed over the centuries,never having the leadership or the opportunity to make any real progress. Now thing with this brewing civil war, it might just be time for the folk in the South and parts of Central America to seize their chance. A second American Revolution, if you will, possibly with Japanese or European backing. my idea at least. :P
Hmmm...might there be a place for a late-blooming Confederate States of America in this scenario?
Will get on that ex-Confederate when I get back home, I swear.
Loving the sound of this. Might there be room for an Ex-Confederate bandit and this band of....less than merry men?
@Hellis Sorry to bother, but is Joe all good?
And done. Not my best, get the jist.
I know people hate this, but WIP. I swear it will be done soon.

Might you be up for a Jedi and True Mandalorian during the Clone Wars?

Terry looked up sharply at the announcement of the deputy, quickly stubbing out his cigarette as he tried to look semi-professional after his little negotiation with Jack. He waved the hunter off briefly before he turned back to the deputy; Tall, thin and Black, and probably a lifer if his last few years on the force were anything to go by.

"Thanks, Reggie. I'll take him from here." Reggie for his part looked glad to be rid of this skinny White boy, and Terry couldn't blame him. He looked like the lovechild of Hannibal Lector and Ted Bundy with a sprinkle of kiddy-diddler to complete the look. The detective was already more than a little wary of this guy. He took a moment to light up his third cigarette in half an hour before he looked back over toward the deputy. "And tell Sheriff Renshaw I think we oughta send Sharpes and Deych down to the Tula Ranch."

"Got it, Chief." Reggie said before he walked off to get as far away from the diddler as he could. Terry sighed then, pinching the bridge of his nose before he looked up to the man.

"As you probably know already I'm Detective Terrence Archeletta. And you probably also know that I got my own methods for...getting unorthodox answers." He took a long drag on his cigarette then. "So why don't you explain to me why I should bring you in on this? I got too many people that already know about this shit as is. This is a police investigation."

It was a moment later that he realized what it was that about this man. He reeked of undeath, was a little too pale for a normal man, and those eyes, that predatory glint.

"Listen, pal, licks aren't exactly popular around here these days. Jack is one thing, but bringing a vampire in on an investigation like this would put the town into conniption fits." Terry's frown was thin and tight, pressed so closely together that he might have been making diamonds out of his teeth. "I'm gonna need a really good reason to humor you on this."
Terrence Archeletta

"Fuckin' bullshit." Terrence Archeletta, Terry to his small circle of friends, groaned as he slumped back in his worn office chair with calloused fingers pinching the bridge of her nose as he pushed the report aside. Victim number nine. Nine. That was on top of the seven missing campers, of which they had found precisely dick aside from one pair of bloody jeans. That was un-fucking-acceptable to a man like Terry, especially with the crowd he was charged with looking over. Which was why the whole situation was driving him up a wall; The murder was out of his jurisdiction, and without anything substantial to go with on the campers he would have to comb the woods for weeks, and even then he would be lucky if anything at all was found.

"So we are at square one on this little shitshow. Any news on where the Red Caps might be hidin'?" The detective asked of the lone officer in the office with him, lighting a Marlboro Black in blatant disregard of the 'No Smoking' sign hanging on the wall across from his office. Willard Douglas was new to the station, and a Mundy at that; Tall, lanky, redheaded and reminding most that saw him of a scarecrow when he stood at a distance, it would have been hard to buy him as a cop when he wasn't in uniform. Despite his mundane heritage, he was fully aware of Erewhon's peculiarities and was always the first to volunteer to help out his fellow man whatever the race. The deputy was scratching at the back of his head right then, looking just a little abashed at the situation himself.

"Nothing out of the ordinary, Mr. Archeletta. They're doing like they were told far as I can tell. They haven't moved from the ranch and there's only been a few missing dogs and cats." Terry frowned hearing that. He never cared much for Fae, especially those Red Cap savages quartered off in their little ranch to the North where they did God knows what, mostly involving whichever of the town's family pets that were left unprotected that they could catch. In the past they hadn't been shy about taking the occasional child too, but ever since the town had rioted and killed nearly three quarters of those little monsters in response to a Witch boy turning up with a Red Cap knife in his belly, they'd been content to keep to less sapient prey. They were of course the first suspects in any new murder in this town, but to the Witch's disappointment he'd yet to have an excuse to arrest the lot of them for those crimes. It looked like this time wouldn't be any different.

"Well, we better get a cruiser down there anyway just in case. Sharpes and Deych only I think. Sheriff should be amenable to that." He said, taking a long, frustrated drag on his smoke, exhaling a pungent cloud as he swung his feet up onto the table. He wasn't sure if the Sheriff was in the know about the supernatural, but the man had always been happy to listen to his chief of detectives, and didn't blanch at the odder doings in town. He didn't expect much from the search at the farm, but best to eliminate all possibilities. He sighed, looking out the window of his office out toward the forest.

This was going to be the start of a long week.
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