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Any interest in the Ferelden Noble x Elf Servant story?
I am intrigued. Is there a place for a good ol' boy Hell's Angel turned Caitiff?
@The WhackoThe United States died in the revolutionary period. Ben Franklin betrayed the states leading to it never succeeding. It never was a thing to begin with in Code Geass, and its the same in this universe. That's why modern America/Canada is the homeland for Britannia so that would be a no. Even if it was a thing this roleplay is specifically made to cater to the nobles of Britannia in a whole specific faction.

I recall that part, but I had an idea regarding this actually, if you're willing to indulge. Even if the revolution failed, surely there was still quite a bit of resentment toward the Britannians afterward, and that would only get worse when they moved their capital to the Americas. Small rebellions probably occurred and failed over the centuries,never having the leadership or the opportunity to make any real progress. Now thing with this brewing civil war, it might just be time for the folk in the South and parts of Central America to seize their chance. A second American Revolution, if you will, possibly with Japanese or European backing. my idea at least. :P
Hmmm...might there be a place for a late-blooming Confederate States of America in this scenario?
Will get on that ex-Confederate when I get back home, I swear.
Loving the sound of this. Might there be room for an Ex-Confederate bandit and this band of....less than merry men?
@Hellis Sorry to bother, but is Joe all good?
And done. Not my best, get the jist.
I know people hate this, but WIP. I swear it will be done soon.

Might you be up for a Jedi and True Mandalorian during the Clone Wars?
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