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Alright sent in my edits, now the wait begins. Can't wait till this starts!
I am the one with minor edits I'm in Gold Coast ATM with no Internet so I haven't been able to get to it. Should be either Tommorrow or the day after- sent from iphone
Feel free to start though
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Oh yea, totally down for this.
I have returned! Ready to get back into the action if my char is you know.. alive still. Gonna have to read up to where we are currently at.

Corporal Alexander Johnson had retired to his room shortly after the briefing had taken place, he figured that any extra hours of sleep he could get his hands on she be taken full advantage of since sleep was likely to become a commodity in the days, months even years to come in their deployment aboard Tempest. He seemed to be settling in quite well, that Corporal Miller seemed to be taking a shine to his optimistic attitude. At first he wasn't looking forward to his new station after having learned that the IOA he had despised throughout his deployment at Stargate Command was serving aboard the same ship, but having been here for his current time everything has turned out to be not that bad. He was yet to speak with the Tok'ra that was rumored to be aboard the ship. Alexander knew from first hand experience that the Tok'ra didn't get involved unless there was a specific objective they were trying to achieve, they tend to just leave us be.

Alarms.. Alexander woke from his sleep to the sound of Alarms blaring across the ship after he was thrown from his bunk as Tempest exited hyper space, he had felt a sudden jerking in the ship from what he could only assume was weapons fire. He quickly dismounted his bed and made his way outside into the hallway with his medical field kit, engineers were running up and down the corridors and from what he could tell a few people had taken some serious wounds to the head. Likely from being thrown into the bulkhead.. The nearest casualty was a scientist who was too dazed to really say anything as Alexander set about cleaning the wound and wrapping his head in a bandage. He sighed quietly to himself and stopped a nearby crew member, he needed answers.

"Hey! Listen to me, do you have any idea what is going on right now" he said as he grabbed the mans shoulder and brought him around to face him.

The stunned crew member put his hands up "Sir, i have absolutely no idea.. we have received no word from the bridg-"

Before the man could finish his sentence the speakers in the hallway opened up with Captain Wests voice, it was a call for Medical personal on the bridge. Alexander patted the man on the back and sent him off down the hallway to whatever it was he was in a hurry for and he still didn't have any answers. He packed his field kit up and began running the length of the ship and using an elevator to get to the next level where he waved his Identification card to the officer on deck.

"Medical Personal, i am here to treat the wounded" he said, pulling the ID card back.

The officer motioned him through "Go right ahead, i am sure they need your help and i won't hold you up".

- Present -

Johnson had restocked his Field Supplies at the Armoury, prior to checking out his assigned weapons. He was running with the standard gear that would have been issued to teams at Stargate Command. He rest his FN P90 across his lap and holstered his M1911A1 in the holster situated above the knee on his right leg. The P90 was an exceptional weapon in the field primarily due to its light weight and compact design which made it suitable for in door and outdoor uses. It may be 'Primitive' in terms to their Alien foes due to it not being energy based but it certainly outmatches their weapons in the field. Where the Staff Weapon is slow firing and cumbersome in tight spaces, the P90 with its high rate of fire and hard rounds make it more than capable of putting down enemy hostiles at reasonable distances and piercing their armour. The M1911 with its high caliber bullet could certainly be used in a hurry to keep a few Jaffa at bay if he needed to. He sat quietly as Miller started the briefing and when he finished he simply stood up and nodded towards Miller.

"Sir we are ready to move when you give the word, it will be good to these boots dirty.
Alexander stood idly at attention, his eyes focused on the clock that was hung on the wall behind the old oak desk situated in the centre of the room slowly ticking away. He was currently in the Office of IOA Representative Adam McClellan, or otherwise known to Alexander as the devils lair within which the devil resided. The two of them had made acquaintance before hand while Alexander was serving under the command of Stargate Command. When he had received his transfer orders he was sure he would not have to see the man again, but alas, he was very wrong. The clock kept ticking away, each stroke of the hand signalling another second less he would have to suffer being in the presence of an IOA representative. Alexander cleared his throat.

“Evening Mr McClellan, what can i do for you?”

A slight hint of annoyance in his tone after realising he would be serving on the same ship as the man, whom as far as he was concerned, had bad history with.

Speaking in his typical broad Scottish accent he signalled at one of the comfortable leather chairs on front of the desk, being an IOA representative he did have access to the more luxurious items on the ship. He doubted even the Captain could be in such comfort while at work, however there was benefits in both a political and a scientific calling. “Corporal Johnson, take a seat. If you please, don’t worry it’s just a standard meeting. Nothing to be worried about, unless you have something to tell me?” He raised his brow at that, almost baiting the man.

Alexanders eyes glanced in the direction that Mr McClellan had gestured, he had no desire to sit but simply conceded and took a seat furrowing his brow slightly, not wanting to spend anymore time than absolutely necessary in this room. He then straightened himself up, resting his forearms on the arm rests, his eyes meeting with that of the devil.

“There is nothing i wish to inform you of Mr. McClellan. But if you may, can we get to the point of this meeting?”

“Down to business? I can do that.” He straightened himself up, placing his elbows on the desk and clasping his hands together he rested his chin on his hands and looked at the man sitting opposite. “Simply routine, Mr.Johnson-” Sniding at the use of Mister, the man opposite him knew very well his title after working in the SGC. He’d never understand why the IOA were so unpopular however it really wasn’t important, he did his job and that was all he could ask for. It wasn’t his fault if these military types didn’t get along with him, he knew of how people back in the SGC called him the Devil however the true devil on this ship was another Doctor with a far more sinister reputation. “I am just here to find out how you are settling in, I know from your record you’ve had some… unsettling assignments, and now you’ve been shipped to a long term operation on a space faring vessel all by yourself with none of your squad mates. I just want to make sure you’re coping okay, and if you have any problems to let you know you can come to me. So, how are you coping with the transition?”

[i]‘Mr.Johnson’..[i] his lips pursed slightly he knew that McClellan purposely did that to try and provoke some reaction out of him, but he would do his best to deny that privilege to the man. He knew after this meeting was over he would be free to roam around as he pleased and would make a mental note of going to meet the new members of his team in the gate room.

“I see.. well everything is running as smooth as it can be it would seem. I am emotionally intact, all systems are green, my legs are working and so are my arms. So it is safe to say that the transition from one place to another went smoothly. I have yet to meet my new teammates, which is what i will be doing as soon as we are done here and i will be [i] sure [i] to inform you of [i]any[i] problems that i have if the need arises.”

“Very well then.” The entire time he had been writing down in what was obviously the other mans file, in a pen that would probably be more expensive than the uniform the other man was wearing. He always enjoyed these earthborne posts, he could wear a regular suit however as soon as they launched he would be expected to wear ship fatigues most of the time and he wasn’t looking forward to it terribly. “Do remember and be somewhere with a Window for the rising? By my reckoning it should be quite impressive as we rise out of the Loch and up into space.” He closed the file and put down the pen. Standing up he took the file over to a cabinet and placed it away. “That will be all Mr.Johnson. Good day.”

Alexander had already made a mental note to be at a window during the rising, he had heard snippets of conversation while walking here that it was to be a spectacular spectacle. He stood from the leather chair and slowly made his way to the door before turning around to face the Devil one last time for this day.

“Mr. McClellan, Good day.”

With those final words he departed from the Devils lair and entered the comforting confines of the H.M.S Tempests hallways and slowly but surely began making his way to the gate room where he would greet the new members of his team.. and educate the naive brits on what the IOA really are if he had time.

Alexander relaxed himself now that he was back in an environment he was familiar with, crew members were rushing up and down the confined hallways, preparing the ship for its ‘rising’. A term that he had heard people use to describe what was literally the rising of the ship into space. He wondered if that was actually the technical term for it or just made up jabber from the crew. Rounding the corner into the gateroom he was greeted with the sight of men and women armed and standing around doing various duties, he raised his hand in greeting.

“Evening ladies and gentlemen, i am looking for the members of Tempest One, any idea where i could find them?”

Miller stood forward from the ramp. “You’re looking at them, or us. Most of us anyway, the Sergeant is off showing the Tok’ra to her quarters, so I presume that you’d be our new medic?” He walked down the ramp until he was standing on the normal ships floor.

Alexander nodded, extending forth his hand to shake that of Millers. “You would indeed be correct in that assumption. Corporal Johnson at your service. Whom am i addressing?”

He raised an eyebrow at the mention of a Tok’ra.

“ A Tok’ra you say? Well i’ll be damned, i haven’t seen a Tok’ra in a while, and i least of all expected to be serving on a ship with one. What a pleasant surprise”

Miller pointed at the insignia and the badge on his uniform. “Well, I appear to be Corporal Miller. As far as my uniform tells me anyway, I might be in the wrong one. Second in command of Strike One, demolitions expert. Nice to meet you anyway.” It was a genuine pleasure to meet someone who also had experience with the Stargate program. Most of the other folk from the UK who went to Atlantis were back in Atlantis. “Anyway, better a Tok’ra than a Wraith. Damn those guys are scary. So this is the rest of the team…”

The ship shook slightly, interrupting the introductions. “That’ll be the docking clamps, we should get ready to be away.”


Name: Alexander Johnson
Rank: Corporal
Role: Specialist Field Medic // Rifleman
Unit: Tempest Strike One

Age: 27
Gender: Male
Personality: Alexander is quite the optimist, having kept his high spirits about him during his years of service. He can be quite demanding and abrupt at times, especially if he is treating wounded or when someones life is at risk and is most certainly not afraid to express his concerns and opinions to those around him. Often times, these traits have saved the lives of members in his section from what would have surely been certain deaths.

Reason chosen for Tempest: Chosen for his knowledge of the enemies weapons and expertise in treating wounds of such on the field.

Short Biography: Alexander Johnson was born in the United States of America. Alexander had never known his mother, for she had died during child birth and hence the care of him was left to his father, an officer in the Military. For generations his family had served their country faithfully by enlisting and on the day Alexander came of age he enlisted.

A couple years down the line saw him being chosen for reassignment as a member of SGC. During the duration of his service, he had encountered a wide variety of species looking to spill their blood and he quickly learned to treat the many wounds caused by various weapons, fauna and flora of alien worlds.

Then the unthinkable happened, he was reassigned to the H.M.S Tempest . It turned out he was chosen because of his expertise in treating field wounds caused by objects of alien origin, which most of the time would have been enemy weapons fire or alien wildlife. His experience in the field would no doubt be of use to the crew aboard the vessel, and hence would be the reason he was chosen to serve on the Tempest.
Nah its good, i will go for a new position.
Oh god, my internet was down the last couple of days, and i see someone has applied for the XO. So with that in mind i will apply for a different position in the next hour or so. However its good to see that someone else had the same idea in mind as me for the personality of the XO lol.

Edit: Should also set up an IRC for this Sep :P
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