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Gary enjoys the greetings of his new company and managed to find his room by following others to the hallway.He relieves himself of his burden and then began to look for some sort of library kind of mansion doesn't have a good collection of literature.

Gary saw the glamorous woman aproaching and kindly showed her the way to her room; but, remained distant so as not to show his sudden stuttering and fidgeting and told her that someone was waiting for him in the library.
Gary opens wide the doors of the mansion; bringing with him just a notebook and his clothes.He heads toward the source of the voices nearest him ,yearning for a place to nap.
cool beans
Gary manson
profession: poet
cool ,been looking for this
bum bannnnnananananananananananananananananananananananananananananananananananananananan ananananananannananananana!!!!!!s
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well that'd be part of it.@geoffrey silt
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