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Hey y'all I'm finally back from my trip
Val looked down at his gun as the car rode on, she was a beauty, always kept nice and shiny. Surprisingly it was the only legit thing about the man, everything else either fell off a truck or due to some unknown circumstance came into Val's open arms. He put it back in his pocket,

"I'll keep it hidden, but the only reason I didn't try to take off was that you seem like the honest sort, I can usually tell if somebody is slimy but you seem alright for a copper." Dirk parked and Val hopped out eager to not have to spend any extra time hanging in the back of a cop car.

"Alright boys in and out right?" Val struck a smile as the words flew out, nothing involving police stations ever really seemed to go fast to Val. Maybe police stations are just in another dimension, but Val really wasn't too interested in this trip.

Val was bemused these two up standing citizens getting into shoved into the back of some car and taken away.

"Oh I almost forgot you pegged me Dirk," Val pulled out his Beretta, flashing it to the two men, " I might be carrying, but I'm thinking we can just over look this offence, right?" Valentino sat there and immediately felt a flash of regret, it never pays to show off your card. Shit could go haywire in minutes and he did not want to be caught in the middle of it all. He wondered if all of this was worth anything, being thrown into some idiotic escapade with no answer, but he was in the thick of it now so no turning back.
Val sat there quietly as that Dirk fellow introduced himself as a police officer, he actually felt a little bit sheepish for once in his life with all of this talk of him being brash and rude. Perhaps he did just jump out on the man, but honestly who sits there in the rain smoking a cigarette like some kind of recent escape from the asylum.

Val continued watching silently as a black doctor of all things pulled up in a sweet piece of a car. Val didn't harbor any ill will towards their general people, being Italian was difficult as it was without making any extra enemies. Val continued to stay stuck in the maze that was his head and noticed the two new best buds hook it around a corner. Val took a slight jog and slid into the back seat in the cruiser,

"I'm going to honest this is not my first time back here." Val chuckled a little trying to break the tension that he set up.
The fog seemed to swell up around the two as they left the safety of the porch. Val's hand was securely around his gun, slowly becoming a common occurrence in the city of Arkham. They walked side by side slowly approaching the red glare that symbolized the group's constant onlooker.

"Hey pal, what are you looking at? Got something to say?" Val let off in his angry Chicago inflection. However this man was none to impressed by his bravado and continued smoking. Val looked back at Ferd, almost saying "your turn" with his body language. For Val people generally responded to these aggressive tactics, so maybe it was just some Yankee thing to ignore an inquiry, but hey maybe Ferd can crack this nut. If not most people do respond to quick knee capping.
I have one more final today then everything should calm down
Val took a drag of his smoke as Ferd said everything was fine. It really didn't make much sense as he did run out into the street yelling about some mark on the window. Either Ferd was really losing his beans or some wild shit is really going down.

"I'm down for a quick hoofin' I'm pretty sure breathing in all this stuff isn't the best for the old lungs." He took another hit of his cigarette, "Besides my nonna taught me how to quilt so I got you covered." Val chuckled to his own joke and walked out onto the porch, the gang's little peeping Tom was still living up to his name.

"Good news Ferd, our pal looks to be keeping an eye on this shit hole for us."
Aight I'm back in the trap with a post, let's get this train rolling! Well more so anyhow.
Val looked on this possibly bungling gang of 'cotectives,' after that James fella ran on in. As one of the first men in the house Val felt it was appropriate to offer out some of those fancy new Camels, after all "More doctors smoke Camels than any other cigarrete," well acording to the ad. Val handed out a smoke to everybody who wanted one before lighting up his own and took a drag.

" I'm Val, nice to make your acquaintance." He looked at him up and down, James definitely seemed the meek type. The bible says the meek will inherit the Earth, but Val was sure that was a typo. James seemed about the same age, but they seemed to have taken two very different streets in life. Ferd seemed very preoccupied with the kitchen window again. He gave Ferd a soft thump on the shoulder,

"Hey pal everything alright?"
I'mma get something up, its just been hectic lately!
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