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Hey fellow RPers! It's been a long time coming, but I've finally completed this guide. Check it out :D


Five who hunger ever
With fear they will be fed
A mirror's surface ravels
The soul's eternal thread

The final hour has come for White Falls. Will Miller discover the truth about what happened to Sara? Will Brenda's horrified family ever trust her again? Will Mr. Ashby force us to listen to more Polka?

Find out how the idyllic Pacific Northwest town of White Falls fares as our unlikely (to put it mildly) heroes (HA) become its sole defenders in a climactic showdown with the otherworldly skin-walkers. Also, the RnRP hosts discuss specific RPG settings (Azeroth! Tamriel!) and consider how roleplay differs within each.

a recent study suggests RPers have more empathy than others


In this episode, we discuss empathy and what relation it has to roleplay. Does roleplay refine relatability? Or do empathetic people invest more in roleplay?

We'll then return to our voice RP in White Falls, where Mr Ashby and Miller are seeking out Chief Makhan in order to learn more about the mysterious and malevolent beings which lurk in the town's shadows.


Click here to listen to the full episode!

smoke rises, horns bellow, men chant and women dance, you've come to the place where pagans play


Tonight we explore the cultural connections between modern paganism, the heathen music scene and of course, roleplay. Why is it that these old faiths seem so intertwined with roleplaying games?

Stone (aka Urox gro-Othilogar) will share his bardic beliefs and discuss modern heathenry's ties to roleplay.

Afterwards we will continue the ongoing roleplay in Taage/Varlynd's original setting. Dyna and Ma1function will be playing their characters Brenda the housewife and Jim the school teacher/paranormal investigator, and I will return as young drug dealer, Hudson Miller as we attempt to discover the truth about the unnatural horrors lurking in the shadows of White Falls.


Click here to listen to the full episode!

a look at the communal origins of roleplay and traditional music


In this episode, we're going back to our roots by examining the similarities between traditional folk music and roleplay. The RnRP crew believes that exploring roleplay's depths will lead us to useful and insightful revelations about the world, ourselves and society. Music is a stimulant for the soul, urging us closer to the unseen realities hidden in our emotes.

In addition to talking about folk music and roleplay, we're returning to Taage's original setting of White Falls, the RP which began in the previous episode. I will be reprising my role as Miller, alongside Dyna as Brenda Stewart.

We'll also be meeting Ma1function as Jim Ashby, a local high school teacher!
(Spoiler: He is amazing.)


Full Episode: rphq.org/rocknroleplay/2015/12/12/folk..

an exploration of things macabre and deeply unsettling

For the vibe is dark and full of terrors.

Our first official episode seems to have coincided with Hallowe'en... What a vexing situation.

To honor this most deliciously dark of Autumn days we've decided to focus on Horror Roleplay in all its manifestations!

Myself and the other hosts will be presenting a fully voiced RP campaign in White Falls, an original setting inspired by David Lynch's Twin Peaks.

Also, we'll be spending some time with EmberBlue and discussing her very fun and creepy witch, Wrenowith.

Give a listen to the complete episode: rphq.org/rocknroleplay/2015/10/30/horr..
Mmm, great posts all! I love hearing how people use music differently in their RP.

I feel like people should start sharing music during RP more often. Like post a song at the top or bottom of your post. Do you guys see that happen often? I personally do not, though occasionally I'll see the OP of a new RP have a song in it.
Hey folks! So I just started a new podcast about this topic and would love to hear your thoughts on it!

What is the relationship between music and RP for you? Do you have any songs that particularly relate to your roleplay experience? Do these two mediums even go together well? Why or why not?

I want to know everyone's thoughts on this! Would love to see a great discussion come of the matter.

If anyone's curious the Rock'n'Roleplay show can be found here: RPHQ.org/rocknroleplay


This is my video guide to roleplaying in MMOs. I know this is a forum RP place, but I figure there's enough cross-pollination that some might find these guides useful or interesting!

Keep RPing! Peace :D

Edit - OH! And if you like this guide it's easily shareable with tinyurl.com/MMORoleplay
Hey everyone!

I've been RPing online since I was about 11 or 12 (currently 24) and absolutely love it. I've also done my share of tabletop and a TON of MMO roleplay. I'm really excited about the Nation RP on this site and hope to find the time to get involved soon!

I create youtube videos about roleplaying. Feel free to check me out on Patreon at Patreon.com/TheHumanFloyd ! I love RP and consider it a highly underutilized tool for introspection and expression :D

~ Floyd
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