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Hey, so it'll be a bit longer of a wait for my next post, some personal stuff has just come up and there's a lot to process and deal with. I will attempt to get a post up soonish, but I can't promise anything. I will keep you updated if anything changes, sorry for the wait.
Urtum walked out of the shuttle, following closely behind the commander, taking in all the scenery around him. The place was definitely nice, he was interested in all the equipment they had laying within the buildings, but he supposed that, that could wait. He looked forward at the group of three who approached them and as they began talking to the commander, Urtum opened up his Omni-tool and began to take notes on the three, everything from height and size, to how they spoke and their body language. The salarian figured it might be useful to know how these people acted, in case anything suspicious was going on.
Well, I hope you are able to find a better job. I can definitely relate to not liking your job. Thanks for the patience.
I'm so sorry for disappearing for so long, I've been trying to find a job and have just lost track of time. I didn't notice it had been so many days. I will try to get a post up tonight, really sorry about that.
Urtum stood in the corner of the shuttle, holding onto one of the bars near the side doors. All of this stuff seemed exciting to the Salarian. After all those days doing simple research at some outskirts mining facility he could do with an interesting assignment like this. Besides, he never did like working for his former employers, they were always so secretive, in an unnerving kinda way.
Urtum got his research gathered together and prepared for arrival during the ride to the station. When he was called by the intercom to the hanger, he took a moment to double and triple check everything and then rushed off to meet the other two. He arrived last, but not my much, still going through all the information they had gathered on his omni-tool, commenting every bit of information to memory. He took a moment when he arrived to look up at the commander and give her a slight nod, "Looking forward to field work. Will not let you down. Besides. I am best alien for the job." He looked over at Angelo as well, also nodding towards him before briefly finishing up going through the data one last time.
The next couple days are going to be super busy for me, so I probably won't be able to get a reply up for a couple days.
Urtum nodded, spinning around in place and heading back to the medical bay to go over the notes and data a couple more times. He wanted to make sure he knew every inch of the data, you never know when even the smallest thing will be helpful. As he went over his findings he also began to compile quite the hefty, albeit reasonable, list of equipment and tools that he would need to further investigate the sample and do deeper research on any future findings.
Urtum took a hold of the Commander's hand shaking it and nodding to her, "Thank you. Always wanted to work on a ship. Will need a better lab though. Have thoughts on where we can find suitable equipment. Have connections with reliable people."

A.L.I.S.'s hologram also popped up next to the Salarian bowing slightly towards the Commander."We are greatful for this opportunity Commander. We look forward to helping you with the situation. Doctor Ezon will serve you well." Giving a small smile the hologram fizzled out.
Urtum nodded at the council member and proceeded to explain what he had found and all he knew about the mining operation he was apart of, which wasn't much, but any information at this point is helpful. "Whole thing, very fascinating. Would like to stay aboard to help. I am best scientist for the job. Anyone else might get it wrong."
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