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Urtum shook his head, "Silly to have so much research not shared. Other species often help further advances in scientific research." He mused as they continued to the archives. Making notes in his head about the bits and pieces of information he could see from over the shoulders of scientists. If he could pick up any kind of drastic inconsistency or off putting data from any of the experiments and research they passed, it would make the search through the archives easier and quicker. Although nothing he passed really jumped out at him.

When they finally made it to the archives, Urtum opened his Omnitool and began scrubbing through the data, quickly letting the Commander know that his search had started.
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Urtum followed, eyeing all the lab equipment and scientists as they passed. This science station seemed to do a large scope of different research, it seemed biology and bio engineering were just some of the many fascinating things these scientists work on. Even with all his amazement and excitement, Urtum had a bit of a perplexed and almost disappointed expression. He began to comment on the research as they made their way to the archives, "Research and experiments too inefficient. Could provide twice the results with my methods. Lab could use an upgrade as well. Equipment seems... a bit last year."
There was a overwhelming silence surrounding Vexen as she sightless wondered the inside of the cave. A warm, humid breeze washed over her face causing the hair on her neck stand up. She immediately realized that it wasn't any normal breeze, as a low deep growl echoed with it. Vexen stood there, frozen in horror, her mind racing as to what could possibly be mere inches from her face. Vexen didn't get too much time to think about it, though, as something large and spiked slammed into her stomach, knocking all the wind out of her and launching her out of the cave and towards a tree. She slammed against the tree with a sickening thud as her health bar dropped by half. Her body slumped to the ground, her vision fuzzy from the pain.

Vexen looked up, seeing her two companions and pointed towards the cave opening, "I think I found what kidnapped the missing player." That's when a bulky silhouette emerged from the blackness of the cave.

The creature squinted as the virtual sunlight bathed it's face. What stood before them, wielding a massive wooden club, was a pale ogre. A rumored rare encounter on the first floor. This was going to be a rough fight. With what little strength she had left, Vexen pulled her self up, grabbing her swords handle and unsheathing the hefty blade. Standing in a battle ready pose, still shaking slightly as her body throbbed in pain, she called to her friends with a pain, yet determined expression, "Better watch yourselves, I don't this thing will go down easily."
The moment they passed decontamination and into the labs proper, Urtum became entranced in all the equipment. Raising a hand to get the attention of both the commander and the Salarian's attention, "May be helpful too look over research. Maybe able to find outlier in results, see if the information can point towards culprit." The scientist spoke as he peeked over the shoulders of some of the researches, trying to soak up as much information as he could as they continued forward.
The two eventually found themselves in a clearing within the forest, the troubled player frantically searching the area, "The last place I saw him was right around here."

Vexen placed a hand on the player's shoulder, "Well now is not the time to panic. Stay here, I have a couple friends headed this way, I'll start searching." She didn't give them anytime to respond as she walked deeper into the forest. As the clearing vanished behind her, Vexen felt a creeping, dark atmosphere surround her. Something felt off, but she couldn't put her finger on what. Pressing further, the sound of life around her began to diminish, as if the virtual life within was frozen with terror.

In a brief search of the area, Vexen noticed scratch marks on a nearby tree. The marks looked to be those of a human, seemingly gripping the tree for dear life, before being ripped free and dragged into the darkness. A small distance from the tree, a few drag marks were spotted, which took Vexen into a smaller clearing and to the mouth of a cave. A deep, guttural growl drifted from the never ending blackness within the cave, causing Vexen to shiver. She stood at the opening, almost too afraid to step in, but after a deep breath and a tightened grip of her blade, she cautiously entered, her vision slowly fading with the low light.
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Vexen walked down the generally busy town street, the virtual sky hanging above her as she glanced up and sighed a little to herself, remembering what it felt like to look up at the real sky and feel the warmth of the sun. It hadn't been very long since this virtual reality became a prison like hellscape, every one of it's unfortunate players forced to trudge on in hopes that they would survive long enough to make it to the end. Vexen wasn't even sure if she would even make it that long, a large number of players had already fallen just trying to get past the first floors dungeon, which definitely didn't make her feel confident about where she stood. But in the end, the important thing for her was to make the best out of what she was given, and besides, at least she wasn't alone in all of this. Her long time MMO partner Ecliptor, and surprisingly his girlfriend, were there to make the horrific trip a slight bit easier to handle, so there was a small silver lining.

It seemed that Vexen had been wandering around, not completely sure where she was headed and eventually found herself entering a small tavern. The tavern itself wasn't very busy, a few players scattering the tables. It was a pleasant atmosphere though, not surrounded by the hectic bustling of the outside and getting a little peace and quiet was certainly a nice break. Vexen sat down at one of the tables in the back corner, ordering a small drink and taking a moment to just enjoy the calm space, but it didn't last long as someone suddenly burst into the tavern, a look of fear plastered on their face.

"Someone, anyone! Please help! My friend and I were leveling out in the forest and we got separated, I can't find him anywhere!" The player spoke in a panicked and desperate tone, looking for anyone to stand up and help.

After giving the others in the tavern a chance to help, which nobody did, they all just stared at the hapless victim as if they were purposefully interrupting their drink, Vexen stood, hand placed on the handle of her large, two-handed blade, and spoke up.

"I think I can lend a hand." As the other player thanked her and began to take her to the location the missing person was last seen, Vexen pulled up her menu, going into the friends tab and messaging the only friend on that list, Ecliptor.

Got someone who needs a bit of help, could use some back up. Meet me in the nearby forest and bring anyone you think could lend a hand. I'll explain the situation when you get there. -Vexen
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