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You're doing fine, I'm interested in where the stories been going. I like the fact that we both play off of each other well. Being able to throw random things in a story and make them work is always something I enjoy doing.
Sorry about the wait, life has been happening. I will try to get a post up in the next couple days.
Urtum nodded, "Have heard of facility. Good possibility." He followed the commander to the comms, tapping his chin as they walked, ideas and thoughts running through his mind constantly. His biggest question was why were the people behind this doing it. The work looks crude and rushed, it would have been far more efficient to continue finding better medical advancements and do more research. Some one was rushing to find a solution to everlasting life, but why?
Urtum nodded, "Will link A.L.I.S.'s comms to you and Angelo. Will allow you to speak to A.I. companion. Very helpful." He followed the commander, "Would like to know our destination. Anything important to note?" As he walked he opened his Omni-tool and linked their comms to A.L.I.S.'s and making sure to transfer a copy of all the data he collected into his own personal notes.
Urtum nodded at the medical officers comment, "Would be most likely. Impossible to produce stasis field of this magnitude without some help." As he finished talking the Commander and Angelo had entered the Medical Bay and Urtum nodded at them both. Pointing to his research he began to explain everything he had found to them as he had done with Baukus. Including the fact that both of them think that genetic manufacturing would be the most likely reason and adding at the end, "Know of place that specializes in genetic engineering and manufacturing? Need to follow lead as soon as possible. Could lead to person behind creatures at mine."
Urtum waved off the Medical Officers complaint, but nodded at his comments about the discovery, "Thought odd as well. So ran tests to find source of stasis field." The salarian pulled up a file on one of the near by terminals and pointed to it, "Stasis generated by cells. Rest of the body unnecessary for continued existence. Only needed for movement." Urtum scratched the top of his head in thought, "Also curious. Sample found in mine. Multiple individuals found same as sample. As if rotting, but not rotting. Find it too big a group to be coincidence." He turned to Baukus, "Cells of sample completely halted cellular degradation. A.L.I.S. inform commander about findings. Will need time to ponder possible explanations for anomaly."

The hologram of A.L.I.S. appeared next to Urtum as she nodded, "Of course Doctor. I shall inform her immediately." She turned towards the medical officer, "I also must apologies for the Doctor's actions, he gets very single minded when in the middle of researching." He gave Baukus a nod and fizzled away. Moments later A.L.I.S. reappeared near the commander, "Excuse me, Commander. Doctor Ezon has found some crucial data about the sample we had brought aboard that you will need to look at." Once the message was delivered, the hologram fizzled away once more.
Urtum waved to the commander as she left, "Thank you." Once his samples were prepared he began to use the equipment in the medical bay to do what little tests he could. Not having a fully equipped science lab was a bit of an annoyance for him, but this would just have to do for now. After a few moments of conducting the tests, Urtum came across a very particularly interesting discovery, but needed to take in a second opinion to confirm his findings. He turned towards the once again sleeping medical officer and poked him, attempting to wake him up, but seeing as lifting his arm last time didn't help it came as no surprise that it didn't stir the man. As far as Urtum knew, this officer was the only medically knowledgeable member aboard, so he was going to have to be the one to confirm his findings.

Letting out a small sigh, Urtum used all of his strength to push Baukus off the table, hopping to impact with the floor would wake him up, and without hesitating began to talk about the results of his test, "Officer Baukus. Results from test. I think you will find it important. Tissue from arm sample matches with the human race. Not interesting part. Interesting part is that sample not rotting. Sample visually appears to be rotting, but cells are in an unending stasis. Not dying. Not living. Just existing. Almost like sample has stopped aging." He pointed towards the screen that displayed the readings and waited for Baukus' reply.
Urtum shook his head, "Normal irrelevant. Just need reference. Will need to use equipment." He took a moment to look around the room and see what was available to him. When his eyes finally fell upon a tray of surgical supplies, he quickly grabbed the scalpel, making sure it was sterilized, and moved over to Baukus. He quickly, without warning, cut a small piece of skin off of his arm, turning and doing the same to the rotting arm. "Will need to conduct tests. Will need silence." And with that Urtum began to use some of the equipment with in the medbay to conduct his tests.
Urtum nodded at the commander, "True. Salarian medics are far superior. But not a contest." When the medical officer was sprung awake by the commander and asked about the newcomer, Urtum gave him a small bow, "Dr. Urtum Ezon. Here to conduct tests." The salarian tossed the box he was holding onto the table and opened it to reveal the rotting arm, "Arm from unknown specimen. Need to discover possible race. Looked mostly human. Will need tissue samples from your arm. You are only crew member not currently busy with important job." He pointed the the officer's arm, "Arm please."
Hey, just letting you know that I'm having power problems at home so I'm not sure when I'll be able to post, but I'll get one up as soon as the problem is fixed.
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