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First week of February is over. Send me your orders. Or don't.
Hey, is it still possible to apply to this rp? This rp looks awesome so far. I'll be able to put application tommorow (or today, timezones are 'fun') if it's still open.

Yep. Come on in.
Toubrés' dossiers is 99.9% finished. Now on to Marn's.
The World Undone


Eurania and Faresia, 1905

The Fifth Continent, 1905

Turn 2

February, 1905
February 3rd
In the Cydernian Republic, protests over Prime Minister Hataxuris' decision to cease grain exportation under the desire for autarky in agriculture leads to the February Strike, with farmers and rural workers flocking to the cities. Law enforcement is called out to maintain order and in a brief scuffle, three men are shot with one dead.

Cydernian February Strike, 1905

The strikes are temporarily ended but the leaders decide they will continue until the Prime Minister begins exporting much needed grain again.

February 4th
In the City-State of Julia, the weapons manufacturer Thamber Corp finalizes theoretical blueprints on a 106mm fixed artillery piece capable of firing a shell over half a mile. [Thamber Corp Specialization Point added to Heavy Weapons.]

February 5th
Military officers of the High Kingdom of Itherae set sail for the Confederation of Hokkan-Shiroto as per the Sallas-Jiang Trade Deal, they are expected to arrive at the end of the month to begin training the Confederate Army.

On the same day, the Empire of Toubrés launches the ETS Sadamastor, the first of her kind, a Sadamastor-class battleship and the largest in the world. ETS Sadamastor was laid down at E.N.V.C. Dockyard on October 14th, 1903, launched on February 5th, 1905, and planned to finish trials in June, 1905.

Although Sadamastor of the Sadamastor-class was a direct descendant of the Vincente class, they were also the first class to make a significant departure from the Vincente design, displacing about 1,000 tons more and mounting for the first time an intermediate battery of four 9.2-inch (234 mm) guns in addition to the standard outfit of 6-inch (152 mm) guns. The 9.2-inch was a quick-firing gun like the 6-inch, and its heavier shell made it a formidable weapon by the standards of the day when Sadamastor was designed; it was adopted out of concerns that Toubrian battleships were undergunned for their displacement and were becoming outgunned by foreign battleships that had begun to mount 8-inch (203 mm) intermediate batteries. The four 9.2-inch were mounted in single turrets abreast the foremast and mainmast, and Sadamastor thus could bring two of them to bear on either broadside. Even then, Sadamastor was criticized for not having a uniform secondary battery of 9.2-inch guns, something considered but rejected because of the length of time it would have taken to design the ships with such a radical revision of the secondary armament layout. In the end, it proved impossible to distinguish 12-inch and 9.2-inch shell splashes from one another, making fire control impractical for ships mounting both calibers, although Sadamastor had fire-control platforms on her fore- and mainmasts rather than the fighting tops of earlier classes.

Like all Toubrian battleships since the Vincente class, the Sadamastor had four 12-inch (305 mm) guns in two twin turrets (one forward and one aft). Mounting of the 6-inch guns in casemates was abandoned in Sadamastor, the 6-inch instead being placed in a central battery amidships protected by 7-inch (178 mm) armoured walls. Otherwise, Sadamastor's armour was much as in the Azmores-class battleships, although there were various differences in detail from the Azmores.

Sadamastor was the first Toubrian battleship with balanced rudders since the 1870s and were very maneuverable, with a tactical diameter of 340 yards (310 m) at 15 kn (28 km/h). However, they were difficult to keep on a straight course, and this characteristic led to them being nicknamed "the Wobbly Girl" during her sea trials. She had a slightly faster roll than previous Toubrian battleship classes, but had good gun platforms, although very wet in bad weather.

Primarily powered by coal, Sadamastor had oil sprayers installed during her construction, the first time this had been done in Toubrian battleships. These allowed steam pressure to be rapidly increased, improving Sadamastor's acceleration.

ETS Sadamastor on sea trials, February, 1905

February 6th
The High Kingdom of Itherae orders production of Type 91 rifles, they are slated to be finished by the end of the month. Like the Kaiser 1891 rifle, the Type 91 uses two front-locking lugs to lock up the action. However, the Type 91's lugs lock in the horizontal position, whereas the Kaiser locks vertically. The Type 91 bolt body is multi-piece whereas the Kaiser is one piece. The Kaiser uses interchangeable bolt heads like the Helroxi Toshterin K1888. Unlike the Kaiser, which uses a "controlled feed" bolt head in which the cartridge base snaps up under the fixed extractor as the cartridge is fed from the magazine, the Type 91 has a "push feed" recessed bolt head in which the spring-loaded extractor snaps over the cartridge base as the bolt is finally closed. Like the Kaiser, the Type 91 uses a blade ejector mounted in the receiver. The Kaiser bolt is removed by simply pulling it fully to the rear of the receiver and squeezing the trigger, while the Mauser has a bolt stop lever separate from the trigger.

Like the Kaiser, the bolt lift arc on the Type 91 is 90 degrees, versus 60 degrees on the Toshterin K1888. The Mauser bolt handle is at the rear of the bolt body and locks behind the solid rear receiver ring. The Type 91 bolt handle is similar to the Ustrelan MLR-1 Rifle: It is attached to a protrusion on the middle of the bolt body, which serves as a bolt guide, and it locks protruding out of the ejection/loading port in front of a split rear receiver ring, also serving a similar function to Kaiser's "third" or "safety" lug.

The rifling of the Type 91 barrel is right turning (clockwise looking down the rifle) 4-groove with a twist of 1:9.5" or 1:10". The 5-round fixed metallic magazine can either be loaded by inserting the cartridges singly, or more often in military service, by the use of 5-round stripper clips.

Breakdown of the Itheraen LR Type 91 Rifle, circa 1894

February 7th
  • In the City-State of Julia, the Julian Independent Army begins Operation Sunrise, accomplishing it's military perimeters with ruthless efficiency and without errors.
  • In Toubrian Serranthia, the Mullah Kahmar Mustafa announces his rebellion of the Tehmig people. His first act of rebellion is an ambush of the coastal fort Porto Guimarães and it's 280 man garrison. With nearly 1,100 men, he assaults the small town, killing 91 and taking the rest prisoner. Following his victory at Porto Guimarães, Mustafa's warriors leave the city--with it's prisoners in tow--back east into the desert. [Tehmig Rebellion begins in Toubrian Serranthia.]

    Mullah Kahmar Mustafa, circa 1901

Working on Toubrés Empire now.
The World Undone


Eurania and Faresia, 1905

The Fifth Continent, 1905

Turn 2

February, 1905
February 1st
Operating as an entirely stated owned industry, Imperial Armouries of the Tyrian Empire finishes it's prototype Austerf MG 05/1. An almost exact replica of the Syndére from the neighboring Helrox Empire, the MG 05 was specifically designed to be a lightweight and more portable version. A lightened and thus more portable version — produced by "stepping-down" the upper rear and lower forward corners of the original MG 05's rectangular-outline receiver and breech assembly, and reducing the cooling jacket's diameter to 92.5 millimeters — was tested as a prototype in January by a team of weapon designers under the direction of Austerf der Wachat, the Imperial Design Bureau—the MG 05/1.

The MG 05/1 had been designed to be manned by three trained infantrymen spread on the ground around the gun and in the prone position. To accomplish that purpose, the MG 05/1 featured a short bipod rather than a heavy four-legged sled mount, plus a wooden gunstock and a pistol grip. At 18 kg, the MG 05/1 was lighter and less cumbersome than the standard MG 05, since the MG 05/1 had been designed to provide increased mobility of infantry automatic fire. It nevertheless remained a bulky water-cooled weapon that was quite demanding on the quality and training of its crews.

Tyrian MG 05/1 drawing from December, 1904

February 2nd
The Sallas-Jiang Trade Deal is finalized after a week and a half of negotiations by the Confederation of Hokkan-Shirito and the High Kingdom of Itherae. Given a lack of specificity, the trade is brought overland through Tyria and Helrox.

@Theodorable Do I do orders or do i wait for my dossier first?

You can wait if you so choose. You will not have the opportunity to retroactively send in orders if you do, however.
Welcome back!!

I didn't go anywhere. I'm usually inactive on the weekends. Send me your orders for February, 1905 [Turn 2].
I'm updating all the dossiers to February, 1905.

Ustrela's was finished. Working on Toubrés and Marn's now.

Only event that didn't fire in January was the Ithero-Hokkan Trade Agreement, it'll take place in February. [I forgot!]
The World Undone


Eurania and Faresia, 1905

The Fifth Continent, 1905

Turn 1

January, 1905
January 29th
In the Republic of Ustrela, the Segaso car company is started by Francisco Pereilla. He unveils the Modello 1, the world's "unofficial" first city car. Powered by the Segaso Systéme 3.2HP motor, Pereilla's invention on the Fifth Continent is lauded as a massive success and by the end of January, 306 units are sold at an average cost of $709, achievable only by those with large enough pocket books.

Segaso Modello 1, 1905

In the High Kingdom of Itherae an imperial edict to expand her coal mines is issued under the pretense of possible autarky. The long term results are yet to be determined, but construction work gets underway on expanding nearly half a dozen already existing coal mines.

January 30th
In the Toubrés Empire, Diego Mendez sails to Etelia to speak with King Armando di Mavoia IV, the 21 year old king of the Kingdom of Etelia. While trade negotiations are dashed due to worker strikes in her major cities, Etelia sends Diego Mendez back home with offer of a Non-Aggression Pact lasting no longer than 5 years which would simultaneously extend to all colonial holdings. It would be up to the Toubrian government to accept, decline or counter offer. On the same day, Raul Ferraira left the Empire of Sessau with offer of a Military Alliance lasting 8 years with promises of a declaration of war in the case of attack by an ally. It would be up to the Toubrian government to accept, decline or counter offer.

January 31st
In the Empire of Vigentino, the small arms manufacturing company Fabbrica d'Armi Pietro Turano finishes a patent on a pair of stabilizing grips for long rifles and a set of bipod legs for scoped rifles.

In the Confederation of Hokkan-Shirito, funding for the development of new shipyards is begun, as well as the Essential Road Construction Act. It will be many months until the fruits of this labor is finally seen.

End of January
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