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8 mos ago
Current I have been insanely busy. Moving was a mess and full of disasters. I'll get replies out soon. Thank you for the patience.
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11 mos ago
Back! Getting replies out
12 mos ago
Happy Daddy Day to Joe Manganiello
12 mos ago
Going through something tough at the moment. Will get to replies when I’m able to.
12 mos ago
Been super busy, sorry for late replies. Will get to everyone when I can.



- 22 years old

- coffee addict and cat person

- semi-lit

- prefer M x M pairings

- I’d rather RP with people over 18

- I work full time but I reply as much as I can

- Will not do sexual abuse themes. It’s personally too triggering.

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I empathise too much smh
Banned for judging the unreasonable.
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This annoying guy at work keeps dumping his tasks on me all while also trying to flirt? I don’t understand but I strongly dislike him.
Hot, interesting, dramatic.
I’m moving out with my best friend in the new year.
Banned for enjoying feathers too much
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