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11 mos ago
Current I have been insanely busy. Moving was a mess and full of disasters. I'll get replies out soon. Thank you for the patience.
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1 yr ago
Back! Getting replies out
1 yr ago
Happy Daddy Day to Joe Manganiello
1 yr ago
Going through something tough at the moment. Will get to replies when I’m able to.
1 yr ago
Been super busy, sorry for late replies. Will get to everyone when I can.



- 22 years old

- coffee addict and cat person

- semi-lit

- prefer M x M pairings

- I’d rather RP with people over 18

- I work full time but I reply as much as I can

- Will not do sexual abuse themes. It’s personally too triggering.

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I empathise too much smh
Banned for judging the unreasonable.
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This annoying guy at work keeps dumping his tasks on me all while also trying to flirt? I don’t understand but I strongly dislike him.
Hot, interesting, dramatic.
I’m moving out with my best friend in the new year.
Banned for enjoying feathers too much
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