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Current Inspiration is good but not when I feel more inclined to make a pirate RP featuring anthromorphs (or furries, for those of you less inclined to long words)
3 mos ago
Gods, it's tough for me to think outside the box. Why does the box hate me so?
5 mos ago
"Fine. I will teach you fear, then pain. And then... Well, at least the fear and pain will end."
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Do me sideways it's hard to think when you're sick as a parrot.
5 mos ago
Thoughts, screen. Why does one never translate well onto the other?
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Hey guys. I'm carrying a bit of trauma around my life right now, but I'm gonna try to keep up as best I can.

Side-note, I intend to have Kota FTK someone at some point, but now isn't that point.
The Edgelords
Present: Leonard Leonard, Tsubasa Rie, Kurosawa Kota

After the announcement was finished, the bounciest of the DARK dorm hopped on the spot. "Right! I totally spaced on the pairup thing! Who do you think we should make friends of, Leo? Maybe both? Nobody said it can't be both right?" Rie exclaimed.

Kota however merely glared. "I don't see why everybody is rushing to make a partnership so fast. As much as they can be allies, they can be anchors. I understand that it's Leonard's decision, not my own, but make it poorly and we all suffer."

Leo stopped and considered. "Well, it could go either way. But Kurosawa's right about one thing, I don't think we should rush into anything at any rate. Besides..." he trails off, nudging the others and gesturing towards the boy approaching them. "Odd one right?" he whispered. "Kurosawa... please don't talk. We don't need to burn our bridges before we build 'em..."
I'd definitely be interested, depending on what writing level it's put at (I really cannot get along with speedposting).
Seems to be the way, which is always where stuff gets interesting.

Notice how terribad I am at making the first move.
So, I do need to ask btw, what kinda force does normal duelling impart onto the duelists in this 'verse? I just kinda need to know where to play it for "this isn't normal" kinds of hurt. I know in the normal series, duelists do tend to get thrown on their arses for example.
"Brutal." Kota smirked. "She attacked without reserve right from the word go, didn't give him a chance to find his feet and make his moves. I'd call that impressive and perhaps... maybe there isn't so much shame in being defeated by her. Still, if this is the Water dorm's tutor, it still stands to reason they should be our first target, yes? Prey on the weak?"

"I don't know, I just want to play that guy who keeps rhyming. I want to see the guy keep his capers capricorn... I don't know, I can't do it. I just wanna see how long he can keep it up for!" Rie cut in, taking stock of the Light dorm and the boy throwing out alliteration after alliteration. "I think I saw him here last year..."

"Unlike you, Tsubasa, I actually keep tabs on our competiton. Basically, he is probably what would happen if Tetsuya could drive himself to give a damn. He was a nobody over the last two years, but something tells me that there is real skill in him. Don't let our dorm down if you challenge him."

Leo didn't contribute to the conversation. In fact, he wasn't thinking about who he would duel, but rather how he would. This year would be tough, no doubts and he knew that he might just need the power of his rarest and strongest card to make it through... but then, cards didn't have dark whispers in the ears of the other students like they did for him. Leo ran his finger over the suppressor that he laid over his left ear. He felt... strangely calm after being home for the year's break, too. Maybe, just maybe...?
I will be on it, if not tonight, tomorrow. I've been doing shitlpads of overtime atmo.
Post readifyified.
I have also put together a post. Low-key I've also changed Kota's deck to something that

A) Has more options and more possible entertainment value
B) Has more potential oppressive bosses
C) Is well-known for being used by a nearly-guy in the actual series, which is pretty much Kota's entire reputation.

rather than something I have huge personal fandom for.
"Honestly, I think it's a miracle that anyone graduated under this guy..." One of the many young men amongst the student body smirked. "Bluster, theatrics and attack points? None of those things really win duels now, do they?" Kota flatly stated with a self-satisfied smugness.

"Kurosawa! There's nothing wrong with having fun with your duelling is there? Besides, all of the tutors are masters, even the other ones to ours!" Rie interjected, almost bouncing on the spot. "Anyway, what's Mr. Second Place know about winning anything?"

"For you, I'll ignore that comment this time. Don't say that again. Speaking of you, where's everyone else?"

"Present and correct." came a voice from behind the two, his accent noticably separating him from the rest of the student body. For the most part Leo looked like he had only just risen from his bed, although the truth was that he had almost never actually headed to sleep in dread of the new year starting. "I can't find Ayane anywhere and Tetsuya said something about 'waking him up before noon'."

"Well, it's up to them if they wanna miss the first duel of the year, now quiet and lemme watch!" Rie rebutted, raising a hitherto-unseen foam finger into the air. "Whoo! Somebody kick somebody's butt!"
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