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Current Getting back into the roleplay scene is proving to take more time than I expected.


20-something year old Trans-Girl who's been into roleplaying for some time now. I stream on twitch, but I'm not big name by any stretch. Usually you'll find me lurking in the game or plot related stuff, but I'm pretty well rounded. Feel free to say hi!

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Still looking for new applicants, and the rp has been started as a friendly reminder.
After an unintended delay, first post is up!
Darkness consumes the medical centre, as all but a few of the lights have either burned out, been smashed, or just fried. The faint electrical hum of the few lights that still work fill the otherwise silent rooms of the hospital. It's an eerie silence; one that betrays the listener, provided they actually listen.

Demons have taken over the centre, but that was a fact that hit almost every building, location, or even abandoned parking lot. Very little is still empty or abandoned. If demons didn't fill the rooms, spirits of the humans who once walked the realm remain. These souls bear the memories of the humans they once were, as well as plenty of Magatushi for any demon desperate enough to feed.

Looking for a way out, a small Hua-Po demon can be seen floating around the place; looking around. Hua-Po had already faced a fair few demons in this centre. Preta, ghouls, and a few pixies. Fourneus seemed to be trickier than her previous enemies though. Her last encounter with him nearly took her life. So the little fae has decided to stick around to find someone who can help her take down this manta ray. Even if it might be a risk.

After about an hour of aimlessly flying around the hospital's upper levels, Hua-Po flies down to the secret basement level. Some exploration leads her to a sealed room with intense power emanating from behind it. "Wonder what's behind here..." she asks herself, closely examining the door before her. She had never felt this kind of power from something before. In fact, she felt a shiver go down her spine as her hand touches the locked doorknob. "And why did someone go through so much effort to keep you safe?" As her finger traces the demonic sealing symbol on the door. She recognized it as a one way lock. Although what ever was inside could come out, nothing could come in.

"Guess I'll just have to wait and see if you're still alive..." she says, moving away from the door to wait.
That's not a bad way to go about it lmao. I try to be on top of things though. So I'll do my best to make sure 2 weeks doesn't happen.
Gonna be posting my first post either some time today or tomorrow, but leaving the rp open for new people. It's pretty easy to add people in to a theme like this so hey. I'd get replying sooner, but I work a lot. Sorry!
Wait until my first post before posting. As far as agency goes, you control you as much as you can and want. Enemies will mostly be steered by me unless it's a big group and we just wanna clear the room a bit to get to more writing. Small, easy enemies I won't complain about if they're taken out in a couple hits, or have their actions controlled by players outside of me. It's the smaller groups and the noticeable boss enemies where I'll have the control over in terms of their reactions and such.

I'll likely get the rp running in a couple days if no one else signs up. Since it's been about a week.
Awesome! Looks good! Feel free to move them over to the character tab

As for the characters, you'll only be with Hua-Po at first in terms of my lineup. Yagi comes next, and he helps you find Opal. Although not on purpose. I like to stagger my introductions. So they aren't there. Just Po.
It looks great so far but Imp-Ko's image didn't load. I learned the hard way that wikia links don't allow image hotlinking. So you'll have to find a different source for the image. But the character sheets look great otherwise.

Similar to the game, you start in the medical centre, and need to kill Fourneus to get out. Fourneus is the boss guarding the door, and he sits at probably a level 7 to 10 (out of 100) in terms of difficulty. Using the game mechanics that is.
Typically you need to get GM approval before switching, right?

Oh! I did not know that part! Sorry! I'm new.
You know there's a separate tab for characters, right?
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