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Hisakawa Hiroki

…Smart? He thinks I’m smart? What gives him that idea?

Hisakawa was temporarily lost in the turmoil of wondering how, exactly, someone thought he was smart, but if stopped freaking out for two seconds, it’d make sense. After all, his talent was related to being a good student, which is definitely misleading. He’s not smart, he just knows how to pay attention, and how to reproduce the information—though even then, that’s begun to fail him.

Well, in any case, the internal logic of his world was set back in order. Just in time for him to notice the entire conversation had gone on without him. He should probably point out that he had totally tuned out of that last part there—though, actually, it might be better if he worried about the pressing medical concerns that he was now partially responsible for. Was it really a good idea for him to have volunteered for this? Sure, he knew something about biology, but he was no professional. He really should have just left it to better suited people, but no, he had to get all prissy because he didn’t want to talk to Aurel, which didn’t make much of a difference since Aurel was part of it now, anyway.

Currently, the plan seemed rather nebulous and people seemed to be talking it out, but more than anything, Hisakawa was anxious to tend to the wounded as soon as possible and then go have a breakdown somewhere. Though, what he should be more worried about is the wounded themselves, and how they really needed to get tended to now. He doesn’t want to interrupt discussion going on, but he needed to get something done, at least. He gave it a moment of thought, trying to think of what he could do, before settling on a plan.

“I'll grab supplies. I'm not super fast or anything, but I, uh…” It was a bit of a risk, potentially overselling himself, but he felt he could probably do this right, “I can get what we need. Stuff to suture and clean the wounds, and get the bullet out.” He pulled his monopad out, using his map to find where he would go for the supplies, planning out a route in his head. There’s was probably a first aid kit somewhere, but that wouldn’t have stuff to suture. Where would... hmm...

A frown came to his face, “Um…” He looked up, looking up to find the face he was looking for. His gaze soon settled on her, before quickly darting to pretty much anywhere except directly at her, “Uh, Yukimori, right? Um, I was thinking I’d go to your lab for some stuff, but I don't want to go into your space without your permission. So, if it's alright with you, may I go through your lab to get the supplies? Uh, I understand if you don't trust me to. You can come with me to make sure I don't mess anything up, if you want. Or, you know, you can handle it yourself, also.”

However she responded, he soon after made his way to grab whatever he could.
Hey check it out it's my opinions. I can't make predictions on how long they will live, so instead I included ominous allusions to the fact that they might die at some point. Unfortunately, there's also a lot that I can't say due to spoilers, so if these opinions seemed half-baked, that's why.

@Ammokkx Awwwwww thanks! I'm glad you think so- a lot of my GM knowledge is theoretical, so I'm happy to see it's paying off. But, y'know, I noticed you missed somebody in all your gushing: yourself! (I know you wouldn't really do that on this kind of thing but my transition doesn't work otherwise soooooooo)

You've been an absolute pleasure to work with in the RP- and hell, without you, it wouldn't even exist anymore. And I know everyone likes to joke about how you're this real negative asshole (especially yourself), but I actually think your an incredible source of positivity on the Discord, even if you sometimes get into arguements about this thing or that. Plus, I have a lot of respect for you as a writer- I think you say a lot of smart things about people's writing, and whenever you've thrown criticism my way I've always thought "yeah, that's fair and it makes sense why you'd say that."

So, you know, thanks for joining my RP and saying nice things about me on the internet, and uuuuuuuuuuh I hope this wasn't too cheesy for ya, I like to think I showed some constraint.
Hisakawa Hiroki

Hisakawa had dealt with death before. He wasn't at the hospital when his father died—his mother didn't bother to tell him and his brother about it until after he had passed. Hisakawa used to be mad about it, but he had let go of that a long time ago. He had mourned at the funeral, but he was never particularly close with his father, and… he missed him more than he expected, but he eventually got over it.

He himself had been hospitalized before. He was unconscious for most of the affair, but he had vague memories of his last conscious moments before going to the hospital. Passing out in the bathroom, being faintly aware of the life leaving his body. He had woken up mostly recovered, but he remembered, at the time, being unsure if he was really okay with dying. But he also remembered what he was told when he voiced these thoughts, “Dozens, maybe hundreds of people die here every week, you know. We’ve worked hard to give you life, so don't be so damn ungrateful.”

At the end of the day, he wasn’t totally okay with dying. There were things in life he still cared about, and he wasn’t ready to let go just yet.

But, well, death was a pretty good way to not have to deal with the problems of life anymore. It was, perhaps, a bit of a morbid thought, but the reality of death suddenly seemed a lot closer to Hisakawa than he was really ready for. Even in the best case scenario… this Monokuma guy was definitely serious about keeping them here. Worst case, someone might actually die.

The commotion was a lot to take in. Hisakawa often struggled to respond to one person, so he didn’t even know where to start with this mess. Two people were shot, two were helping respond to it, one was trying to lay out a plan, the other was giving reason to not follow it. It was… really confusing. So… what the hell does he do?

He didn’t want to be a burden on anybody, but he almost feels as if that’s kind of inevitable. No matter what he does he’s probably going to be some sort of annoyance, but choosing not to act is always worse, so he had to choose what he was going to do carefully. He was conflicted about whether he should—oh fuck, that’s the guy from before! Yeah, no, he was definitely doing whatever he can to avoid talking to that guy.

Thinking on his feet, he pulled out the tablet and began sifting through the students once more, figuring out a plan in his head. No, no, no, no, no—Wow, there really was nobody with any sort of real medical training, huh? Then again, they were just a bunch of high schoolers…

Hisakawa breathed in and out. He had pretty decent medical knowledge, from combined independent study, some baseline anatomy lessons he had gotten in middle school, and the medical horror stories he keeps saying he doesn’t want to hear but always gets told about anyway. Their injuries could be pretty serious—the two helping the injured pair might need another set of hands, or at least somebody to get supplies while they focused on treating them. He was… squeamish, but he felt he had to do his best to help.

He got up onto the stage, approaching the woman who seemed to be at the forefront of treating them. He kept his head low as he spoke, saying, “Um, excuse me, but, if you think it would be helpful, I could provide some assistance. Oh course, I don’t want to clutter anything up, or mess anything up, it was just a suggestion…” He glanced over to the injured duo, observing their current state, “Uh… It might be best to—” He promptly cut himself short, “Never mind, I’m sure you got it. I’m just here to help, if you want it.” He took a small step back, wringing his hands as his stomach turned, fully prepared to turn tail at any second.

Himura Chikako

Himura was having a hard time understanding what was going on. From the adrenaline to the loud blast to just the general confusion, she wasn’t really able to get a grip.

She was aware of the fact that she wasn’t dead, but was in a great deal of pain. As she became more and more aware of the pain in her shoulder, she became aware of her own bubbling emotions—anger, fear, confusion. She turned her head to the boy who had collapsed in front of her, a scowl, “You didn’t need to do that, asshole, I’d have been fine,” she said faintly.

She tried to get up, but she was dizzy and weak. She was kind of losing a lot of blood, wasn’t she? No, no, she was fine. She just needed a moment to collect herself. She tensed up, preparing to rise once more.

She let out an exhausted sigh, barely paying mind to the movement that occured from some people trying to help her out, “Ah, fuck off, I got it, I don’t need any help!” Once more she tried to get up, but collapsed back down. Oh, lord, that definitely jostled something.

“Alright, fine, you can help, I guess.” She said, annoyance obvious in her tone. She felt like a child again, having her wounds taken care of by somebody else like this. It sucked, “But don’t think it’s cause I can’t do it, I just don’t wanna!” She said. There, that was better!

She sort of stopped paying attention after that point. She wasn’t really able to focus on anything else. She tried to keep her mind off the pain, thinking back to her party plans—this place wasn’t as nearly cool as she thought it was gonna be, but she could still do something with it. A party’s just a group gathering with some music, yeah? So all she’d really need a group and some tunes…

Her thoughts continued on a similar path, until they faded into what was essentially nothing, only barely conscious of her surroundings.
Quite the feisty group, this one! Quite a big deal of outcry so far, which was great! That was the sound of despair taking beginning to take hold.

“Oh, wow, you all are so outspoken! You really think you all are so above it all, huh? You think you’re better than fear and paranoia? Better than the motivation within yourself to kill? Do you honestly believe you’re all so great that you can get out of this on your own... Hope’s Peak students really must be special, in that case! Maybe you guys really will be able to defeat great evils like me after all!” He laughed, insincerity marking his tone.

Himura Chikako was not having this. She was a musical beast and an athletic queen, and this is how they want to treat her? Like she’s some sort of murder tool!? No, she meant it when she said she wasn’t going to do this, and she was going to make sure this stupid bear knew it.

Ignoring anything in her path, she bolted up to the stage, effortlessly vaulting onto the raised platform, kicking her leg out to kick the son of a bitch into the calm lake water, where it will hopefully short out and die.

She screamed out as she attacked, but it died on her tongue as she felt herself falling forward. She tried to push the bear as she went down, but only just managed a slight shove. She tried to roll herself onto her feet again with whatever time she had left, but somehow couldn’t move her foot, and fell flat on her front, the wind knocked out of her.

“Upupu! I figured one of you might try something funny! Glad I decided to install that!”

Himura looked down, seeing a series of metal bands wrapped around her foot, having appeared out of nowhere. She desperately tried to pull it loose, but there was no use—it was stuck.

“I’m also glad I decided to install this!” Monokuma said, punctuating his sentence with a huge gun popping out of the ground, pointed right toward the helpless girl, “Please note that any and all rule infractions will not be tolerated. And, of course, violence against me is a big no-no—even a pathetic shove like that! To make sure my point is very clear, allow me to demonstrate the consequences of breaking the rules on your classmate!” He said, something sinister entering his eyes as the large gun made a whirring sound, aiming for the girl’s head.

There wasn’t much time—almost none at all. Though the threats of the monochrome bear could easily be empty, nothing more than a toy gun, Shirou still launched himself over to the girl, sliding in front of her and shielding her just before the bullet hit, lodging itself in his upper leg. Any strength he still had in his body left, and he was left on the floor, clutching his leg.

“Oh?” Monokuma muttered, seeing his target had not had her head ceremoniously exploded. In fact, she didn’t even have her head unceremoniously exploded. Monokuma looked at the boy who had blocked her, the so called hero of justice. After a second of thoughtful silence, he brightened up, “You know what—Shirou, was it? You’re right! I’m getting way ahead of myself. I shouldn’t go killing you all right away. After all, that’s totally not the point of all this! It’s no fun if I do all the work for you! I need a little patience.”

“That being said, you all need to understand just how important it is to follow the rules! So, how about I let Chikako off with a warning? After all, you all only just got here, I can’t get so mad at you for not sticking with the system so soon. Much like animals have to be trained, kids need to learn to follow rules!” Another turret popped out from behind the two of them, and before either could move, a bullet shot through Chikako’s shoulder.

Monokuma turned to the crowd, who had bore witness to the whole event, “I hope this proves that I’m not here to waste your time and tell you lies! I’m here to facilitate the killing game experience for you all! Those who don’t comply and break the rules will be punished appropriately, and much more severely than your friends here.”

“In any case, you are free to explore the camp to your heart’s content, within the confines of the rules! Feel free to try and find a way out, if you’re think you can really get past me. Though do be aware of the consequences of failure. On that note, I’ll help out your classmates with their wounds later… You know, if I feel like it. They’re not gonna die or anything, I trust you all can handle it.” The bear took a moment to take in the energy of the crowd, giggling to himself at the general fear that doubtlessly comes from watching two people get shot.

“Hmm. Perhaps you guys aren’t so special after all!” Monokuma exclaimed, as enthused as ever. As suddenly as he appeared, he disappeared, leaving the two students to their injuries.


Chapter 1: Once Again We Start the Game of Despair
Daily Life
Hisakawa Hiroki

Hisakawa… really didn’t know what to think of this girl. She seemed, uh, kind of continually confused and bothered by his presence, which… didn’t surprise him. And, well, he couldn’t exactly blame her. She seemed to give no real though to what he was saying, either, which was also not very surprising to him. She didn’t really respond to his decision to leave, so he just… kind of scooted off.

Alright, well, he didn’t end up be a total disappointment of a human being, so, uh, mission successful? Well, that girl was probably never talking to him again, and he felt extending himself to her would only bother her, so… Alright, he’s gotten nowhere. All he’s done so far is make two seperate people think he’s a pervert, which was probably fair, but it didn’t make social interaction any easier.

You know what? Mission totally unsuccessful, he had basically already burned every bridge he had before they were even built. Hell, he had probably burnt some he didn’t even know existed yet. He really doesn’t know why she sent him here, they both knew he wasn’t going to last all that long...

Hisakawa shook his head, clearing his head of those thoughts. No, he couldn’t give up now. It may be pointless, but he can’t give up quite yet. They may both know he wasn’t going to last long, but they were also both willing to let him give it a shot. He can’t just give up when the going gets tough.

So, he entered the amphitheater in relatively high spirits. He took a seat in the front, though as he waited for others to filter in he kind of regretted it. He didn’t really know who he was dealing with besides himself. If he had sat somewhere else he could have gotten a better look at who was coming in, but then again, it was kinda creepy to just stare at people, yeah? So he just told himself to be patient, and just be content with the lake view. It’s not like it was something he got to see every day, after all.

Not long after, some strange… bear creature popped out of the ground and started talking. This was definitely weird, but Hisakawa forced himself to pay attention.

Which, uh, just really wasn’t doing well for his anxiety. The thing was loud and weirdly off-putting, and very casual about a lot things Hisakawa found deeply concerning. Namely, the fact that their memories had been taken away. He really didn’t like that one bit. His memory was shit enough already, and that got him into a lot of trouble, so he didn’t need any forced amnesia to deal with. What if he had forgotten something seriously important!?

But the worry that brought him was nothing compared to what he felt when Monokuma said the only way out was through murder. Hisakawa knew he had to get home at this point, but killing somebody to do so? There has to be a different way. A fault in the fence or something. He still can’t give up quite yet, but murder wasn’t an option. He doesn’t know if he’d be that useful, but he’ll do whatever he can to get everyone out of here.

But despite the self pep talk, he couldn’t help but notice that his hands were shaking as he held onto this device he was given. Breathing was starting to get harder, too... No, no, he can’t start freaking out! Not in front of everybody, not when this was the one thing he had to pay attention to way right in front of him. If he wanted to help, he had to push through and focus. Far from totally relaxed, he turned on the handbook and went to look at the information available.

Map—pretty useful, hard to go wrong with that. Rule—definitely set up for a murder game, cool cool cool. Other students—well, it’d be a good way to figure out who’s who. There was the girl from before, Usui Ayu, whose talent was… unknown. Somehow, that seemed right. He also thinks he recognized the guy that, uh, walked in on them. Aurel Fuchs—some sort of thief, it seems, though Hisakawa was probably never going to talk to him, if he could avoid it, so he supposed it didn’t matter all that much. Maybe that was a dick move, but he just couldn't imagine himself facing that guy again. He didn’t have much of an impression on anybody else, so he supposed he’d be figuring out what they’re like with time.

In any case, he was ready to go to his cabin and have a mild panic attack or something. It was kind of pathetic that he couldn’t keep himself together, but once he could go calm himself down, he could figure out what to do next.

Himura Chikako

“Hell yeah, that's the spirit, uuuuuuuuuuuuuh... Girl!” She shouted as she ran, addressing the nameless girl rocking the side ponytail who, so far, seemed the only one interested in her way of thinking. Everyone else was so much more interested in being worried over nothing, she guessed. Some even had the audacity yell at her about it! The nerve of some people… Well, she was sure the others would come around. Or maybe not, they all seemed pretty concerned with their own worries. Hmmmmmmm, maybe it'll just take time! Either way, Himura wasn’t going to concern herself too much with worry warts.

She stopped at the amphitheater, not all that tired from the run. She turned to see the other girl not far behind her. She smiled and said, “Not bad, not bad. Not as good as me, but not bad!” She grabbed the girl’s arm and dragged her over to the nearest place to sit, chatting as they waited for whatever lecture they were gonna get, with Himura mostly rambling about party plans.

Eventually, some weird stuffed bear thing popped out of the ground and started talking to them about what exactly was going on. Reluctantly, Himura listened, trying to keep her mind from wandering to other places. She tended to find lectures like these pretty boring.

Though, this seemed to actually be kind of important. Which was… annoying, in a way. She didn’t like that she was brought here against her will, nor that the had memories forced out of her, but, well, she could roll with that much, though it meant that the others were probably gonna spend a lot of time freaking out. And, well, it kind of made them right in a way, which put a sour expression on her face.

Though the announcement that the only way out was to kill somebody was… Himura didn’t even have a word for it. She couldn’t even think. She was pissed! She didn’t sign up for this! She was gonna go to a normal ass school and live a normal ass life, not get stuck in some dumb murder game!

As she was handed the handbook, she squeezed it between her hands. This was stupid. She hated this! She had no desire to waste her time killing people, and she wasn’t going to sit and just let this pass by. So when the bear cheerily asked if there were any questions, Himura found herself taking the invitation.

She stood up, spiked the handbook to the ground, definitely shattering it and possibly breaking it, and pointed at Monokuma, “Yeah, I got a question for ya; Fuck you! I ain’t doing this shit!” She proclaimed, taking a wide stance in defiance.
Slowly, the group of students found their way to the stone structure. Whether it be sitting with crossed arms and a sour face, with a gaze of curiosity, or nervously fidgeting hands, you could see there weren’t really that many people around—or at least, the size of this amphitheater sure made it seem like there weren’t many. An energy was running through the air, as though something bad was about to happen.

Just as you thought that, a small figure seemed to… pop out from the ground? Wait, what?

“Ah, excellent, everyone’s here! You know, I really want to thank you all for being so nice and showing up! It feels good to be respected!”

There was a lot of alarming things about this situation, of course, but some things were more alarming than others. For example, the fact that the speaker appeared to be some sort of… stuffed bear?

“So, first thing’s first, let’s get introductions out of the way! I’m Monokuma, your camp counselor, loved by children and approved by mothers all over the globe!” He said glowingly, before throwing in a very dismissive, “And I already know all of you, so you don’t really need to bother with any of that.”

“Anyways, welcome to Summer Camp! I know it doesn’t precisely feel like Summer, but I promise it is. Maybe. Can I be honest? I have no idea what time it is. Or where we are. I’m just as confused as the rest of you!” The bear said with a laugh, far too mirthful for the circumstances.

“Upupu! I’m just kidding! Maybe. Speaking of, I imagine you guys are very confused right now! After all, I’ve wiped a whooooooole lot of memories. And you know, I’d appreciate some gratitude- I spent a lot of time on that! And some of you didn’t exactly make it easy!” The bear sighs dramatically, “Being a counselor is such a thankless job! In any case, I hope you guys don’t mind! Not that you have much of a choice, anyway. Upupu! Isn’t that so des-despairful? That a word?” The bear paused, then answered his own question with a, “Well what do you know, it is!”

“But I’m sure that’s the least of your concerns!” Monokuma said, interrupting his own tangent, “I’m not gonna waste my time pretending any of you want to be here, and frankly, I’m ready to get this game going, so how about I cut right to the case? How, exactly, do you get out? Well, it doesn’t seem possible, at first. All these electric fences, the only gate being locked, no sign of anyone coming, either. So, how do you get out?”

“Well, campers, that's where I come in! I’ll provide an opportunity to leave, should you choose to seek it out. And you see, it’s really quite simple!” Despite the fact that, logically, it shouldn’t be possible, Monokuma’s mechanical face widened into an excited grin.

“All you have to do is kill somebody!” He paused briefly, waiting for the shock to overtake the crowd, before continuing once more.

“Now, I’m sure you all have a lot of questions, but let me explain real quick before all that!”

“So, let me get into the rules of this! You can’t just go around killing somebody all willy nilly, after all. If you want to leave this camp, you have to murder somebody—it doesn’t matter how, so long as you get the job done! However, you also need to not get caught! In order to determine this, a class trial will be held! I have all the rules laid out right in this handy-dandy student PDA—you each get one, so please take the time to read them!”

“So,” He finished off, just as bright and cheery as he was before, perhaps even more so, “Are there any questions?"
Hisakawa Hiroki

Huh, so she was also from Hope’s Peak? Hmm… Well, it’s hard to say whether or not that’s a coincidence. There weren’t just a whole lot of Hope’s Peak students out there, but then again, having only himself and this girl as a sample size wasn’t enough to confirm if they were here because of that. Though, as far as he knew, it was just the two of them and that one other guy, which, uh… wouldn’t be comfortable. Hisakawa actually found himself hoping there would be more than the three of them.

And the fact that this was some kind of camp was weird. You know, at this point, he should probably just assume that none of anything that’s happening here is gonna make any sense to him. After all, nothing has so far, and he doubted it was gonna get much better anytime soon. Things tend to play out exactly as they start out, after all.

The girl then suggested he talk to others about what was going on, after she took a look outside. So there were more people here? Well, that’s one less thing to worry about… Wait, why did he have to talk to them!? Couldn’t she do it!? Wouldn’t she probably be better at it, anyway?

Though, as he was about to bring it up, the girl left, ending the conversation altogether. Hisakawa just watched for a moment, a little dumbfounded, “Wh- Okay!” He called after her. Did… Did she want him to report back to her? Was she just trying to get him out of her hair?

Hisakawa ignored his own questions, trying to chill out and just figure it out for himself. He’s his own independent man now, he doesn’t need confirmation on every little thing.

But what if he gets it wrong, though?

He opened up the door and looked over to the girl, who was on her way down the road, “Wait, so, you want me to, like, get back to you on that?” He asked, but then suddenly felt dumb. He should know that it was best to overestimate and not bother people with stupid questions, but of course he just had to get all paranoid about it. He could easily have just assumed that he should her what he found out, and if he was wrong she would just tell him to get out of her face.

“You know what, forget I asked, I can figure it out, I’ll just go.” He turned around, intending to go the opposite way, taking a few steps before realizing it was a pointless (Hey, check it out, dumbass, it’s a circle!). He turned back around, facing the girl again (maybe he should get her name at some point), completely at a loss for what to say or do.

Mercifully, an announcement rang out through the camp. He probably wasn’t going to catch a lucky break like that again, but he was grateful that he wasn’t going to make as much of an embarrassment of himself as… okay, the pervert thing wasn’t great. God, why the hell did he even try anymore?

Rubbing his temples and letting out a sigh, he addressed the girl, “Well, that sounds pretty important, so I’m gonna go ahead, if that’s alright with you.”


Himura Chikako

Ugh, this group isn’t a whole lot of fun. Everybody seems so wrapped in figuring out what’s going on and where the hell they were, and while Himura wanted to know where she was or whatever, but it’s like these guys don’t know how to have any fun with it! Even the new guy who just came up only really seemed concerned with the whole “oh where are we what’s going on” deal. Like, what, did they think they were all gonna die or something?

She was sure they were gonna figure it out soon enough, so nobody has to get so serious about it. And hell, even if they didn’t, Himura was sure she could still find a way out once she wanted to. She hasn’t done it before, but she’s pretty sure she could climb some dumb fence or whatever.

“Alright, alright, let’s just chill, you guys are totally freaking over nothing. Y’all don’t need to get so uppity about figuring out all the details—we can just go find something to do and we can just figure out what happened from whatever we learn while we go about things!”

Not long after she said that, an announcement came on air, telling the group to make their way to the amphitheater. Himura listened with her hands behind her head and a rhythmic tap in her foot, and she huffed a little air out of her nose when the announcement finished, muttering a cross, “Or we could do that, I guess.”

But hey, she’d probably find something a lot more fun to do once this dumb meeting or whatever was over with. And, well, if none of these guys were interested in doing something more interesting, she was sure she could find somebody who was, though she was sure everyone would be in a better mood once this meeting gave them some answers.

The thought perked her up, and she broke into a run to get to the amphitheater, “Alright, let’s gooooooo!” She exclaimed, a bright smile on her face, carelessly making her way in the direction pointed out to her. Himura was never one to keep still for long, and she only stopped her momentum to briefly turn around and address the others, "Whatever this weirdness is, once it's over and we get back to Hope's Peak, just know that I'll be the first one partying it up, if any of y'all care to join!"
Adjusting to the situation has been a bit of a challenge—waking up in the middle of nowhere isn’t exactly a comfortable situation, and it isn’t one to handle easily. Not to mention all of these new people, some of whom had not proven easy to get along with. Having oriented yourself to your surroundings, more or less, there’s likely one, pivotal question on your mind—what is going on, exactly?

Wherever you are, you hear a ring of some sort. You see a nearby monitor light up, and a figure you can’t quite make out comes on screen.

“Testing, testing, one two three! Can everybody hear me? Good!” The figure says, waiting for no affirmation, “Now then—Goooooooood morning, campers! If everyone could please meet at the outdoor amphitheatre immediately, that’d be just swell! And if you’re wondering, it’s not optional! If you want to know what’s going on here—more importantly, if you want to know how to get out—then come to the meeting! I hope to see all of your shining, hopeful faces bear-y soon!”

As suddenly as the announcement had started, it ended. As the voice cuts out, the monitors come to life with a brightly colored arrow, pointing to the direction of the amphitheater from wherever you are.
Hisakawa Hiroki


Hisakawa, initially, rejected the thought, but backtracking through his thought process shows the girl wasn’t exactly wrong. His mind did immediately to the most, uh… unsavory outcome possible, which probably didn’t happen. Or was she talking about the hair thing? Oh God, he really did do that to a stranger, didn’t he? Ew! But she was asleep for that, she wouldn't have remembered that. Well, unless she wasn’t as asleep as he thought she was.

Well, point is, she was kind of right.

“Fair enough, actually. And, uh, sorry.” He said, though from the look of it, she didn’t really seem to care. She was paying more attention to the door, and it took Hisakawa a moment to realize that there was a person there.

Oh no, there was a person there!

The girl got up to further investigate, and Hisakawa sat up and buried his face in his hands. This was awful. This was… just so incredibly embarrassing. He didn’t even know what was going on and already he had made a pretty bad name for himself. You know what, this whole going to Hope’s Peak thing was kind of crazy anyway, maybe he’ll just go home and pretend none of this ever happened...

“Weird. Were you two friends?” The girl asked, interrupting his thought process.

Hisakawa looked up the girl, who still appeared totally unfazed by any of this, “No, which only makes this worse, really. Uh, like I said, I don’t really know what’s going on right now. I don’t know who you are, or who that guy was. I was kind of hoping you had all the answers to that, though I guess that was presumptuous.”

Hisakawa really didn't know how she wasn’t dying from embarrassment like he was. Maybe she’s just calm like that? Oh, actually, he was probably just over reacting. He did have a tendency to freak out about small things. It’s probably just not as big a deal as he thinks it is… but God, he really hoped he never had to see that guy again.

Regardless, the best he could do know was try to figure out where, exactly, they were, and what was going on. He got up from the bed, addressing the girl with some degree of false confidence, “The last I remember, I was at the gates of Hope’s Peak Academy, but my memory goes totally blank after that. I’m not sure how we got from here to there.”


Himura Chikako

“Oh shit, y’all don’t know what’s going on either? Thank God, I though it was just me!”

Himura took a second to look at her companions more closely, now that she knew they didn’t kidnap her or anything.

There’s robes boy, who seems kind of like the serious type, which is good, there always needs to be someone with a good head on their shoulders.

There was a one-eyed girl who was just super aggressive, which is good, there always needs to be… Okay, she was having a hard time finding a good purpose for that. Hmmm… Well, if they get attacked by rabid animals, Himura feels that this girl would somehow be able to scare them off, so if she’s gonna be stuck with her, then that’s a plus!

Then there was another girl who just woke up who seemed to be alright, and she had a bit of a sense of humor about the whole thing, which was great! There’s always need for a good morality booster.

She got up from her spot on the floor with a bounce, addressing the group, “Well, my name is Himura Chikako, nice to meet you all! Um, so... oh, I’m a Hope’s Peak student, actually, and I was at the gates of the school, aaaaaaaand… That’s all I can remember. What about you all?”
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