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Hisakawa was confused, mostly, though that didn’t really stop him from just sort of rolling with the circumstances. Being lectured by a mechanical bear wasn’t exactly his idea of a normal day, but he was mostly happy to be able to learn what was going on. Once he could get home, or at least to school, he could reevaluate everything and get back on task.

Though that didn’t mean he didn’t have concerns. What the hell was this guy talking about, not knowing where they were? And what the hell did he mean by wiping memories!? How much had been erased? What did he forget? Oh god, what if he forgot something really important? He was already forgetful enough without god damn memory loss thrown in!

But even then, this could be managed. This meeting is about getting out of here, right? He didn’t like not being able to fully remember anything, but he could figure out what was lost once he got out of here. He’ll probably just head right home. Leaving was clearly already way too much for him, and it hadn’t even been… well, who the hell knows how long. It didn’t matter. He just had to stay calm and do what the bear told him.

That changed completely once he heard the word “kill”.

This had to be some sort of joke, right? He couldn’t leave unless he killed somebody? That’s ridiculous! He can’t kill somebody! That’s insane! He needed to get out of here as soon as possible, but there was no way he could kill somebody to do that.

Hisakawa began to feel some sort of panic begin to settle in, his brain going into overdrive. Obviously, he had to get out. He couldn’t handle himself on his own, certainly not in circumstances like this. He had to get back home. He had to call—no, he lost his phone. God damn it, leave it to him to mess up something as simple as keeping a damn phone on him. There was no way everything would be okay if he just sat here and accepted the circumstances, but what the hell could he do about it? He supposed he could try to escape, at least, but he wasn’t too sure about his chances of success. Should he even try to escape? What the hell was the right thing to do here!?

Hisakawa desperately grasped onto the edge of the seat he sat in, his breathing becoming more laborious. Could he really do that? Kill somebody? He had to get home, or at least get in contact with the outside world again. But would he really be willing to kill someone for it? Hisakawa forced his head into his hands, as if blocking everything would stop the situation—it all seemed hopeless.

How the hell does this even happen? In what realm of reality is this a thing that happens!?

He shouldn’t have left. He should have stayed home. Home was safe. Home was gentle. Home was forgiving. He had been here for less than an hour and already everything was going insane.

No. He can’t do this now. He absolutely had to focus. This was a genuine dangerous situation. He knew he wasn’t strong enough to be calm and think clearly through everything—he was well aware of how skittish he could be—but if he can’t focus, he immediately condones himself to failure.

Upon having the PDA placed in his hands, he fiddled with the device, his shaking hands and unfocused eyes having a hard time navigating. Reading through the rules did nothing to relax him, nor did reading through any of the profiles. He looked over the people in the group, and it suddenly seemed to him that nobody here was trustworthy. Perhaps that was judgemental of him, but knowing that anyone around him right now would be justified in killing him certainly did nothing to calm his breathing. The purple haired man from before—Yamagata Ando, apparently—had lied about who he was before this whole killing game thing had even been brought up. The shit-eating grin made a lot more sense now. He probably should have picked up on that…

As he was mulling on this, a platinum-haired women approached the front, speaking to the group as a whole.

She was hostile, definitely standoffish, and, admittedly, her tone caused Hisakawa’s stomach to twist from anxiety. But she offered up a plan—sticking together in groups. It was at least a sense of direction, and it made sense enough to him, at any rate, though as Yamagata spoke out against her, he felt like an idiot for agreeing. You would think he’d really know better by this point. As Yamagata continued to talk, Hisakawa double checked to verify what he was saying. Sure enough, Alice was an assassin.

This was getting too much to process. He needed some sort of guidance, and he tried to find somebody he could rely on. Not far from him was Suzuki, and seeing as the guy so far had not lied to him and hasn’t made any sort of aggressive action, he turned over to him

“So, um-” He paused, suddenly reconsidering. Wasn’t it kind of manipulative for him to do this? But he already had Suzuki’s attention, and he didn’t want to waste his time. So, he went for it anyway, “What do you think about all of this?”


Damian, for most of the meeting, had his eyebrows furrowed and a frown on his face. This whole thing was just kind of garbage, really. There weren’t many people around him, and from the one person he had talked to thus far, they didn’t seem to be a great crowd.

He didn’t really get what the bear was going on about in terms of not knowing where they were, which was a total lie, and a waste of time if we wasn’t even going to give any real answers. The memory loss was a bit more concerning, though, especially considering it was, apparently, a lot of memories. Well, at the very least, he wasn’t alone in that. For now, he was much more concerned about getting out. He didn’t come to Hope’s Peak to get kidnapped, after all.

“All you have to do is kill somebody!”

Now that… That was concerning. Damian certainly didn’t want to be here anymore, but was murder really the only way out of here? Damian wasn’t entirely sure he believed it—perhaps it was a cruel joke or a strange test the school had set for them. That’d be totally awful, but it’d be a hundred times better than this.

Damian started looking through the rules—all very well set out for a murder based game, certainly. He noticed a section on the students, and started flipping through the profiles—he was going to have to work with these people if he wanted to get out in a way that didn’t involve murder, after all. Well, that or learn how to get very comfortable with them.

He wasn’t exactly enthused with the crowd he found himself with, though. Not everyone seemed unpleasant—there were a few who didn’t immediately strike him as being a pain. Some people with more or less harmless demeanors and talents, at least from what he can gather at a glance and whatever he found on their profile. Some of the others even seemed a little childlike, which concerned him a bit, though when he looked up and saw one of these said individuals glaring around the amphitheater with pure malice in her eyes, he figured he probably wouldn’t need to worry that much. Another individual of note was this “Alice Parker” woman. Then again, it’s kind of hard not to take note of a woman who is literally the best there is at killing people in a killing game. He would absolutely have to keep his eye on her.

Another individual he noticed was Davis Gallo—which wasn’t hard, considering the man seemed to be begging to be payed attention to. God, who the hell does he think he is? Where the hell does he think he is? Is he really so insecure he’s gotta make a mockery of an actual killing game? And seriously? The worst reality TV show he’s ever been on? Damian rolled his eyes—he was sure Davis’ spotlight on Chopped was absolutely glamourous. He ended up not saying anything in response, however. Usually guys like him were way more trouble than they were worth.

Speaking of more trouble than they were worth, the woman from before, who he now knew was named Snow Iclyn, decided to show up and give a bunch of orders, but he had no intention of following her plan. If she wanted people to help her, she should probably not be such a stone-cold asshole all the time. Or, at least, he sure wasn’t going to take orders from someone like that.

He overheard some purple-haired man started slagging on Snow, and then brought up the matter of Alice and her talent as an assassin. Damian took note of him—he seemed on top of his shit, even if a bit gruff about it.

He looked back at the weird stuffed bear running all of this—Monokuma, if he remembered correctly. Whoever he was, he was definitely not to be trusted. Damian nodded to himself. The best course of action would be to get rid of him. He was clearly dangerous. And to do that, he needed information.

“So, Monokuma, what exactly are you? And what is all this for, anyway?”
Slowly, the group of students found their way to the stone structure. Whether it be sitting with crossed arms and a sour face, with a gaze of curiosity, or nervously fidgeting hands, you could see there weren’t really that many people around—or at least, the size of this amphitheater sure made it seem like there weren’t many. A energy was running through the air, as though something bad was about to happen.

Just as you thought that, a small figure seemed to… pop out from the ground? Wait, what?

“Ah, excellent, everyone’s here! You know, I really want to thank you all for being so nice and showing up! It feels good to be respected!”

There was a lot of alarming things about this situation, of course, but some things were more alarming than others. For example, the fact that the speaker appeared to be some sort of… stuffed bear?

“Hmm…” The bear raised his hand with a discerning hum, counting out the number of people present, “Wait a second! This isn’t everybody! Who the hell do these people think they are, anyway!? know I said this was optional, but you kids really should show more respect, you know! I spent a lot of time organizing this!” The bear sighed, heavily annoyed, “Well, if so many of you want to miss out, then I guess those who aren’t here just don’t get to learn anything!” He smiled once more, now seemingly satisfied with whatever little revenge he got out of that.

“So, first things first, let’s get introductions out of the way! I’m Monokuma, your camp counselor, loved by children and approved by mothers all over the globe!” He said glowingly, before throwing in a very dismissive, “And I already know all of you, so you don’t really need to bother with any of that.”

“Anyways, welcome to Summer Camp! I know it doesn’t precisely feel like Summer, but I promise it is. Maybe. Can I be honest? I have no idea what time it is. Or where we are. I’m just as confused as the rest of you!”

“Upupu! I’m just kidding! Maybe. Speaking of, I imagine you guys are very confused right now! After all, I’ve wiped a whooooooole lot of memories. And you know, I’d appreciate some gratitude- I spent a lot of time on that! And some of you didn’t exactly make it easy!” The bear sighs dramatically, “Being a counselor is such a thankless job! In any case, I hope you guys don’t mind, it just makes my job easier!”

“But I’m sure that’s the least of your concerns! I’m not gonna waste my time pretending any of you want to be here, so how about I cut right to the case? How, exactly, do you get out? Well, it doesn’t seem possible, at first. All these electric fences, the only gate being locked, no sign of anyone coming, either. So, how do you get out?”

“Well, campers, that's where I come in! I’ll provide an opportunity to leave, should you choose to seek it out. And you see, it’s really quite simple!” Despite the fact that, logically, it shouldn’t be possible, Monokuma’s mechanical face widened into an excited grin.

“All you have to do is kill somebody!” He paused briefly, waiting for the shock to overtake the crowd, before continuing once more.

“Now, I’m sure you all have a lot of questions, but let me explain real quick before all that!”

“So, let me get into the rules of this! You can’t just go around killing somebody all willy nilly, after all. If you want to leave this camp, you have to murder somebody—it doesn’t matter how, so long as you get the job done! However, you also need to not get caught! In order to determine this, a class trial will be held! I have all the rules laid out right in this handy-dandy student PDA—you each get one, so please take the time to read them!”

“So,” He finished off, as bright and cheery as he had discussed everything else, “Are there any questions?”
Hisakawa and Suzuki

Hisakawa refocused his attention, and as the man spoke, all sort of thoughts were running through his head. It wasn’t great that there were some aggressive people here, though in a situation like this, that should probably be expected. He wasn’t entirely sure how to interpret that chuckle, though. Was there something funny? He didn’t find it funny—then again he probably didn’t have the whole context behind it all. But that doesn’t mean this stranger wouldn’t think it was funny. As he was mulling on it, he couldn’t help but start to feel a little self-conscious about his own hair—after all, he, too, was wearing a ponytail. He didn’t look weird, did he? He knows he isn’t exactly the most attractive guy around, but he had particular issue with the idea that his hair looked bad. Maybe he should have gotten a haircut...

His thoughts wandered back to the situation at hand when the man mentioned Hope’s Peak. So they were all students from the same high school? That was far from coincidental. Hisakawa was beginning to think there might be something bigger going on here. But who would kidnap a bunch of high school students? And for what purpose?

Reo took in the news much more casually. Yeah, perhaps this whole situation wasn’t the best thing in the world, but it’s not really that big of a deal, yeah? After all, there was no real reason to believe there was any sort of danger. He was sure everything would turn out just fine, and everything would explain itself in due time, so there was no need to stress during the meantime. He shaked Davis’ hand, returning his smile in kind.

Hisakawa, too, shook Davis’ hand. Knowing that they were all Hope’s Peak students, though, he got curious, “Hey Suzuki-san, what’s your talent?”

Reo turned his attention from Davis to Hisakawa, “I’m the Super High School Level LARPer.” He answered simply, though not in a disinterested way. Reo was very dedicated to his craft, after all, and held a genuine passion for what he does.

“Oh, interesting.” Hisakawa said in response, despite having absolutely no idea what LARPing is, or even having heard about it. He started wringing his hands, biting the inside of his lips. He could totally just ask, but he didn’t want to seem like an idiot or anything. First impressions were important, after all. Then again, he probably messed that up already, so it wouldn’t really matter if he said something else dumb. And besides, he doesn’t want to lie just to seem more intelligent than he is. It would be kind of manipulative of him to act smarter than he really was, wouldn’t it?

“What about you?” Suzuki asked, and suddenly Hisakawa realized he had missed his chance to ask. Well, he’d have plenty of time to do so later, at least in theory.

“Um, my talent is that I’m a Type A Student.” He relaxed himself, trying to ignore the train of though he was on previously. There were much bigger things to be worrying about anyway.

Reo nodded. That seemed to fit. He once more turned to Davis, “So what exactly does having ‘conquest’ as a talent entale, anyway?” He said with subtle raise to his brow. He didn’t necessarily doubt that was his talent—the guy seemed sincere enough. But he couldn’t help but feel something was up. Maybe it was just because this guy didn’t really seem like a Davis to him. Either way, he figured a talent like that was good place to start.

Suddenly, an announcement came on, informing them of a meeting at the amphitheater.

There was quiet after the announcement, which was soon interrupted by Reo, “Well hey, that was easy.”

“Yeah, seriously. Well, I’m gonna go try and find the amphitheater. You guys coming with?” Hisakawa asked. Suzuki nodded, and the two turned to see the so-called Davis’ response.



Damian was stunned into silence by the sheer audacity of such a response. Or, rather, non-response. Who the hell does that!? Damian supposed, to some extent, he was grateful that he didn’t have to enter a conversation with someone who was not only holding onto a table leg like a weapon, but was also the kind of person who looks at someone asking for help and then just leaves without saying anything. Damian could try and chalk it up to some reasoning beyond her just being a dick, but somehow there was a very intentional aggressiveness in how she carried that out.

Whatever. He didn’t need to get wrapped up in whatever her deal is, so it was best to just leave her be. Hopefully, he could find someone who wasn’t so… abrasive.

It was at that moment an announcement came on. Well, at least there was somebody willing to give him information. He went on to find the amphitheater, and hopefully learn what exactly is happening.
Adjusting to the situation has been a bit of a challenge—waking up in the middle of nowhere isn’t exactly a comfortable situation, and it isn’t one that can be easily handled. Not to mention all of these new people, some of whom had not proven easy to get along with. Having oriented yourself to your surroundings, more or less, there’s likely one, pivotal question on your mind—what is going on here, exactly?

Wherever you are, you hear a ring of some sort. Looking around and trying to find where it came from, you see a nearby monitor light up, and a figure you can’t quite make out comes on screen.

“Testing, testing, one two three! Can everybody hear me? Good!” The figure says, waiting for no affirmation, “Now then—Goooooooood morning, campers! If everyone could please meet at the outdoor amphitheater immediately, that’d be just swell! And if you’re wondering, it’s not optional!” The figure paused, thinking about it for a moment, “Well, actually, it is optional, I suppose. Everything in life is optional, really. But if you want to know what’s going on here—more importantly, if you want to know how to get out—then you should come to the meeting! Or maybe go just because I asked so nicely! Upupupu! Either way, I will see you all bear-y soon!”

As suddenly as the transmission had started, it ended. Well, at the very least, it seems some questions were about to get answered. If you want those answers, you just head over to the amphitheater, right?
Hey folks, quick update! First, I've finalized labs (at least, the one's that can be found in this area), so I'll be adding them to the 0th post momentarily. But before you send your character over to investigate, you might have some more pressing concerns—namely, Monokuma will be making a general announcement in order to get everyone in one place. That being said, prepare to have you character be interrupted in whatever they're doing (you can have the post detail what they do before they hear the announcement of course, hehe)! If any of you need me to hold off on doing so, let me know, but if not, you can expect a post tomorrow sometime.
(For those not in the know, I'm temporarily writing for Grnmachine, I'm not just taking over his characters for no reason, hehe)

Hisakawa and Suzuki

"Hello. It appears that those two and I weren't the only ones in this situation. Either of you wouldn't happen to know what is going on here?"

Hisakawa figured the man seemed friendly enough. Very to the point, but Hisakawa liked that—staying focused on the task at hand is important, especially in a situation like this, “No, not at all. We just woke up here only a few minutes ago.” He let the door go as Suzuki walked through, placing his hands in his pockets.

Reo, for his part, leaned against the wall right beside the door, “There’s nothing of interest in there, if you’re curious.” He said, pointing to the door he just passed through, “Just a mess hall. Also, you said there are more people here?”

“Oh, it’d be good to know about them! After all, information is of the essence when you don’t know what what’s going on.” Hisakawa recoiled from the obviousness of his own statement. There were so many infinitely smarter things to say in that moment, “Okay, that was obvious, but you know what I mean.” He said, covering his face with his hands and lowering his head.

Reo was beginning to get the impression that Hisakawa was a little scatterbrained, even in his slightly more focused state. Though, that could be from the anxiety this situation is obviously giving him. Regardless, he tries to refocus the conversation a bit, “Anyway, I’m Suzuki Reo, and that’s Hisakawa Hiroki, and any information you may have would be very helpful.” He walked up to the man, reaching out for a handshake, “And who are you?”


Damian, at some point, managed to pull himself back up from slippery slope he was going on. It seemed there was a lot of information he had forgotten, which was definitely unnerving. Well, he remembered his name and where he was supposed to be, and that would have to be enough, for now. He pulled himself off of the bathroom floor, opening the door and taking a look around. Well, it was… certainly a bathroom. Seriously, how the hell did he get here?

Within a few moments he found the exit, and opened it without hesitation. Well, this isn’t Hope’s Peak. Or if it is, they sure did a hell of a lot of false advertising. Well, he certainly couldn’t see any school building anywhere, so he’d have to say this isn’t it. And something about this fence was weirdly sinister...

This situation was… odd, to say the least. But it wasn’t going to do him any good to sit around and be confused. There were a couple of people around him he could see—he supposed talking to somebody might be helpful. There were three people not too far from him, but he decided against talking to them. It just seems that would get a bit too busy. He also noticed a platinum-haired girl walking in the other direction.

He started walking over to the strange girl (well, it was a bit of a jog, since he had to catch up to her), and called out to her when he got in hearing range, “Hey! Hi there, sorry to bother you, but I just kind of woke up here and I was wondering if you knew what exactly was going on?”

Now that he was closer, he could see her a lot better- specifically, the table leg she was carrying around for no immediately obvious purpose, which suddenly made the idea of talking to her seem very dumb. But it was a bit late to un-talk himself out of the situation, so he simply stayed a good distance from her and decided to keep the conversation as brief as humanly possible.
Hisakawa blushed a little bit. He started wringing his hands, making eye contact with the floor, “You’re right. I feel a little silly… Though I suppose it's not death I’m worried about.” Was that a weird thing to say? Maybe. It was true, though- he didn't think he was going to die anytime soon. He shaked his arms out a little bit, before putting his hands in his pockets.

“Alright, let's see if I have my phone.”

He perked up when the strange man said this, watching closely as he reached into his pocket, but deflated when he pulled out nothing, and deflated further at the man’s words. After giving himself a moment of thought, he responded “You’re probably right. But… it doesn't matter. This situation can be handled, regardless of if either of us have a phone. It just needs to be handled quickly.” He said, a new sense of vigor running through him. Now on a mission, he acted and spoke with purpose. Seeing the man gesturing for him to follow, he did so- it was a good idea to go out and get a better understanding of what’s going on, and he didn’t really have a reason to not work with this guy. After all, they’re on the same boat.

“Right. My name is Suzuki Reo. Nice to meet ya.”

The man- no, Suzuki- turned around and held his hand out. Hisakawa took his hand and shaked it, “I’m Hisakawa Hiroki. It’s nice to meet you as well.” He returned the smile, pulling his hand away after the shake, “Well then, let’s get right to it, shall we?” He pushed the door open (ah, it’s a little chilly out!), and held it open for Suzuki to walk through.

From here, Hisakawa could already see that there were more people out here, including a rather irritated purple-haired man who seemed to be coming their way. He waved to him. It looks like they were far from alone.
The man seemed to be… pretty casual about the whole thing. If he was at all stressed, it only really showed with a sigh. Well, that’s fair, that’s just kind of how some people respond in an emergency situation. He can’t be blamed for that. It did nothing to help Hisakawa’s own troubled thoughts, though.

“Ah, okay, so it seems were on the same boat, so to speak, regarding the whole ‘waking up mysteriously in a strange place’ nonsense. Which, you know, that’s fine, this whole thing can be handled.” He said, trying to comfort himself more than the stranger in front of him, “Hey, you wouldn’t happen to have a phone on you, would you? I can’t seem to find mine… You know, since a phone would be very helpful in getting us out of here… Not that I know where we are or anything.” He trailed off, his worries starting to get to him.

Once more, he snapped himself out of it, “Sorry, my mind can get really hyperactive sometimes- usually when I ended up in stressful situations like this. My point is, I have no idea what’s going on here, and I’d like to figure things out as soon as possible, and I presume the same is true for you. And I think getting our hands on a phone would be very helpful.”
Hisakawa slowly felt himself rising, taking a deep breath before coaxing himself into wakefulness. Instinctively, he reached over to where he usually placed his phone, not far from his head- however, his hand found nothing but a smooth wooden surface. He felt around, perhaps having missed the mark. But as it dawned on him that he wasn’t in a bed, he shot up, looking every which way around himself. He could see he wasn’t in a bed at all- he was lying on top of a wooden table, and it seemed the rest of the large room was filled with similar tables, as well as matching chairs. The could see into a kitchen from here, but he couldn’t see the tell-tale bright blue case of his phone. As he tried to gather his bearings, it became increasingly obvious that this place was completely unfamiliar to him. All of this was beginning to build an increasing sense of alarm in Hisakawa- what the hell happened!? Was he kidnapped? Did he get drugged and end up here in his impaired state? Did he die and end up in some sort of limbo?

He shook himself out of his thoughts, and forced his stiff body to get up off the table, rolling out the shoulder he slept on. Now wasn’t the time to think, it was the time to act. Wasting no time, he began, once again, to search for his phone- hopefully, he could figure out what happened and get out of here okay.

He picked up several chairs and looked under tables, trying to pick out where his phone might be. This place was just a bit too big, and his back was starting to hurt from all the bending over. He sighed in frustration and stretched, trying to work out the pain in his back, and tugging his hair as he did so. While stretching, he noticed something; another person, also unfamiliar to him- or at the very least, he didn’t recognize whoever it was.

He walked over to the figure. He seemed to be breathing, but asleep. After a moment of thought, he decided to shake him at his shoulder to try and wake him up. Perhaps he was here for the same reason, or perhaps he knows something about what’s going on. Ultimately, it'd be better to wake him then not.

“Hey, you okay?” He asked, giving a gentle shake. A bit absentmindedly, he kept speaking, “Um… and would you happen to know anything about what’s going on here? Or where my phone is? It’s bright blue, hard to miss- um, I’m getting off track." He refocused, mildly berating himself for having gotten so wrapped up in his own worries, "My point is, are you alright?”
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