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(For those not in the know, I'm temporarily writing for Grnmachine, I'm not just taking over his characters for no reason, hehe)

Hisakawa and Suzuki

"Hello. It appears that those two and I weren't the only ones in this situation. Either of you wouldn't happen to know what is going on here?"

Hisakawa figured the man seemed friendly enough. Very to the point, but Hisakawa liked that—staying focused on the task at hand is important, especially in a situation like this, “No, not at all. We just woke up here only a few minutes ago.” He let the door go as Suzuki walked through, placing his hands in his pockets.

Reo, for his part, leaned against the wall right beside the door, “There’s nothing of interest in there, if you’re curious.” He said, pointing to the door he just passed through, “Just a mess hall. Also, you said there are more people here?”

“Oh, it’d be good to know about them! After all, information is of the essence when you don’t know what what’s going on.” Hisakawa recoiled from the obviousness of his own statement. There were so many infinitely smarter things to say in that moment, “Okay, that was obvious, but you know what I mean.” He said, covering his face with his hands and lowering his head.

Reo was beginning to get the impression that Hisakawa was a little scatterbrained, even in his slightly more focused state. Though, that could be from the anxiety this situation is obviously giving him. Regardless, he tries to refocus the conversation a bit, “Anyway, I’m Suzuki Reo, and that’s Hisakawa Hiroki, and any information you may have would be very helpful.” He walked up to the man, reaching out for a handshake, “And who are you?”


Damian, at some point, managed to pull himself back up from slippery slope he was going on. It seemed there was a lot of information he had forgotten, which was definitely unnerving. Well, he remembered his name and where he was supposed to be, and that would have to be enough, for now. He pulled himself off of the bathroom floor, opening the door and taking a look around. Well, it was… certainly a bathroom. Seriously, how the hell did he get here?

Within a few moments he found the exit, and opened it without hesitation. Well, this isn’t Hope’s Peak. Or if it is, they sure did a hell of a lot of false advertising. Well, he certainly couldn’t see any school building anywhere, so he’d have to say this isn’t it. And something about this fence was weirdly sinister...

This situation was… odd, to say the least. But it wasn’t going to do him any good to sit around and be confused. There were a couple of people around him he could see—he supposed talking to somebody might be helpful. There were three people not too far from him, but he decided against talking to them. It just seems that would get a bit too busy. He also noticed a platinum-haired girl walking in the other direction.

He started walking over to the strange girl (well, it was a bit of a jog, since he had to catch up to her), and called out to her when he got in hearing range, “Hey! Hi there, sorry to bother you, but I just kind of woke up here and I was wondering if you knew what exactly was going on?”

Now that he was closer, he could see her a lot better- specifically, the table leg she was carrying around for no immediately obvious purpose, which suddenly made the idea of talking to her seem very dumb. But it was a bit late to un-talk himself out of the situation, so he simply stayed a good distance from her and decided to keep the conversation as brief as humanly possible.
Hisakawa blushed a little bit. He started wringing his hands, making eye contact with the floor, “You’re right. I feel a little silly… Though I suppose it's not death I’m worried about.” Was that a weird thing to say? Maybe. It was true, though- he didn't think he was going to die anytime soon. He shaked his arms out a little bit, before putting his hands in his pockets.

“Alright, let's see if I have my phone.”

He perked up when the strange man said this, watching closely as he reached into his pocket, but deflated when he pulled out nothing, and deflated further at the man’s words. After giving himself a moment of thought, he responded “You’re probably right. But… it doesn't matter. This situation can be handled, regardless of if either of us have a phone. It just needs to be handled quickly.” He said, a new sense of vigor running through him. Now on a mission, he acted and spoke with purpose. Seeing the man gesturing for him to follow, he did so- it was a good idea to go out and get a better understanding of what’s going on, and he didn’t really have a reason to not work with this guy. After all, they’re on the same boat.

“Right. My name is Suzuki Reo. Nice to meet ya.”

The man- no, Suzuki- turned around and held his hand out. Hisakawa took his hand and shaked it, “I’m Hisakawa Hiroki. It’s nice to meet you as well.” He returned the smile, pulling his hand away after the shake, “Well then, let’s get right to it, shall we?” He pushed the door open (ah, it’s a little chilly out!), and held it open for Suzuki to walk through.

From here, Hisakawa could already see that there were more people out here, including a rather irritated purple-haired man who seemed to be coming their way. He waved to him. It looks like they were far from alone.
The man seemed to be… pretty casual about the whole thing. If he was at all stressed, it only really showed with a sigh. Well, that’s fair, that’s just kind of how some people respond in an emergency situation. He can’t be blamed for that. It did nothing to help Hisakawa’s own troubled thoughts, though.

“Ah, okay, so it seems were on the same boat, so to speak, regarding the whole ‘waking up mysteriously in a strange place’ nonsense. Which, you know, that’s fine, this whole thing can be handled.” He said, trying to comfort himself more than the stranger in front of him, “Hey, you wouldn’t happen to have a phone on you, would you? I can’t seem to find mine… You know, since a phone would be very helpful in getting us out of here… Not that I know where we are or anything.” He trailed off, his worries starting to get to him.

Once more, he snapped himself out of it, “Sorry, my mind can get really hyperactive sometimes- usually when I ended up in stressful situations like this. My point is, I have no idea what’s going on here, and I’d like to figure things out as soon as possible, and I presume the same is true for you. And I think getting our hands on a phone would be very helpful.”
Hisakawa slowly felt himself rising, taking a deep breath before coaxing himself into wakefulness. Instinctively, he reached over to where he usually placed his phone, not far from his head- however, his hand found nothing but a smooth wooden surface. He felt around, perhaps having missed the mark. But as it dawned on him that he wasn’t in a bed, he shot up, looking every which way around himself. He could see he wasn’t in a bed at all- he was lying on top of a wooden table, and it seemed the rest of the large room was filled with similar tables, as well as matching chairs. The could see into a kitchen from here, but he couldn’t see the tell-tale bright blue case of his phone. As he tried to gather his bearings, it became increasingly obvious that this place was completely unfamiliar to him. All of this was beginning to build an increasing sense of alarm in Hisakawa- what the hell happened!? Was he kidnapped? Did he get drugged and end up here in his impaired state? Did he die and end up in some sort of limbo?

He shook himself out of his thoughts, and forced his stiff body to get up off the table, rolling out the shoulder he slept on. Now wasn’t the time to think, it was the time to act. Wasting no time, he began, once again, to search for his phone- hopefully, he could figure out what happened and get out of here okay.

He picked up several chairs and looked under tables, trying to pick out where his phone might be. This place was just a bit too big, and his back was starting to hurt from all the bending over. He sighed in frustration and stretched, trying to work out the pain in his back, and tugging his hair as he did so. While stretching, he noticed something; another person, also unfamiliar to him- or at the very least, he didn’t recognize whoever it was.

He walked over to the figure. He seemed to be breathing, but asleep. After a moment of thought, he decided to shake him at his shoulder to try and wake him up. Perhaps he was here for the same reason, or perhaps he knows something about what’s going on. Ultimately, it'd be better to wake him then not.

“Hey, you okay?” He asked, giving a gentle shake. A bit absentmindedly, he kept speaking, “Um… and would you happen to know anything about what’s going on here? Or where my phone is? It’s bright blue, hard to miss- um, I’m getting off track." He refocused, mildly berating himself for having gotten so wrapped up in his own worries, "My point is, are you alright?”
The roleplay has now officially begun!
"Ahahahahaha! Oh, it’s been WAY too long since there’s a been a killing game! Wait… When was the last one? It seems my memory is all jumbled up! Bah, who cares! I can still run a good killing game! After all, the real key to a killing game isn’t strategy or might- it’s heart! And my heart is pounding from the anticipation! Is it here? Is it finally underway!? Ah, I can’t wait any longer! Let’s start let’s start let’s start!"

He laughed, enraptured with gleeful expectation. Nothing can quite top the despair a killing game inspires!

The sun rises, washing the world in a warm light as you rise from your heavy slumber. Crisp air fills your lungs- it’s chilly, but not cold. Did your heater stop working last night or something? You know, now that you think about it, this doesn’t seem like your bed at all... Slowly, you come to the realization that it's time to wake up.

Your memories have gaps, and your surroundings are unfamiliar. Everything about this is strange- as you wake up and gather your bearings, a question must be answered; what do you do now?
Okay, I'm writing up the first post now! Please continue to send me lab info- I figured I wouldn't need it right away, since no one is starting over there, but I do need it soooooon.

Added a map to the 0th post, made by addamas!
Okay, here's the info of what your characters do/don't remember. I'll also be adding it to the 0th post, for convenience.

Okay, all location info is placed in the 0th post! (IDK if a notification gets sent for 0th post, so I'm making a post just in case)
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