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Hisakawa Hiroki

Huh, so she was also from Hope’s Peak? Hmm… Well, it’s hard to say whether or not that’s a coincidence. There weren’t just a whole lot of Hope’s Peak students out there, but then again, having only himself and this girl as a sample size wasn’t enough to confirm if they were here because of that. Though, as far as he knew, it was just the two of them and that one other guy, which, uh… wouldn’t be comfortable. Hisakawa actually found himself hoping there would be more than the three of them.

And the fact that this was some kind of camp was weird. You know, at this point, he should probably just assume that none of anything that’s happening here is gonna make any sense to him. After all, nothing has so far, and he doubted it was gonna get much better anytime soon. Things tend to play out exactly as they start out, after all.

The girl then suggested he talk to others about what was going on, after she took a look outside. So there were more people here? Well, that’s one less thing to worry about… Wait, why did he have to talk to them!? Couldn’t she do it!? Wouldn’t she probably be better at it, anyway?

Though, as he was about to bring it up, the girl left, ending the conversation altogether. Hisakawa just watched for a moment, a little dumbfounded, “Wh- Okay!” He called after her. Did… Did she want him to report back to her? Was she just trying to get him out of her hair?

Hisakawa ignored his own questions, trying to chill out and just figure it out for himself. He’s his own independent man now, he doesn’t need confirmation on every little thing.

But what if he gets it wrong, though?

He opened up the door and looked over to the girl, who was on her way down the road, “Wait, so, you want me to, like, get back to you on that?” He asked, but then suddenly felt dumb. He should know that it was best to overestimate and not bother people with stupid questions, but of course he just had to get all paranoid about it. He could easily have just assumed that he should her what he found out, and if he was wrong she would just tell him to get out of her face.

“You know what, forget I asked, I can figure it out, I’ll just go.” He turned around, intending to go the opposite way, taking a few steps before realizing it was a pointless (Hey, check it out, dumbass, it’s a circle!). He turned back around, facing the girl again (maybe he should get her name at some point), completely at a loss for what to say or do.

Mercifully, an announcement rang out through the camp. He probably wasn’t going to catch a lucky break like that again, but he was grateful that he wasn’t going to make as much of an embarrassment of himself as… okay, the pervert thing wasn’t great. God, why the hell did he even try anymore?

Rubbing his temples and letting out a sigh, he addressed the girl, “Well, that sounds pretty important, so I’m gonna go ahead, if that’s alright with you.”


Himura Chikako

Ugh, this group isn’t a whole lot of fun. Everybody seems so wrapped in figuring out what’s going on and where the hell they were, and while Himura wanted to know where she was or whatever, but it’s like these guys don’t know how to have any fun with it! Even the new guy who just came up only really seemed concerned with the whole “oh where are we what’s going on” deal. Like, what, did they think they were all gonna die or something?

She was sure they were gonna figure it out soon enough, so nobody has to get so serious about it. And hell, even if they didn’t, Himura was sure she could still find a way out once she wanted to. She hasn’t done it before, but she’s pretty sure she could climb some dumb fence or whatever.

“Alright, alright, let’s just chill, you guys are totally freaking over nothing. Y’all don’t need to get so uppity about figuring out all the details—we can just go find something to do and we can just figure out what happened from whatever we learn while we go about things!”

Not long after she said that, an announcement came on air, telling the group to make their way to the amphitheater. Himura listened with her hands behind her head and a rhythmic tap in her foot, and she huffed a little air out of her nose when the announcement finished, muttering a cross, “Or we could do that, I guess.”

But hey, she’d probably find something a lot more fun to do once this dumb meeting or whatever was over with. And, well, if none of these guys were interested in doing something more interesting, she was sure she could find somebody who was, though she was sure everyone would be in a better mood once this meeting gave them some answers.

The thought perked her up, and she broke into a run to get to the amphitheater, “Alright, let’s gooooooo!” She exclaimed, a bright smile on her face, carelessly making her way in the direction pointed out to her. Himura was never one to keep still for long, and she only stopped her momentum to briefly turn around and address the others, "Whatever this weirdness is, once it's over and we get back to Hope's Peak, just know that I'll be the first one partying it up, if any of y'all care to join!"
Adjusting to the situation has been a bit of a challenge—waking up in the middle of nowhere isn’t exactly a comfortable situation, and it isn’t one to handle easily. Not to mention all of these new people, some of whom had not proven easy to get along with. Having oriented yourself to your surroundings, more or less, there’s likely one, pivotal question on your mind—what is going on, exactly?

Wherever you are, you hear a ring of some sort. You see a nearby monitor light up, and a figure you can’t quite make out comes on screen.

“Testing, testing, one two three! Can everybody hear me? Good!” The figure says, waiting for no affirmation, “Now then—Goooooooood morning, campers! If everyone could please meet at the outdoor amphitheatre immediately, that’d be just swell! And if you’re wondering, it’s not optional! If you want to know what’s going on here—more importantly, if you want to know how to get out—then come to the meeting! I hope to see all of your shining, hopeful faces bear-y soon!”

As suddenly as the announcement had started, it ended. As the voice cuts out, the monitors come to life with a brightly colored arrow, pointing to the direction of the amphitheater from wherever you are.
Hisakawa Hiroki


Hisakawa, initially, rejected the thought, but backtracking through his thought process shows the girl wasn’t exactly wrong. His mind did immediately to the most, uh… unsavory outcome possible, which probably didn’t happen. Or was she talking about the hair thing? Oh God, he really did do that to a stranger, didn’t he? Ew! But she was asleep for that, she wouldn't have remembered that. Well, unless she wasn’t as asleep as he thought she was.

Well, point is, she was kind of right.

“Fair enough, actually. And, uh, sorry.” He said, though from the look of it, she didn’t really seem to care. She was paying more attention to the door, and it took Hisakawa a moment to realize that there was a person there.

Oh no, there was a person there!

The girl got up to further investigate, and Hisakawa sat up and buried his face in his hands. This was awful. This was… just so incredibly embarrassing. He didn’t even know what was going on and already he had made a pretty bad name for himself. You know what, this whole going to Hope’s Peak thing was kind of crazy anyway, maybe he’ll just go home and pretend none of this ever happened...

“Weird. Were you two friends?” The girl asked, interrupting his thought process.

Hisakawa looked up the girl, who still appeared totally unfazed by any of this, “No, which only makes this worse, really. Uh, like I said, I don’t really know what’s going on right now. I don’t know who you are, or who that guy was. I was kind of hoping you had all the answers to that, though I guess that was presumptuous.”

Hisakawa really didn't know how she wasn’t dying from embarrassment like he was. Maybe she’s just calm like that? Oh, actually, he was probably just over reacting. He did have a tendency to freak out about small things. It’s probably just not as big a deal as he thinks it is… but God, he really hoped he never had to see that guy again.

Regardless, the best he could do know was try to figure out where, exactly, they were, and what was going on. He got up from the bed, addressing the girl with some degree of false confidence, “The last I remember, I was at the gates of Hope’s Peak Academy, but my memory goes totally blank after that. I’m not sure how we got from here to there.”


Himura Chikako

“Oh shit, y’all don’t know what’s going on either? Thank God, I though it was just me!”

Himura took a second to look at her companions more closely, now that she knew they didn’t kidnap her or anything.

There’s robes boy, who seems kind of like the serious type, which is good, there always needs to be someone with a good head on their shoulders.

There was a one-eyed girl who was just super aggressive, which is good, there always needs to be… Okay, she was having a hard time finding a good purpose for that. Hmmm… Well, if they get attacked by rabid animals, Himura feels that this girl would somehow be able to scare them off, so if she’s gonna be stuck with her, then that’s a plus!

Then there was another girl who just woke up who seemed to be alright, and she had a bit of a sense of humor about the whole thing, which was great! There’s always need for a good morality booster.

She got up from her spot on the floor with a bounce, addressing the group, “Well, my name is Himura Chikako, nice to meet you all! Um, so... oh, I’m a Hope’s Peak student, actually, and I was at the gates of the school, aaaaaaaand… That’s all I can remember. What about you all?”
Hisakawa Hiroki

Hisakawa has never really been one for sleeping in. In fact, it was pretty rare for him to sleep past sunrise—why sleep for eight hours if he can function just fine on three? So feeling himself awaken to a ray of sun hitting his eyes was pretty uncommon, but it wasn’t necessarily unwelcome. Though he couldn’t let himself sleep just yet…

As awareness came to him, he groggily attempted to evaluate his surroundings—specifically, listening for breathing. After a moment, he did pick up the sound of someone breathing sleepily, as well as the pressure on his chest—the weight of another person. He let out a quiet sigh, then wrapped his arms around the person on top of him, knowing he won’t have to get up right away.

He let himself relax into the haze of the morning. It was always remarkably peaceful here—well, the neighbors didn’t make a lot of noise, at any rate. Otherwise it was decently comfortable, but he had his complaints. The carpet was kinda gross, they probably haven’t done a renovation since the place was built, and the shower—you know what? Let’s not think too hard about the shower.

Hisakawa recentered himself, focusing on the woman in his arms. He raised his hand over to her head, lazily stroking it though her hair. It wasn’t everyday that—


Oh no, that’s not right.

Hisakawa opened his eyes. It wasn't just the hair, nothing about this was right. He looked at the woman sleeping on top of him, and didn’t even remotely recognize her. He looked around the room, but it was all as unfamiliar as the girl. He tried to run through his memories of yesterday, trying to understand where he was and who the hell this girl was, but ultimately came up empty. The last thing he can even remember is showing up at Hope’s Peak academy, about to start his first day at the prestigious school.

“Ooooh nooooo.” He muttered, bringing has hands up to his face. He wasn’t really sure about the exact situation that brought this about, but he couldn't imagine any circumstances that didn't mean he didn't do something wrong somewhere down the line.

God, this was bad. This was really, really, really bad. There was a pit in his stomach, wanting him to do something about this, but also terrified of confronting the situation. He squeezed his face, digging his nails in, using the pressure and sting to help him focus. This may not be as bad as he thinks it is. It may just be his imagination getting the better of him. Either way, he had to wake this person up and figure out what happened, as much as he may not want to confront it. It’d be worse to just leave and not figure out what happened, anyway, right? After a couple more moments of mental debate, he gently tapped she girl on top of him, speaking as she began to wake. With his other hand, he pressed his fingernails into the palm of his hand, trying to keep himself focused and present.

“So, uhm-” He coughs a bit, his voice coming a out a little hoarse, “Listen, I’m really sorry. I gotta be honest, I don’t really remember anything that happened last night, and this really isn’t-” He moved his hands to remove the girl from on top of him, but, not wanting to touch her, he ended up putting his arms at his sides, “and this really isn’t looking good. Um..." He paused, trying to wrap up what he was saying as quick as possible, not wanting to waste any of this woman's time, and trying to get this over with as quickly as possible "So, what exactly happened?"


Himura Chikako

Himura woke from her slumber, and found that she was actually kinda cold. Ugh, that’s annoying, though it really wasn’t all that uncommon for her to end up kicking her blanket off in the middle of the night, so she wasn’t that surprised. She felt around, trying to get comfortable so she could sleep again, only to end up with a clump of grass in her hand instead. She raised herself up on her elbow, analyzing the grass for a second (yep, that’s grass), before looking at her surroundings. Grass. There’s some trees over there. Some buildings over there. A couple of people on the ground somewhat near her. She doesn’t recognize any of them, nor does she remember how she got here.

She sat up, quickly adapting to the circumstances. Though deeply confused about where she was and who she was with, and certainly not comfortable with that, she simply put on a smile (though not a totally natural one), pointing it at the only awake person near her—some boy in pretty white robes, “Hey there!” She said, keeping her tone casual, “How did you sleep last night? I slept like a baby, myself! Y’know, sleeping on the ground is a lot more comfortable than people give it credit for!” Conversational and friendly without being specific—whatever happened to her, that was probably broad enough to cover her bases. Unless she wasn’t supposed to talk, or be conversational and friendly…

Well, she had already done it, so the best she could do would be to improvise from here.
Ahahahahaha! Oh, it’s been WAY too long since there’s a been a killing game! Wait… When was the last one? It seems my memory is all jumbled up! Bah, who cares! I can still run a good killing game! After all, the real key to a killing game isn’t strategy or might- it’s heart! And my heart is pounding from the anticipation! Is it here? Is it finally underway!? Ah, I can’t wait any longer! Let’s start let’s start let’s start!

The sun rises, washing the world in a warm light as you rise from your heavy slumber. Crisp air fills your lungs- it’s chilly, but not cold. Did your heater stop working last night or something? You know, now that you think about it, this doesn’t seem like your bed at all... Through the haze of waking up, you open your eyes- and you very quickly realize that you don’t recognize this place at all. You take in your surroundings, trying to find something familiar, but having no success.

This location is unfamiliar, and this situation strange. Where you are and what happened to you is mysterious—now, it's all a matter of deciding what to do next.


General Layout
Credit goes to the wonderful addamas for making this map!

Additionally, there are cameras and monitors all about the place- kinda weird for a summer camp.

Here's everyone's starting locations, freshly picked by the RNG Gods:

Outdoor Amphitheatre: Fukuda Naomi, Emiya Shirou, Yukimori Maiya
Path of Resident Cabins: Aurel Fuchs
Outdoor Campground: Saitou Izo, Flare Dawnray, Mizuno Momoe, Himura Chikako
Mess Hall: Snow Iclyn, Hitsugami Ryuma
Cabins: Usui Ayu, Hisakawa Hiroki
Sports Activity Cabin: Hamazura Ginshi
Presentation Activity Cabin: Lilly Hart
Crafts Activity Cabin: Matsuo Hibiki
Boat House: Tsuin Taka/Taya

Welcome to the official reboot of Danganronpa Alternate: Apologies to Hope! I’m TheSeriousJoke, and today we shall officially begin our journey into the depths of Danganronpa Roleplay! Character sheets can go up in the character tab, any questions/comments/concerns can go below, and I’ll get the first in character post up shortly! I’ll have the 0th post with the map, everyone’s starting locations, and what your characters remember up in like 2 minutes.

Let’s get ready to go!

1. Hisakawa Hiroki- Male- SHSL Type A Student- Me
2. Tsuin Taka/Taya- Male/Female- SHSL Crossdresser- Ammokkx
3. Usui Ayu- Female- SHSL ???- Ammokkx
4. Lilly Hart- Female- SHSL Hacker- Vocab
5. Aurel Fuchs- Male- SHSL Thief- Savo
6. Snow Iclyn- Female- SHSL Hairdresser- addamas
7. Matsuo Hibiki- Male- SHSL Tutor- AimeChambers
8. Hitsugami Ryuma- Male- SHSL Parkour- AimeChambers
9. Yukimori Maiya- Female- SHSL Improvisational Engineer- xxlanatjexx
10. Saitou Izo- Male- SHSL Fanatic- Pyromaniacwolf
11. Emiya Shirou- Male- SHSL Hero of Justice- Vocab
12. Flare Dawnray- Female- SHSL Guide Dog Trainer- addamas
13. Hamazura Ginshi- Male- SHSL Judomaster- KenjuGuy
14. Himura Chikako- Female- SHSL Rhythm Game Player- Me
15. Fukuda Naomi- Female- SHSL Linguist- AimeChambers
16. Mizuno Momoe- Female- SHSL Smuggler- Ammokkx
@KenjuGuy Alright, PM me the private info and you're accepted!
@Pyromaniacwolf You're approved!
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