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Current Sleep evades and thoughts creep in. Oh what a wonderful time to be alive.


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In An outlet 2 mos ago Forum: The Gallery
Let's burn our troubles
Inhale it all
Can you see the freedom in my red eyes?
Paint our problems on the walls.
Let's run and forget just for tonight,
Take my hand, we'll be okay.
1. What a night - Loveable Rogues
2. Contagious Chemistry - You Me At Six
3. Space for two - Mr. Probz
4. Not giving in - Tom Walker
5. Promises - Kid Ink ft Fetty Wap
6. Stuck with me - Timeflies
7. One - Ed Sheeran
8. Superman - Jordan Sheath
9. Honey Sweet - Blossoms
10. Iridescent - Linkin Park

(As a musician I have a very eclectic music taste lol..)
In An outlet 2 mos ago Forum: The Gallery
Hold you in the dark.
Feel the curves of you fit perfectly around mine.
We're strangers of the mind but that doesn't matter.
Not in this moment. The world doesn't even matter
While we lay and lick our wounds together.
In An outlet 2 mos ago Forum: The Gallery
I'll keep scratching at the door until someone lets me in.
It's cold and I'm scared but i'll stay put
My persistance isn't endearing but I can't change that
Maybe some day someone will appreciate
my scratching at the door,
please let me in.
Hey, I'm Tigeress (on most platforms and stuff) but go by Tigs mainly. New to this kind of thing (Be gentle!) but long time creative writer, D&D player, RPG and MMO's.
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