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“Hold still!” Pepper shouted as the blue jay flew off. She knew she shouldn’t have shouted, but her frustration with the fidgety bird overcame her.

She was in Downtown Santa Celia trying to snap a contrasting picture that illustrates humanity. She concluded that an image with an animal who wondered the city in search of shelter and food would be contrasting enough. She wanted to show the animals loss of habitat and how it has to adapt to its new surroundings. Except she couldn’t get a picture of this stupid bird. Pepper needed a break; she was getting too heated. Why was she so mad about a bird? She gave up on taking a picture and decided to go for a walk.

She wanted a perfect picture. Though she knew, no matter what picture she took, she would think it wasn’t good enough.

While walking through downtown, she found a small park past a few tall buildings. Approaching the park, she noticed there was an abandoned playground that seemed like it needed some love. Memories flooded back to Pepper of her hometown when she was playing on the swings, and breaking her left arm on the monkey bars, but that’s beside the point. She walked to the swings and sat. She started to wind herself back, ready for a full WOOSH sound when she let go. The breeze in her hair, the light feeling of gravity, made her calm again. She misses being a child, more so the fact that she didn’t have a normal childhood and still craves that. It started to drizzle, which didn’t bother Pepper. She loves water, and her clothes aren’t boujee enough that they need to stay dry.

A wave of loneliness washed over her, which is rare. She got off the swing and sprawled out on the ground, her bag beside her. She closed her eyes and breathed, imagining she was in a lush forest with light green highlights and a clear blue sky. She added the sound of running water going over a bed of rocks to mimic the sound of the rain. She connected herself with the world, delving into the imaginary scene she just created in her mind. She wished she could become a part of the grass; feeling the breeze of the wind and the energy pulsating through the ground.

She almost believed that the pulsing from the ground was in her head.

She felt the ground shake. Like something underneath it ruptured from far away. She opened her eyes and saw smoke in the sky. That was when she began to notice the smell of smoke caused by a fire. She sat up, but couldn’t see any sign of fire near her. She wasn’t too worried about it, so she laid back down. It was probably a bad car crash.

Though it started to rain heavier, she entered into her world again, trying to ignore the smoke. She enjoyed the smell of rain; that was her favorite scent. The smoke seemed to vanish from her senses as she began to take everything in. She felt like she was sinking into the Earth, somehow more different than usual. She couldn’t describe it, no matter how hard she thought. She enjoyed this new feeling though, hoping it would never go away.

While relaxing, she felt something touch her stomach. With a panic, she was ready to beat the shit out of whatever it was. Her eyes opened, and before she could get up and fight, she realized how low she was on the ground. Or more, like, in the ground. The only way she could describe it was being as flat as a pancake. Her heart started racing, as she thought she was hallucinating. She couldn’t raise herself up right away because she was stricken with fear. She froze, unsure of what to do. Her eyes moved to look at her stomach to see what was touching her.

The blue jay from earlier was just sitting on her.

That wasn’t the only thing she noticed. As her eyes traveled lower, her body was composed of dirt and grass.

She thought, Am I dead? and Maybe that wasn’t smoke but actually a poisonous gas that makes you go on an LSD trip. She wanted to scream, but still frozen, she just watched the bird walk around in the grass.

With the thought that a picture can’t alter reality, she grabbed her camera, and took a picture of where her lower half should be. The shutter sound startled the bird, and it flew off. She hoped it would find shelter in the rain. Still disoriented, she sat up slowly. She notices her legs are still blended onto the ground, but she only cares about seeing the picture she just took.

The camera doesn’t lie.

Soaking wet, she goes to the gallery on her camera and clicks the picture.

The only thing she sees is the bird.
Fora de Vista

Adriana "Pepper" Figueira
August 13th, 1998 | 20 | Portuguese
Single || Questioning
University of Santa Celia | Biochem Major

Miscellaneous Items

Appearance Details
Pepper's appearance shows her temper and attitude through her fashion choices. Her style is a mix of hipster punk, but not too "try-hard." She likes wearing jean material along with some dark colored, loose-fitting tops. Some days she likes to wear lighter colors because she believes it'll improve her mood. With her type of build, she looks amazing in tight fitting clothes, but she would never wear them. Absolutely hates it. Little to no makeup is her go-to; she loves her freckles too much to hide them. Though, the one feature she hates the most about her appearance is that when she puts her hair up, she looks like a boy. Or, at least, feels like she looks like a boy. Naturally, she'll let her hair hang down, parted to whichever side it feels like. She only wears Keds and a bracelet with one charm on it. The charm is, simply, a leaf. She has no piercings or tattoos, but she wants some in the future. In life she was taught to never show weakness. You'll always see her walking with her head up and shoulders back.

Pepper is very independent in the sense that she doesn't put herself out into the world. She has no passion or drive to make friends or go out with people. She's very happy to be by herself, with her camera, outdoors. In a spiritual sense, she's agnostic- she wants to believe in something bigger. She believes that nature is responsible for how things act and react. The way the wind blows or how a tree grows is supposed to mean something. She loves being outdoors, because when she's inside, she feels cluttered. This tends to make her go stir crazy; overthinking because there's nothing to do.
Due to her family history, her anger tends to get the better of her in most situations. She has a short fuse but she is genuinely a nice person. She doesn't like her anger, which makes her more angry as a result. It's an endless cycle, and she feels stuck in it. She thought moving away from everyone she knew would give her the space to become the person she wants to be. After the most recent event, she's found herself being faced with a change in her life that she can't ignore. Due to new changes, she's had to find ways to channel and cope with the frustration. Overtime, this thought process will begin to be used in other aspects of her life as well and perhaps, one day soon, she will overcome her own anger.
Character Synopsis
Life gave her a cruel start- she was put into a foster care system at a young age due to domestic abuse and negligence. She was adopted by age 7 where she moved to Texas with her new parents. They provided for her financially and were able to care for her. They called her Pepper because of the amount of freckles she has, and she loved that. They adopted her because the wife was infertile, and there was a pressure on them to have a kid because that's what a married couple does. Though her parents don't show much affection towards her, they're there for her when she needs them to be, which frankly, isn't quite often. Pepper believes she can hold her own, but one day she may find herself bottling up too many emotions.

At this point in time, Pepper's in college because she wants to understand genetic coding. She wants to help people, but she's also learning it for selfish reasons. She wants to understand if there is genetic predisposition to afflictions such as anger issues and other related mental or emotional disorders. However, she tries to focus on using that information to help others. It doesn't hurt along the way if she can use that for herself, right? She's not selfish... just resourceful.

With constant studying and photography, she has yet to understand what she truly wants out of life. She doesn't care for making friends or having a family in the future; it doesn't interest her. Getting to know someone is too much of a chore. She questions herself on why she feels this way but her indecisiveness keeps her from answering any questions she has about herself. Is it because she's too lazy to put in the effort or is she scared of getting hurt? Maybe both? Who cares, it doesn't matter. She's already lost contact with people from her past anyway. Just like she wanted.

Pepper gained her powers from the events of Be Somebody when she was working on photography in the downtown area. She since decided to take a gap year from her university to focus on relearning her body and her new ability.

Abilities & Skills
Superhuman Ability | Active Camouflage

Active camouflage gives her the ability to change the color and texture of her skin to match her surroundings. This is a genetic-based ability (thus, why she's intrigued by genetics). Like an octopus, she can contort and squeeze her body to fit into a reasonable object. With this ability comes a resistance to blunt force drama. For example, if she gets hit with a baseball bat, her body will simply contort around it instead of being crushed or damaged. She's young, and doesn't use her abilities much, therefore causing her to not know some of her powers yet. She hasn't learned that she can touch someone and camouflage them alongside her. She can contort a person but it will cause them immense pain. This ability is only used as a last resort. Likewise, she can alter one or two objects, but only camouflage.

Limitation(s) |
Her camouflage works well when she's still or moves slowly. However, when walking normally or fast, it comprises her ability to remain undetected. If her movement speed is high enough or the environment is changing quickly, her skin cannot follow or "sync" to her environment.

She can not be seen, but in some circumstances, she can be felt. Though she can contort, she cannot displace all of her mass to become an object. She adds to the scenery. Someone may recognize a bump in their reality depending on their position.

Her physical strength is compromised in its ability to resist force. She could be strong, but she doesn't have bones- instead her skeleton is made of cartilage. For instance, in a case where she is deadlifting a weight, if the weight is sufficiently heavy, her skeleton will bend or flex as she attempts to lift rather than maintaining a rigid structure.

Weakness(es) |
There is no solid, protective structure around her brain like a normal persons head. There's no bones to protect her vital organs in general. Bladed weaponry or firearms are capable of inflicting catastrophic harm to her even more so than a regular human.

Photography | She's great at photography due to her ability. She also has a photographic memory, which she can remember the look and texture of something in the memory and replicate it.

Bilingual | She can speak fluent English and Portuguese.

Supporting Cast

The title is me trying to sound intelligent enough to be here.

So yes, very new to this. I was introduced to it by my boyfriend because I was telling him that I wanted to get back into writing (he's on this religiously). I've written three plays and some short stories before (and tons of essays) so I have a bit of a handle on it. I'm that kid when deciding between doing only a few advanced algebra/statistics questions and writing a 10 page essay, I pick the essay.

Anyways, I love supernatural themes, mysteries, and cutesy stuff. I'm not looking for anything in particular, I just love creating characters. Maybe that has to do with me being a theatre kid? Who knows. I also love playing games, watching YouTube (sub to pewds), and rehearsing plays/doing homework cause that is all I have time for... and I need to enjoy it or I'll DIE.

Please give me any advice on how to navigate/post that isn't clear (which, honestly, to me, it's all of it).

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