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Taking control of his opponent’s spear and simultaneously closing the distance forced his foe to abandon his weapon. This was a good sign to Tojiko, it again showed the man had some form of wits. Tojiko still on the offensive, continued his rush forward in order to sever the man’s arm, although too slow. His prey successfully maneuvered its hand out the way all while motioning to attack with his left hand reaching for his sword. It would appear that Tojiko would be defenseless, but he led with his right foot when performing his own attack. It would be unusual to slash diagonally right to left while leading with his left foot—very uncomfortable. In order to defend himself once more and to put an end to this; Tojiko’s current motion would be performed fluidly, after failing to sever his opponents arms. The blade ascension climaxed at the solar plexus of his foe; he carried that momentum into a continuous motion.

He angled his blade to where the point faced the ground, leaning in closer so that his right shoulder hugged the flat side of the blade -the blade now carried over his shoulder much like someone carrying a sack - , rotating his right hip toward the opponent while spinning on the ball of his right foot. The blade running along his right side in the path of his opponents incoming attack effectively blocking and his body being the support he needed. His left foot already his supporting ground also motioned, dragging it along the ground as he rotated his right, his left heel leading as he dragged it now to be diagonal with his right . (180 block, putting the blade in blocking position)

Tojiko brought both wrist over his head, lifting his blade to push away his opponent’s weapon, turning his katana as it ascended to place it at the foes neck; all while he spinned on the ball of his left foot, bringing his right foot widely over with the toe being the lead. He insured he made eye contact with his foe by looking over his left shoulder. Once his blade leveled with his own left shoulder when bringing it over his head during the rotation -still at the right side of his opponent’s neck- Tojiko pull back on the blade, slicing in order to sever a major artery in the neck. This entire motion was simply a 360 where he blocked and attempted to attack in one continuous spin. Returning him to a modified form of his original stance with his left leading, more of his weight on his back foot and his blade closer in guard.

As priory mentions Seigan No Kamae was a common stance that allowed for the blade to return to the starting point with haste. It was also is favorite stance.

You over thinking guy. I’ll admit your post gave me quite the issue do to lack of detail. It was really hard for me to understand what was really happening because you used vague descriptions; “a little higher than before” and other shit, but I just pressed on. Your Feint is not easily “predicted” I didn’t even predict it, I acknowledge it in the narrative, but the character would complete his step after your feint, all while performing the parry. How?

```With a surprisingly quick maneuver, the old warrior feinted an upwards attack with the spear```
undisclosed attack that goes up but it doesn't. That's an action. I can act here, but even so it’s never stated where the head of ya spear is. The origin of your feint is not stated

``` in the process raising the weapon a little higher than it had been before```
This has to happen after the feint. That means the feint is an whole other action in itself which allows the spear to be suspended before being elevated. I complete my step at this moment, placing me passed the head, the metal bar would hit me instead. Since I completed my step after your feint, I can literally just see where ya spear is and move my blade there all while simultaneously moving forward.

Btw, boxers and other martial artist peek through feints all the time, I just step forward with you at a slower rate, my blade is already in a defensive position from my last post so I didn’t have to do much. Ya hand thing, see it wasn’t stated clearly when ya hand would be removed from it.

“”By performing this attack, however, he let go of the spear with his left hand, which went to the side of his body.””

It’s odd enough you put this detail at the end of the post and not at the beginning of the attack. I imagine you post details in sequential order, I see it says by performing this attack. So I wanted to assume it was at the beginning of the attack, but shit it could have been at the end of the attack.
I wasn’t gonna argue in ya next post if you said your hand had already been removed. Although I can’t say my post is hard to read considering it has every detail in it. Shit I may have actually missed something though lol. Yet to clarify;

1. Tojiko sees you step, when you step you feint (he does not know this is a feint, I never say he knows this)
2. Witnesseing your incoming attack he starts to step forward and begans to parry. I have no idea the origin of your attack. You say an upward attack but how low is the blade originally, so I have to take things into my own imagination. Even if it’s a feint, the spear is still there I can interact with it before your actual attack. Thus what I did, stepping passed the feint, moving my blade to put ya spear on my left side. This pretty much stops ya actually attack because of a we’ll designed feint. Just because it’s is a feint does not mean I can’t do anything, it put me in no danger, even in my last post I said one chance was all he needed get close and get passed the spear head.
3. Here is when you would do your attack but since I stopped that, do you still remove your hand? Cause it would never go into motion? That’s why I wish you would have said when.
4. After parrying the rest should be easy, bringing the spear up and over my head as I rush in. placing it on my right side, pinned because my body south be on the left side of the shaft and my sword the right. Than I get to you and aim for both your arms cause I wasn’t sure when you let go of the spear, but what I do know is ya other hand gonna have to let go, or you finna lose it.
It seems his opponents finally would take the chance given to him, this made Tojiko smile. He usually took the initiative in fight, but he wanted to test his own defenses. Focused allowed for his senses to be instep with his enemy. At the moment his foe took the forward motion to initiate his feint, Tojiko would not hesitate to take a well paced step forward, also timing the completion of his step just as the spear reached a certain height. By insteping with his opponents, this would affect the end point of where the head of the spear would end. Tojiko was ready to counter, completing his instep after the false action in order to be pass the head of the spear. This place the spear head on his left side leveled with his shoulder, but what connected with him would be the shaft of his opponents weapon. Simultaneously while stepping forward he moved his own sword in a fashion where he needed to lift his shoulders and rotate his wrist. His left shoulder being the support , the flat side of his blade pressed against it as he held it in a downward diagonal fashion, the tip of his blade now pointed at the ground as he now rushed forward, bring his opponents actually attack to stop. His left elbow locked close to his body and his right horizontally faced outward. The enemy would still have both hands on the weapon at this point.

Tojiko positioned himself lower as he closed the distance. He raised the blade up and over his head and with it the spear would follow through. A single fluid transition placing it on his right side and leaving it pinned under his blade and between his body with hope that head of the spear would be forced to the ground. Now in striking range; his blade ascended once more, attacking front his right to left in a diagonal motion. The swift slashed aimed to sever both arms of his foe at the center of the forearm. The entire assault was comparable to waves crashing than rising them over the mountain head and bringing it back down, only to rise again. Tojiko often flowed his defense with offence, he was like water.
College aye what can I say. I’ll post soon
In a fight already I don’t cross thread often
How annoying, the man had some form of wits, with a polearm it was best to play a ranged game. Allowing for Tojiko to get close would be troublesome considering he did not know much about his skill. Tojiko found this to be a good breakdown of the current situation.

“Well guess he isn’t all shoulders, he may have a mind in that cranium of his. I don’t wanna kill him, I share no malice, but I do intend to show him the gap between skill. I would be surprised if he proved me wrong.”This thought echoed in the confines of his mind.

He decided to feed into his opponents game for now, Tojiko didn’t mind if they just stared at each other for hours on end, but he was hoping for some form entertainment. Yet he inches forward, heel than toe shuffled on the surface, his back foot followed, never actually putting one foot in front of the other. He slowly closed the distance while keeping the Integrity of his form. He stood just outside of the polearms range. If the other would have extended his arm it was possible to hit Tojiko. Now this close he held his bearing, two warrior who had the calmest of minds when in combat. They were both patient, the wind became still and the leaves that flowed upon its current dropped.

He closed his eyes, his foe now drawn onto the inside of his eyelids, no one else matter but Tojiko and this advisory. He had purposely put himself in his opponents range, if his foe didn’t take this chance he may just regret it. Tojiko, only needed to effectively dodge or parry this man’s spear one time in order to meet his advisory at his weakest point, up close and personal. Again, Tojiko waited, although now more ready than ever.

The man was definitely full of brass, he exuded confidence. So much that it made Tojiko laugh, humans were entertaining to a degree, weather it be intentional or not. He found that they were able to fulfill his need of communication that were not beat from the Emptiness. He wouldn’t mind carving this man’s ego down a bit, but the warrior spoke with honor. It was something Tojiko could respect, the others words carried weight. Not only that, but was a representation of himself. He spoke of warriors not being gifted, but skilled. Through dirt and mud, hard work and relentless effort. The means to be resilient was there greatest ability. Tojiko could relate, he himself trained for many years to obtain his plato. Maybe gifted was the wrong term, assuming one was born someway or just given talent.

“I’ve never heard bone pop so naturally, usually you human fall over dead after dislocating the neck. You seem to be a tier above the rest.” He responded to the man’s proposal. It’s been years since he has got to use his black sword, from his foes equipment he appeared to be not just spearman, but a swordsman. A crossed classed individual, much like himself. He never thought he would be sharing similarities with a mortal, to show his respect he intended not participate in the affair. Gentle he lifted his right hand to eye level, just below his brow. His fingered extended out, Tojiko finger’s slowly curled forming a grip around the hilt of a ebony blade that materialized seemingly from nothingness.

His free hand gently followed from the guard to the point of the blade, in its wake the shade of the blade shifted into a silver sheen. Timing the blade slightly the sun reflected off his blade, his ocean colored iris being just as bright. Lowering his blade to take a traditional stance with his katana. His right hand the lead and his left the following support, the stance common in the eastern seas as Seigan No Kamae . His right foot the lead and his left the support with short spacing for quick movement.The tip of the blade angled just at his opponents throat, held out a fist length away from his own hip, allowing for him to use the blades effectively. A more so defensive stance, a calming one that requires focus and for the blade to always return to its starting point with haste. He rotated the blade slight to his own right, ready to receive his foe. In terms of range, Tojiko was lacking his blade only being 27 inches. "Well than, are you gonna sand there or are you going to show me the skill you worked to hard to master?"
“Uninterested.” He uttered for the the incountable time. The raven haired idol was growing bored. What exactly was he not interested in? Opponents that could not challenge him. Tojiko, the spirit banished from his master's side, pushined to never walk the earth again unless through a doll. His physical form stripped away, now appearing as no more than a ball of light when outside his vessel.

“Toji, you haven’t done anything in the last hundred years. Usually you are more, I don’t know..productive.” Voiced a pumpkin colored harpy. She mounted the air just above his head as he walked to the coliseum. Tojiko definitely had been taking a break from fighting, although not out of want, just a lack of interest. He has been alive for countless years, unable to surely die. Even if his vessel is destroyed he will return to the spirit realm where he will craft a new. A phoenix cycle he has grown tired of. Just like fighting opponents who had nothing to offer him. There wasn’t much he had not seen, techniques he hadn't known. He was walking history book in the martial arts, so those who caught his eye were rare, but today was the day he would meet that individual.

A prophecy foretold by the Rune Of Fortune, he would soon come to meet a worthy adversary in swordsmanship. A very strict prophecy, someone who may just best him in the arts of weaponry, he could always resort to using his runes, but he enjoyed handicapping himself to truly test his own abilities. “Are you even listening to me? Helllloooo!?” The beast positioned itself next to his ear screaming into it as it i was a vast cave with echoing layers. Tojiko sighed finally giving her the attention she so desperately wanted.

“Garuda, you are starting to annoy me, Im starting to like Harper more than you at this point. She knows when to shut up.” His words lacked volume as if he was whispering,, naturally he was soft spoken unless irritated. Although these words were jestered, Garuda took them to heart. She motioned her wings heavily to propell Tojiko forward suddenly with such force it was comparable to someone being ejected from a car seat through the front windshield. His body crashing through the western entrance of the coliseum, as the gust of tornado like winds carried him brutally to the arena center. He lied face down letting out a long sigh. It was never good to piss off a demon from the World Of Emptiness.

He turned his head too look in her direction, to no surprise she had vanished, not back to her home realm but possibly somewhere far away. It happened often, she would get upset with him and fly off and he would literally spend a year searching for here when he could easily make her return with his abilities, but it was a respectful way to say sorry and find her naturally by following that scattered feathers she left behind.

He stood up, his back to the man who was already present, Tojiko may not be who this man was looking for, but he could not say the same. “I’ve come here everyday for the past year…” His words paused as the wind curved effortlessly to his will, removing the dirt from his garments. Appearing unarmed as he turned to face his potential adversary. “A prophecy in stone foretold of me crossing quite the gifted warrior here. Although every time I come here, no one is here, or they are already fighting. May I ask...are you a gifted warrior?” From Tojiko appearance alone it was easy to tell he was not of this time and inhumane. The horns that perturbed from his head was comparable to Satan.

Did not build a character for Knightly setting. So ill be fighting with only my sword in its negate mode. I built it for TZ, which uses supernatural abilities like idk fire manipulation, wasn't expecting this. I removed the majority of my equipment listing.

Inhumane Vessel: Negated for now, can die from being stabbed and shit, considering the situation, I don't want you making a whole new character cause I'm too lazy to make another one for this tier.

Millennia Mind: Hiken-Tsubame Gaeshi is busted against your character so I wont be using

@RiDaku Thankyou for your support :)
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