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7 mos ago
Current TMW when the co-writer for your novel bails and you have to start over...again
8 mos ago
What's a lonely dude to do on a week night? Either find a brothel or go to RPG...though one could argue they are one in the same.
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8 mos ago
Don't do as you're told! Rage against the dying of the light!
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8 mos ago
Who got a job [points at self] this guy did! Is it a good job? No! Does it pay well? No! So why did we take it? I have no clue....
8 mos ago
Some of you people scare me....


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@Nikolai I'll PM you, I didn't see your response for some reason.
Hello! [sets out tray of brownies] Thanks for stopping by. I'll update this periodically as my interests and moods shift. If you're not a romance person I am not the person for you. Not that I can't RP other ideas I just need the romance to keep the story interesting for myself.


Deserted Island RP
Arranged Marriage (any time period)

Harry Potter
Hunger Games
Ready Player One
Resident Evil
Metal Gear Solid
Mass Effect
Lord of the Rings
1x1 has a lot of stigma behind it, but if you just make your own post stating what you want and expect, there should be no issue.

There is an advanced section though.

What's the stigma???? Am I falling into a stereotype trap???
Sadly, I don't have to work for a while. But I think I'll start with 1x1s.
So what's recommended for an experienced writer but not necessarily RPer, 1x1 or group RPs?
It should be you guys running from me -evil grin- Don't let my devilish good looks and boyish charm fool you.
Now to find some RPs
I know this is really old but if you're still looking for a partner let me know...don't let the new user thing fool you...I am a master of...stuff....
I find myself with a lot of free time lately.....hello.
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