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Current Well whatever works
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@LittleMouse I'd get Sai instead. Adobe is kinda butt sometimes, from what I gather
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Started BotW. King Rhoam goes "I think you're ready" but I'm still repeatedly sheathing my weapon mid-combat
2 days ago
Pat and Woolie predicted Elden Ring in their Dark Souls LP when they said "Chosen Undead Sven"
5 days ago
stg whenever I'm up past 3 a.m. my dog leans up and stares at me for a few seconds like she wants me to go tf to sleep
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I believe I have a case of (mild) psychogenic dysphagia. I have no idea if it was triggered by some bad experience, but back when I was a kid there was a time when all I could bring myself to eat was stew and soup (any soft food, basically). To this day, I have to eat slow and have a really hard time with pills no matter how small they are.
It feels like I've been having a new health problem every week. First I started having a hard time breathing, then it felt like my resting heart rate was too fast, and now both my ears feel weird. I think something is inflamed, but whether it's from allergies or an infection is beyond me right now. Send help.
Skyrim was the first game that I really got into. Before that I used to play Pokemon and Super Mario Bros, not much else. It's fun dunking on Skyrim these days since it is flawed, but it's what I play when I don't want to think too hard. Fallout: New Vegas was my second big gaming experience, and hooo boy. Used to be legitimately terrified of the feral ghouls.
wasn't my thing until I got into Hotline Miami u __ u;
Hello, finally decided to give this place a shot after knowing about it for a while...

I go by Truant (after House of Leaves) and mostly do 1x1s or 2x1s, as I write pretty slowly and can get overwhelmed by large groups. Aside from RPing, I enjoy playing a good variety of video games; the Soulsborne games have been a huge personal favorite and I've come a long way from my +10 Raw Astora Straight Sword days.
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