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There once was a man from Peru, who dreamed he was eating his shoe. He woke with a fright, in the middle of the night, to find that his dream had come true.

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The air was different here. This wasn't normal, the autumn dimension's air always had a distinctly crisp feel to it. The last thing Gourdsworth could remember was enjoying some apple cider at the harvest festival. Where was he? How much time had passed since then?

Up ahead, a group of scarecrows were making their way into a tavern. At last, the comfort of familiarity! But as he moved closer, the relief began to fade. These creatures did not seem to be scarecrows. Their posture was much too consistent, their straw didn't slosh around their bodies, and some of them donned very exotic colors, ones which Gourdsworth had never seen. However, he could think of no other creature from his land that they could be.

Gourdsworth shook his head. He couldn't have fear. He was Gourdsworth! Conquerer of The Great Patch! Wielder of The Hallowed Scythe!

He approached the tavern, and addressed the strange crowd. "Beings! I am The Pumpkin Lord! I demand safe re-entry to my land!"
how am i supposed to feel good about myself
Another one of these?

Name: Gourdsworth: The Pumpkin Lord

Nickname: Gourdsworth

Age: 839

Gender: Male

Species: Scarecrow

Powers: He can bring sentience to any autumnal crop, and have them serve him.

Skills: Bringing fear to his enemies.

Weakness(es): Fire

Crush: None

From(OC, movie, game, book, tv show, etc): OC

Personality: He is always very sure of himself. He also can appear to be mildly evil.

Bio(optional): He comes from the Autumn dimension, where he reigns over the 9 pumpkin kingdoms. He has fought in numerous battles, due to the great crop war, which has brought much chaos to his land.


Likes: Anything having to do with Autumn

Dislikes: Any mention of a different season. He would take it as a challenge.

Other(anything else you would like to add?):
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Who would win: a strawberry field or a big cactus?
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just by some coincidence that's a band. I honestly didn't know that before
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Who would win a fight: a sentient snowman or a flock of seagulls?
a cockle


neighborhood watch guy
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when will you go back to BSD mascot
Roald Dahl

First of all, you want to say Ronald, but your tongue has to do this gymnastics in the middle of the word instead so you don't ever actually say "n".

Then Dahl of course, you want to say Doll but instead you have to hover on the "ah" for a bit so it's really tricky
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