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Current Sorry for my absence. I'm back now but I go under a new name, Ambra. If you wanna RP with me again just search me up!
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I'm back~
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Sorry, I'm busy atm. I'd really appreciate if someone else starts...
Yeah, maybe Guilty or Various can start.
I tried to do that but my post got wiped. :(
You don't have to. XD

Also guys, mind if someone else starts? I almost had the first post up but then my brother went and closed the tab to be spiteful. -_-

Your charrie can be friends with one of mine. Take your pick.
Alicornia needs love too.
Hey guys,

Sorry I didn't inform of you sooner. I knew I told you guys I would probably come back when I felt better, but honestly, I got tired of this plot. I mean, I worked so hard on it on Iwaku, and then people went and left for no reason. I guess that sort of ticked me off... but I saw how much Chex and Crow and Ananfal liked it, so I tried to resurrect it here to make them happy. Unfortunately, I was burned out, especially with the sitaution at home. So yeah, I'm not the GM anymore... but damn, Crow is pretty good at filling the role, and you should follow them instead of me. Just because I left doesn't mean the RP has no hope.

I hope we'll RP soon.
Finished my second form, am going to try and work on the first post now.

Also, I'm putting a restriction on any more House Gryphes members. Like damn. Too many. XD
I'm going to try it today. I'm just finishing my second sheet, and after that, I'll start it (maybe). If you guys are really eager to start, you can start. :D
Yeah that sounds like a pretty sweet idea. Who wants to do that?
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