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I was hoping it wouldn't die either, which is part of why I posted.
Rex walked through the city, very clearly with a purpose as he moved forward, avoiding who he could, but not caring if he bumped into anyone. He had a hoodie on, and was wearing the hood, not wanting to be recognised if he could avoid it. He walked too fast for anyone who yelled at him for bumping into them to do anything.

He finally slowed down as he got closer to where he needed to be. He pulled back his hood to look around more easily, showing his face to anyone close enough. A nearby woman wearing very revealing clothes, and lots of make up approached him, rubbing her hand along his arm, “Hey there, you lookin’ for a good time?” She asked with a slightly forced grin, and Rex stared at her for a moment, his expression not hiding that he wasn’t in the best of moods, but he still gave her the kindest answer he could think of in that moment, “Fuck off.” He said very sternly, and she backed away as he took a slow glance around before getting into the building she was standing in front of.

There was an elevator, but he only needed to get to the second floor, and decided the stairs would probably be faster, especially since he knew this wasn’t the kind of building with lots of effort put into maintaining it. His mind was entirely focused on business, and what he had to. He slowed down toward the end of the stairs, making sure he remembered everything he had to. He continued moving at a slow pace as he got to room 216.

He knocked on the door, and said nothing, staring right at the peephole before the door opened, slowly walking inside, greeted by a man smiling slightly, and holding a pistol, “We’ve got him, boss.” Was all the man said as Rex walked forward, pulling out his own pistol, and aiming it toward the man on his knees while two other Guardians looked toward Rex, “You boys wait outside.” Rex said, and they obeyed, moving at a quick, but controlled pace.

Rex stared at the man for a moment, continuing to aim his gun at his head, and the man started to get up, “Stay on your knees, Henry.” Rex said quite commandingly, but also very calmly. Henry obeyed, and looked into his eyes nervously, beginning to speak a moment later, “They gave m-“ He started, but Rex quickly put his finger to his lips to signal him to be quiet, and he listened, getting even more nervous. Rex then moved even closer, and smiled a bit, looking right back into his eyes, and putting his gun back into his pants, “I’m not going to shoot you.” He said, and Henry sighed in relief, smiling as well, “Thank you. Thank you so much.” He said in response.
“You are going to tell me everything, though, aren’t you?” Rex asked, not moving his hand away from his gun just yet.
“Yes. Yes, of course. I’m so sorry. I-I-I just, I, um,” He said, his breathing getting a bit heavier again, “Can I, uh,” He began to say, pointing toward a chair, and Rex looked at him a bit angrily now, “You’re staying on your knees unless you want me to change my mind.” He said very sternly, “You want forgiveness, after all, don’t you?” He asked, and Henry nodded, “Good. Now tell me everything.” He added further, and Henry smiled slightly as he thought about what he was going to say, “Well, they offered me a really good deal, and a few of my guys were already pretty connected with them. I know I said I wouldn’t buy from anyone else, and I’m so sorry. I really am. But I’m a businessman, you know that. I’m not a gang guy, or a thug, or any of that. Just a businessman. I’m not with them, I swear. I’m not going to hurt The Guardians. You guys have been good to me, I like you all. This was all a mistake.” He said, partially trying to convince himself of some of it.
“You’re right about some things, Henry. We were good to you. Very good. Apparently not good enough for you to keep your word, though.” He said, and clenched his jaw slightly for a moment, looking very serious now, “And you see, I’m not a businessman, like you are. I work in words, and actions, not money. Money doesn’t mean much to me. There are so many things greater than it, and I certainly answer to something much greater.” He said with a grin as he looked up for a moment, then back down, “The Hand of God is here, Henry.” He added, grinning wider as Henry’s eyes widened, staring at him in shock.
“No, no. Please no. I’m so sorry. So very sorry. He doesn’t need to be here.” He said, pleading as much as he could, continuing to ramble as Rex moved closer to him before taking a big step forward, and kicked him right in the jaw, practically lifting him off the ground for a moment, rushing toward him before he could recover, and gripping his throat firmly with his right hand, beginning to squeeze the life out of him as Henry attempted to pull his arm off, not even close to successful in doing so as Rex leaned forward, and looked right into his eyes, “You’re a piece of shit, Henry. You should be honoured that I came all this way for you instead of letting those other guys tear you apart. I’ve been good to you. We’ve all been good to you, and yet we’re apparently not good enough. Is that how this is?!” He yelled loudly, and Henry frantically shook his head, his face becoming very red from his struggle as Rex continued to choke him for several more seconds before slowly moving his hand away, and starting to get up, Henry about to do so as well, “Stay on the fucking floor!” Rex yelled at him, and Henry stopped moving, making an attempt to speak for a moment, but deciding against it because of the pain in his jaw, “Put your hand right here. Knuckles up.” Rex said, pointing to a spot on the ground. Henry listened without giving much thought to it, mostly focused on his pain on his neck, and jaw, using his other hand to try to comfort himself.

Rex stared at him for a moment, then looked down at his hand, and before Henry could react, stomped down on it hard with his boot, causing Henry to scream as loud as he could despite his dislocated jaw. He moved toward Rex’s leg instinctively, looking up at him, his eyes begging for him to move away, and he responded by press down even harder, causing another loud yell, “You have no idea how lucky you are, Henry. I’m giving you one more chance. One more.” He said, and finally removed his boot from Henry’s hand as he began to sob, and whimper, holding his hand, and staring at the damage, “But if you fuck up one more time, you get no more chances. I’ve been too nice to you, but I promise, if you do anything I don’t like ever again, you’ll be begging for a bullet through your skull before I’m through with you. Do you understand?” He asked, and Henry nodded frantically.

Rex stared at him for a moment more before finally walking away, and getting out of the apartment, making sure to be quick about it now, “Get out of here, boys.” He said to the three armed men who had been waiting for him earlier. They moved swiftly, knowing that the yelling must have gotten some attention, but Rex moved a bit slower, nodding toward the woman who had spoken to him earlier. She was shaking slightly as he looked at her, but didn’t move, and he just put his hood over his head, and began walking away, going fast at first, but slowing down to seem less suspicious, being more careful about not bumping into people this time.
I'm doing alright. I finally got another post done, so I'm glad about that.
Gorik looked around a bit, occasionally glancing toward some of the food. Part of him felt hungry, but he didn't want to eat. He continued to watch the demonstrations as they went on, but constantly looked around as well, remaining very aware of his surroundings. After several of them were done, a dwarf woman stopped close to him, and began speaking. It caused him to become very tense for a moment, but her words gave a very slight comfort, and he just nodded slightly as she went toward the stage.

A short while later, Gorik noticed that many people seemed to be reacting unpleasantly as the psychomancy teacher appeared to be giving her demonstration. Gorik wondered why nothing seemed to be happening to him, but had no complaints about it being the case, just making sure to keep an eye on everyone in case something happened.

As the events continued, an angry woman came toward the front, apparently to kill the psychomancy teacher, which made Gorik realise that his worries were much more necessary than he thought they might have been. No one had any obvious reason to go after him, but he also knew that could easily change, especially with the amount of alcohol in the room.

Finally after a while, everything seemed to be done. Gorik had already begun to move toward the exit as he got the sense that it was finishing, Uicle’s words proving him right as he mentioned how the students should get to their rooms. The golems were quite strange, but Gorik felt more trust toward them than most of the students for some reason, likely something to with them not being made of flesh. He moved toward one of them, and spoke nervously, “I am G-Gorik. Gorik Zornoth. I’d like t-to go to m-my room. P-please.” He said, almost pleading, wanting to leave before too many others came around.

His breathing became heavy as he looked around before following the golem, arriving in his room before anyone else, but unsure of who else might be with him. He looked all around the room, wanting to see if there was anything noticeably out of place, or suspicious, and eventually laid down on a bed, tired, but not close at all to sleep due to his mind racing wildly about everything that had happened, and could happen. It was all so strange, and very scary in many ways.

Everyone here had powers of some sort, some of them, mostly the teachers, incredibly skilled with them. Gorik knew they could likely kill him very easily if they wished to. They could do nearly anything they wanted to, and he had little reason to trust them other than being told to listen to them by the foreas who had brought him there.

He continued to just think in the bed, constantly moving around, not able to find a position that remained comfortable for long enough. Everything worried him. This was all new. Some of it was pleasant in its own way. He could have had more food, or more to drink, and maybe the bed wouldn’t be so uncomfortable if his mind wasn’t racing, but it was, and it was causing him to break into a sweat despite having no blankets on him at the moment.

After several minutes, he slowly grabbed one of the blankets, and held it close to him, finding some comfort in it. He could hear the steps of others walking through the halls, some being very loud with talking, and such as well. It was very scary in its own way, and yet the moments of silence were too. Nothing seemed right, but he didn’t know what he could do, or where he could go, slowly getting out of the bed as his nervous energy overwhelmed him, and he began pacing around the room, hoping to find some kind of answer.

Shortly after, he heard a golem just outside his door say something about arriving at the right room, and Gorik rushed back into the bed, deciding to pretend to be asleep to avoid any contact with whoever it was, listening as much as he could, just in case they tried something. He occasionally opened his eyes when he could tell they weren’t looking, constantly glancing until they seemed to fall asleep.

After a short while more, he slowly, and quietly got out of his bed again, starting to pace around the room once again, but making sure to be quiet now. Realising it only made him far more nervous to need to be so quiet, he slowly walked toward the door, opening it as quietly as he could, walking out into the hallway, looking around frantically before sitting on the floor with his back to the wall in a corner spot that he hoped no one would find him in. He looked around once more before moving his legs closer to himself, and wrapping his arms tightly around them, his head facing down for the moment, trying to remain aware of the noise, but his thoughts continuing to take more, and more of his attention.

Once he finally realised he wasn’t under any threat as he sat alone in the hallway, tears began to form. Everything still felt so scary, even if nothing bad was happening at this moment. His mind began to wander back toward the past, everything that had happened before feeling so much nicer, and safer than this in his mind. He began sniffling slightly as the tears continued to flow, but did his best to stay quiet, feeling more alone than he had in a long time. He knew no one, and didn't know if he could really even trust anyone. His body became very tense as he continued to think, squeezing his legs very tightly, feeling his whole body shaking.

After several hours, his tiredness forced him toward some degree of calmness. He could see out the corner of his sight through a window, and morning seemed to be coming. He crawled closer to the window a few steps, then just laid down on the floor, his body worn out from all the stress, practically collapsing because of it, the floor feeling far more comfortable than it normally would. His mind stopped wandering for a moment, and that was all he needed to finally fall asleep, not that it was likely to last very long.
Strago felt a large mix of emotions in him at first while he was in the Kolto tank. He was angry at Jayda for what just happened, Thalia for making him be here, and the Sith for capturing him, but at the same time, he had seen Calista there, which brought a certain degree of pleasantness. At least she wasn't suffering at this moment, though the fact that she was there at all reminded him that she must have at some point before, and he didn't know how the other Jedi were doing either.

He could tell no Sith was influencing his mind at the moment, but the combination of everything that had happened was able to get to him. The emotions grew further, and his body tensed, causing some pain to surge through him for a moment, and bringing the realisation of how much he was letting things get to him. This wasn't like him, and it wasn't right, but it was happening without a Sith even influencing his mind, something that served to make it even worse.

This isn't the time for this. The Sith will not break me. The Force will guide me. He thought to himself. It took a long time of thinking to truly begin calming himself, but it was able to get there slowly, now finally allowing his mind, and body to relax.

Once he was calm, he closed his eyes, and began to meditate, focused entirely on connecting with the Force, allowing the Kolto to heal him rather than doing it on his own. There was very noticeable, and strong darkness on the ship, almost overwhelming him for a moment as he let his mind go very freely toward the Force, but he pushed through it, going past what was physically around him, Calista's light aiding him in doing so at first.

He began to feel the light more, and more, calming him further, giving all of himself to the Force now. It caused him to lose his attachment to his mind, and body for the moment, along with all the negative that came with it.

Moments later, it was warm. No thoughts, no other feelings, just a calming warmth. Strago knew he was safe in this moment without even needing to think about it, but that moment could only last so long. It took time, but eventually his thoughts came back to him. They reminded him of where he was, and the whole situation, but he was able to let it be. The worries, the anger, the sadness, and disappointment, it all had faded. He knew it would be back, but it didn't scare him. Not right now. The Force was with him, and it needed him to be strong. The other Jedi needed him to be strong. There was no burden, or fear attached to it, it was simply what had to be.

Over time, the positive feelings faded slightly as well, but they were there much more than before he had entered. Strago remained quite relaxed as he finally opened his eyes once more, looking around the medical area. Part of him was tempted to try to escape, but he brushed the thought from his mind as he just watched the droids, medical personnel, and others move around. Some of the glanced at him occasionally, but they mostly seemed to ignore him.

He had considered healing himself to make the process go faster, but decided against it, wanting to have as much energy as possible for whatever might come next, and hoping it meant he could stay in there a little longer. He was enjoying the time to think, and relax, not feeling threatened enough by anyone nearby to really worry. He knew that if the Sith wanted him dead, he would be already, an odd comfort in its own way.
I feel like I could have made the post better, but I'll just give a bit more information in the future when it feels more fitting to do so.
William looked across the table at the large figure in front of him. Imposing, scary, yet quite friendly at times, "So can you finally tell me how it all started, Rex?" The young man asked.
"You know I don't know everything, right?" Was the response he got, only making him more curious.
"Well what do you know?" He asked again, leaning forward slightly this time.
"I don't think you realise just how little I know." The larger man added seriously before smirking slightly, "But you really want to know, don't you?"
"Do I look like I've changed my mind?" William asked as he leaned forward even more, grinning this time.
Rex looked away for a moment in thought, then back toward William, his jaw clenched slightly, and a much more serious, and sad look in his eyes, "Most people don't realise all the crazy shit Alistair has been through, but I'll tell you some of what I know." He said, then took a deep breathe before continuing, "He was pretty young when things started. He was a 'good kid' for a while, I guess you could say. Went to church, helped people, all that. He didn't really have too many friends, though, so some pricks from the old gang around this area, The Sharks, or something like that, they used to mess with him sometimes. He was kind of tall, but more lanky like you, so he didn't look very scary." He said, looking over William, and taking a sip of water before continuing, "Well they weren't very kind thanks to that, as you could imagine. I know you've seen a lot of those kinds of guys, pretending to be men when they're just assholes hiding behind guns. We've got some of them ourselves, but I try to keep them in their place." He said, and looked around the room slightly, making sure no one else was around, laughing a bit.

After a moment, Rex looked back toward William, and began to speak again, "Back to Alistair, though. He took a lot of crap just because he was an easy target, so he decided to join up. It didn't do much, but it seems like he learnt a lot from it, judging by what he told me. Those pieces of shit did fucking everything, though. Prostitution, drugs, gambling, whatever they could just for money, then rape, murder, and random shit to whoever they could find just for fun. He did a lot more of it than he likes to admit, but he's nothing like that any more. You can trust me on that. It's part of why he left, or at least he says it is. I believe him. Whether you do, or not, I don't know.

Anyway, after a few years when he did leave, he didn't go alone. A lot of other people agreed with his way of doing things. A little respect can go a long way. Nobody who wasn't involved in that stuff wanted The Sharks around, so they went down pretty fast. Alistair's new group went through a lot of different phases, but they put a lot more focus on taking care of people, especially their own. We still stick by that, as you know. They got really into drugs for a while, though. Some people think they made him crazy, but I know he's right about a lot of what he says, even if he is a bit crazy. Obviously I'm not alone there. It's why you're here, and a lot of others are too. It's why people back in the day joined him too. He took everybody, so long as they believed in working toward something with him. The group got bigger, and I got involved around that time. I know I already told you enough of my story, so you know how the rest goes, pretty much." He said, and finally began to stand up from the table, "Maybe you'll get to be a big part of the story some day too, but I have some things I need to take care of now. If you've got the balls, you can ask Alistair about everything yourself too. I think he likes you enough." Rex added with a slight smirk as he put on his jacket, and walked out the room.
I can't tell if it's good, or it sucks, but it's an idea I had.

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