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4 mos ago
Current I've got 8 ideas in my idea-box, no more exams to worry about and a vacation on my doorstep! Please check them out!…
4 mos ago
Just had my final exam for the year and I've passed all of them, if only by technicality. That means it's time for a victory dance!…
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4 mos ago
Check out my concept thread and see if there's anything you think you'd like!…
4 mos ago
Exams on Saturday morning (Session with my friends for the rest of the day), Monday and Tuesday. I'm most certainly not ready for some of them, but overall I'm hopeful. : D


Just here for a good time, nothing more, nothing less. I love coming up with settings, but have a habit of going overboard on my hobbies, so I'll usually be looking/hoping to join one or two roleplays aside from running my own.

I've also jotted down some concepts I've been playing with and I'd be willing to work out if there's enough stated interest. So if there's anything in there you'd like me to run, or even if you want to collaborate with/help me as I make these things, leave a reply or shoot me a message!

As an alternative to RPGuild PMs or replying on the thread, you can add me on Discord! I'll usually be up for a chat and I love it when my ideas get attention. My user ID is "UndeadSpartan#0529"

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Sorry for being such a slowpoke about it, but I think it might be best if I were to bow out of this RP. I've been rather busy lately and find myself not checking the guild as often as I'd like... Or any of my other roleplaying communities for that matter.

So there's that. Sorry for taking up your time and for making you wait on me. I'll see myself out now.
I added 4 spells as a bit of an indication of how her magic works and expanded the onmyouji part of her abilities a bit. I hope it's good like this.

My apologies for my absence, I was suddenly dragged on a camping trip and only had occasional bursts of wifi. I'm back now though, so if it's not yet too late, may I ask specifically which parts of the abilities you'd like me to clarify?
I see, I see. Well at this point I'm mostly just theory-crafting and trying to figure out the basics of the magic system anyway, I'm not actually planning to shoot fireballs or get possessed. Quite on the contrary in fact, I figured I'd go with the keyword "Tranquility."

...Finding a nice image is hard though.
Say, what are the limits on ofuda talismans and how exactly will they work? Like, I imagine they'll only have a single use and there's a limit on how many you can carry on you, but additionally, what about things like summoning and fireballs? Can you have/(eventually) tame/summon a familiar? If you have a familiar, can you do something along the lines of letting it "possess" you, letting you draw on its power? Can ofuda be used to make fireballs and shoot them or would they be limited to combustion effects on whatever person/object they're applied to?
Right? Right!? ^-^
I'll just have to think of some of the coolest things I could do with Ofuda talismans!
I'd like to sign up, probably with an onmyouji because they're hella cool.

Haruhana Aoi & Kaijin

"You're kidding me? A big guy like you getting robbed? ...You should probably be a bit more careful, then. Not to be a pain about it, but your 'dragon' isn't very intimidating, especially not with a name like Crackers."

Not to be a pain about it, she'd said, but the shit-eating grin on her face as she put another strip of meat into her mouth was a clear indicator that Dante's earlier misfortune was nothing if not amusing, to her. Still, maybe she ought to give him a little advice on shoo-ing off the wrong kinds of people? Kaijin was a great repellent for just about anything that moved. Its name wasn't exactly encouraging either, and likely for those exact reasons she rarely had any troubles like getting robbed, herself. When she'd swallowed the meat, Aoi's expression turned serious and she looked Dante in the eyes.

"Security is sort of lax around the border towns, so you ought to be wary of thieves at all times. The guards are too busy staring across the river to properly enforce the law, it's like a cruel joke. Intimidation's probably your best bet to avoid getting robbed, no one wants to mess with a pokémon called 'Shredder,' 'Monster' or 'Predator."

Quite frankly, the same was true for Aoi; her Scyther was vicious and the name she'd given him was partially to remind herself of that fact. Luckily, Kaijin seemed to have dozed off by now, allowing her to continue giving her 'sagely' advice. "And you, Adrian was it? I'm not sure what you hope to find there, but isn't Adasto where Venirin's king rules? You picked a fine time to go there, with the war going on and whatnot... Then again, I suppose simply wandering around like I do isn't any better as a plan."
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