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11 days ago
Current I've got 8 ideas in my idea-box, no more exams to worry about and a vacation on my doorstep! Please check them out!…
11 days ago
Just had my final exam for the year and I've passed all of them, if only by technicality. That means it's time for a victory dance!…
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16 days ago
Check out my concept thread and see if there's anything you think you'd like!…
17 days ago
Exams on Saturday morning (Session with my friends for the rest of the day), Monday and Tuesday. I'm most certainly not ready for some of them, but overall I'm hopeful. : D


Just here for a good time, nothing more, nothing less. I love coming up with settings, but have a habit of going overboard on my hobbies, so I'll usually be looking/hoping to join one or two roleplays aside from running my own.

I've also jotted down some concepts I've been playing with and I'd be willing to work out if there's enough stated interest. So if there's anything in there you'd like me to run, or even if you want to collaborate with/help me as I make these things, leave a reply or shoot me a message!

As an alternative to RPGuild PMs or replying on the thread, you can add me on Discord! I'll usually be up for a chat and I love it when my ideas get attention. My user ID is "UndeadSpartan#0529"

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Haruhana Aoi & Kaijin

"You're kidding me? A big guy like you getting robbed? ...You should probably be a bit more careful, then. Not to be a pain about it, but your 'dragon' isn't very intimidating, especially not with a name like Crackers."

Not to be a pain about it, she'd said, but the shit-eating grin on her face as she put another strip of meat into her mouth was a clear indicator that Dante's earlier misfortune was nothing if not amusing, to her. Still, maybe she ought to give him a little advice on shoo-ing off the wrong kinds of people? Kaijin was a great repellent for just about anything that moved. Its name wasn't exactly encouraging either, and likely for those exact reasons she rarely had any troubles like getting robbed, herself. When she'd swallowed the meat, Aoi's expression turned serious and she looked Dante in the eyes.

"Security is sort of lax around the border towns, so you ought to be wary of thieves at all times. The guards are too busy staring across the river to properly enforce the law, it's like a cruel joke. Intimidation's probably your best bet to avoid getting robbed, no one wants to mess with a pokémon called 'Shredder,' 'Monster' or 'Predator."

Quite frankly, the same was true for Aoi; her Scyther was vicious and the name she'd given him was partially to remind herself of that fact. Luckily, Kaijin seemed to have dozed off by now, allowing her to continue giving her 'sagely' advice. "And you, Adrian was it? I'm not sure what you hope to find there, but isn't Adasto where Venirin's king rules? You picked a fine time to go there, with the war going on and whatnot... Then again, I suppose simply wandering around like I do isn't any better as a plan."
The one and only! The magnificent! ...Person!

The day after tomorrow (Monday, probably quite early for you guys), I'm going to continue the RP. Please drop another reply before then or I'll skip you guys. If for whatever reason you guys would want to skip a round or can't post due to circumstances, please tell me in the future so I can adjust to that.
I am here and I am interested! ...As you know :P
I've got a character pretty much thought out already, too.
I haven't yet, no. So far you're the only one who's voiced interest and my vacation's only just begun, so I'm only now really reaching a point where I'll have a lot of free time. Thanks for checking in though!
The number of concepts has jumped from 4 to 8 since I first posted it, which means that I doubled the amount of ideas in a single week... Not to toot my own horn, but since I'd otherwise have forgotten these things, I'd say it was worth the effort of writing these down.

I probably won't double the number of ideas again next week, but yknow, now that I have time, I can probably start on working things out a little further!

To anyone reading this, thanks for taking the time and hopefully I've managed to interest you with something. If not, that's understandable too. Either way, I'll post updates like these every week, and I'll be hoping you have a nice week in the meantime!

...If it's just me though, then I'll do my best to have a nice week myself until more people show up.

Over the last week, I've;
  • Created this thread
  • Written down Fate/Possessor
  • Written down Fate/Bizarre Adventure
  • Written down Modular Mecha
  • Written down Throne of the Monster King
  • Actually Posted the thread.
  • Added Relics: A Strange History
  • Added Aerda, Land of Turmoil
  • Added Apocalypse in Another World
  • Added Through the Gate

I'm always eager to hear feedback or ideas brought into being upon reading this thread. I know that as of yet the descriptions aren't more than a pretty bare summary, but hopefully that won't stop people from taking a look and thinking about these concepts regardless.

That's all from me for this week! Have a nice day/week/month/year/life!

Haruhana Aoi & Kaijin

"Keep it. I've got my own food and I honestly don't trust either of you."

Despite her cold words toward Dante's offer, Aoi watched curiously as Adrian beckoned his pokémon closer. It looked odd, to say at the least, but Dante's pokémon didn't look any less strange to her. Quite frankly, she'd never seen any pokémon quite like Carrie or Crackers before, but they did seem like they would be a lot easier to handle than Kaijin. Perhaps it was the absence of any sharp blades on their limbs, or perhaps it was simply because Carrie and Crackers actually seemed to be pretty docile. Either way, it made Aoi a little jealous, seeing Adrian and Dante be able to get along with their pokémon like that.

"So there's pokémon like that too..." Aoi muttered, mostly to herself. She plucked another bit of meat from her roast and stuffed it into her mouth, only to realize a moment later that she hadn't actually introduced her own pokémon yet, unless she were to count her earlier warning. Taking her time finishing the piece of roast she'd put into her mouth, Aoi eventually swallowed and got around to introducing her pokémon.

"Kaijin here is very fond of his personal space. He can be a bit mean, but so long as you just leave him be, he shouldn't bother you." Theoretically, anyway. If Kaijin for whatever reason decided he didn't like your face in particular, there would be little Aoi could do to stop him. Probably best not to mention that though, given that she'd rather not put her two "visitors" on edge when she couldn't very well go somewhere anymore, at this time. With that realization came a question though; why had Adrian and Dante been out in the wilds so late?

"...By the way, how come you guys are all the way out here at a time like this? Are you headed somewhere?"
Shareena Heartrender
Feasting Hall / Shula Castle
Interacting with:

Normally Shareena would've left this tournament for what it was, given that crowds always came with the risk of being recognized. Yet, with the tournament underway, many of the travelers she'd usually harass were capable combatants coming to Sher for the Firebrand Tourney, leaving her in a tight spot, money-wise. In the end Shareena had reached the conclusion that if she'd have to fight them anyway, she might as well do it in the tournament itself... But still, This stupid dress was so constrictive! She couldn't very well show up dressed like a bandit, but this was definitely one of those times that she regretted not having any simpler clothes. After running through her checklist one final time, Shareena joined the festivities in the feasting hall, somewhat reassured knowing that she was at the very least prepared.

As she stepped into the feasting hall with two seemingly identical Croagunks by her side, Shareena halted for a bit and sought a place to sit down. Much to her dismay, the crowd was even bigger than she'd anticipated, leaving nowhere even remotely calm. Resigning herself to being a part of the crowd, Shareena gestured for her pokémon partners to follow and headed for a table with a minimal amount of Sheran-looking people. Even if that was technically the group she belonged to, it was a people she'd broken off from years ago. The group most prominent at this table seemed to be the Hotaruans, though the only real evidence to support this conclusion was the overall red color that seemed to dominate the table.

With her own red dress, Shareena fit in pretty well. Still, she was quite clearly not Hotaruan, if the curly brown hair she'd tied into a ponytail and draped over her shoulder was any indication. On top of that, she seemed more like a spectator than a participant, carrying no armor or weapons of any kind on her. That part of the charade was probably her least favorite part, even if Sigunn was carrying her sword and axe under its illusion. Despite all the risks and the downsides though, there was one more thing beside the prize money that made this trip worth the effort; free food. Lots of it.
I see. I'm very sorry to hear that and I wish you the best of luck in the time ahead. Thanks for letting us know, at least.
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