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I have a demon that would suit your Mage x Demon idea perfectly. She's been due for some slight character revisions as it so happens and this also sounds like a good chance to do that too. Two birds with one stone :)
@Dragonite777It's entirely your call. PMs would probably be more convenient and would avoid clogging up the thread, but inversely doing it via this thread would up the post count in here and give off the illusion that people are interested, thus making the odds of drawing further interest higher.
I would be more than pleased to help build a world and such for this. Could also co-GM if you'll have me.
I've actually had an odd fantasy idea buzzing around in my head for a while. I initially wanted to make it a group RP, but for the time being it would probably be best to test the waters on it in the form of a 1x1. If you're interested, that is.
Sure, I'll bite. Been craving an original FxF lately and blah blah PM me if you're still looking for partners.
Giving this one more bump for the time being. Really craving the listed fandoms right now; just say "KanColle" or "Touhou" and you'll probably have me insta-sold at this point.



Welcome to RPG :) I'm UnendingEmpire, your glorious senpai emperor local deity friendly member saying hi and welcoming you to the website. We've got a lot of stuff to do here once you find your own little niche, so here's hoping you find it with ease :) any questions you've got can be directed to...well, anyone really. So if you have to ask something, don't worry. We don't bite 'round here.

Hope to see you on the forums! :D
Sure why not, I'll bump this one or two more times.
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