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my existential ennui seems to have carried over into 2021
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we all know you're just mass ghosting d:
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MeRrY cHrIsTmAs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111
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hi there, im sunny or sunflower <3 i may come off as a bit of a ditz ooc but i promise i RP well. o;

i try to reply every couple of days to once a week. i do work and im in school (although the semester is now over yayyy). c: i consider myself a high-casual to advanced RPer with like three-five paragraphs or longer depending how into it i get.

im a bit of a weirdo. my list here is a bit vague but i tend to play pretty fucked up characters. most of them will have issues of some kind like drugs or ED. i am over 18+ and expect my partners to be too...

my interests:
- 1x1 via PMs please
- romance - im down equally for MxF, FxF... i prefer to play females but i can pair with any other gender, incl. enby. i'd be down for MxM if you have a plot and REALLY want to!
- dark themes (drugs, EDs, mental illness, taboo, etc.)
- slice of life incorporating darker themes

possible pairings (my preferred role in bold):
- professor x college student
- photographer x model
- father/mother-in-law x daughter-in-law
- vampire x blood slave

these are just a few ideas but if you have something you'd like to play please PM me C:

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welcomeee, juicy! c:
welcome~ c:
welcome!! c:
@ur sunflower Hey, hi, thank you! I too stan the Grande.

I've probably listened to "break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored" about a thousand times at this point.

yaas! such a good song!!
hey, hi, welcome! c: im listening to Ariana Grande unironically because she has the voice of an angel and we stan
hey, hi, hello, welcome!! c:
welcome to RPG! c:
hello and welcome! c:
welcome!! c:
welcome~ c:
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