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Benjamin Weir, better known as “The Bastard'' by his subordinates, is 6’ 2” and 167lbs of lean, mean, vampire killing machine.

Depending on who you ask, he might be described as either “ruggedly handsome” or “rough around the edges.” His once jet black, now quickly greying, hair and full beard or often unkempt at best, wild and unruly at worst. His dark brown, don’t-fuck-with-me eyes, sharp features, and head-to-toe tattoos only serve to further contribute to his imposing demeanour - and that’s just the way he likes to be perceived.

Besides his tattoos - a mish-mash of pin-up girls, pop culture references, and cornucopia of anatomically incorrect skulls - The Bastard is covered in a horror show of scars, many he no longer remembers the story behind. There are two scars he will never forget though, and that is the dual lesions that mark where both of his wrists were broken the night he lost most of his team to an ambush.

The Bastard has a strict, function over fashion policy. His wardrobe consists of a few pairs of cargo pants, one pair of jeans, long underwear for the coldest months of the year, and several plain cotton long and short-sleeve shirts.


Benjamin, full name Benjamin Walter Weir, is the youngest of five. A born troublemaker, he wound up being the only child in his father's custody - once he was released from the custody of the Manitoba Youth Centre juvenile detention facility - after his parents divorce in his early teens.

Ben's father, an ex-cop, had no intention of introducing him to the world of the Night Runners until he reached adulthood, but when it became obvious that Ben needed something to occupy his time (besides drinking, fighting, and vandalism), his father made the choice to bring him into the fold as the youngest ever initiate into the secret vampire-hunting society at the age of 16.

Ben thrived as a Night Runner, easily adapting to a life of violent vigilante justice, and quickly rose through the ranks to become his father's second-in-command - much to the chagrin of the older, more experienced Runner's who had previously outranked him.

Over the years, Ben secured himself a reputation as a force to be reckoned with, a reputation that finally earned him the respect of his fellow Runners, and he eventually took over his father's role as their leader when age finally crept up on the old man.

It was under Ben's watch that the Night Runners were dealt their deadliest blow in recent history. A betrayal from within, a threat not yet identified, lead to the deaths of many of the Night Runners top hunters, the destruction of their base of operations, and a near-crushing blow to the morale of the survivors. Some gave up the fight that year, leaving their ranks even further depleted. Ben, and those who chose to stick out the fight with him, set up a new base in a warehouse in Winnipeg's seedy industrial area, and took on a new mantra: destroy all enemies of the Night Runners, fuck the risks, fuck the cost, and above all else, fuck vampires.


Ben is all too aware of the risks associated with his chosen profession, and as such has a reputation for being a hard-ass - especially when it comes to new recruits. That being said, he has a genuine interest in preserving and protecting human lives. If you're a vampire, on the other hand, don't expect an olive branch from The Bastard - unless you're expecting it to be jammed into your ribcage.


Vein Braider & dioscuri

Winnipeg is known for its brutally cold winters, flourishing arts scene, diverse population, and being the murder capital of Canada. What it is not known for is being one of the top 10 destinations for vampires in North America - at least not by the general population.

We, however, are some of the fortunate (or perhaps unfortunate) few who is all too aware of Winnipeg’s growing vampire problem - a problem that is at its worst when the bone-chilling cold of winter settles in and the sun sets at 4:30 in the afternoon.

We are a Night Runners, some of only a few left in the city after last year’s unfortunate massacre, and it’s up to us and our surviving associates to keep the local population of bloodsucking fiends in check - if they don't get to us first.
Welcome to the RPG! I'm new to the site, too - so far it's been lots of fun!
Bumping because I just updated the living heck out of this bitch.
Oh, I'll do this! I like a lot of different shows, but I just started watching Trickster and I'm really enjoying it so far!
@Blackmist16Woah, the Canadians have all found me I see! Looks like there's quite a few of us on here haha.

Thank you, and same to you!
@Obscene SymphonyThank you! Team is a great song, I really enjoy Glory and Gore by Lorde, too.

I think this beautiful country deserves a little more fictional lip service than it gets!
Hello there!

I'm Vein Braider, a twenty-something-year-old woman from the Great White North, and this is my prompt-based 1 x 1 interest check.

First things first: What do I bring to the table, and what do I expect from my potential roleplay partners?

I am an experienced, high-casual to advanced roleplayer who likes to take a quality over quantity approach to my writing. With that said, my posts vary in length from a few hundred to a few thousand words. I usually write third-person limited POV, but can and will write first-person singular. I try to post at least once a week - usually more, sometimes less. If it's going to take me longer than a week to get out a reply, I will be sure to let you know.

I often play straight male main characters who are 25-50 years old. I sometimes play straight, bi, or 100% certified organic gay females, also in the 25-50 year age range. I like to populate my roleplays with a wide variety of supporting characters, too! I prefer to use actors or models for face claims - if we choose to use them at all.

I'm not squeamish about the inclusion of mature content - harsh language, graphic violence, drug and alcohol abuse, sexuality, etc. - if and when it makes sense to the plot that is. If there are certain subjects you prefer to avoid, please let me know in the discussion phase (or at any point during the roleplay, should something come up that makes you uncomfortable).

Last but not least, OOC planning and communication are an absolute must, be it via private messages or Discord (Vein Braider#9323) - I don’t have a preference for one platform over the other, and how much we chat outside of general roleplay discussions will be left up to you (I'm always happy to make new friends though).

Now, on to the prompts!

Thanks @Stormflyx! I'll be sure to keep you in mind if I think of any questions regarding Guild features.

Soundtracks are great for getting in "The Zone" for writing. I've been listening to the soundtrack for Polar lately myself.
@Pagemaster Ooh, Two Steps From Hell, I haven't listened to them for a minute. Great choice though! Thanks for the welcome!
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