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June 29th, 2021

Downtown Boston
Seedy Building #4

Life was interesting, really. You had no way of knowing where it was going to take you, or when. One moment you're sitting in your estate researching, the next, you're enrolled in a war that decides the fate of the world. Sure, you might have sleepless nights getting together a personal hit list in the meantime, but the meantime doesn't matter. What mattered was the present, the fact that Ferenc Sohonnai was in this conflict to save the world.

Well, maybe the past mattered a small bit.

Some people try to summon heroes for a Grail War. Not a bad idea, as your Heracles, your Irish Heracles, your Persian Heracles, your German Heracles, and even your Indian Heracles are all capable of destroying a war on their own. Despite that, it wasn't the path Ferenc would take. Instead, he decided to abuse the fact he was the overseer of Pécs to summon someone from his own country. A strong idea of that Ferenc, he could summon John Hunyadi, or even the progenitor of the Báthory.

Instead, Ferenc summoned the serial killer Báthory.

Maybe less valid of a choice, but the two seemed to get along well enough. The moment introductions between the two were finished, the pair got themselves onto a flight to Boston. It was an 11 hour flight, but Ferenc managed to get some sleep, as well as do some prep work in the airplane bathroom. Him stalling so long in the bathroom led to a miniature riot, but the details of that are unimportant. What IS important is that he managed to sneak some of his creations through the TSA.

Upon getting through the TSA and officially entering Beantown, the pair immediately got to work. During the gruelingly long flight, the Hungarian duo managed to get some ideas together, so they simply began putting those plans into action. The first of which was having his Servant speak with the locals. Ferenc wasn't too sure on the idea initially, mostly because of her rather draconic appearance, it appeared his Servant had a natural ability to attract and lead the locals.

Well, they were locals, but they were also all members of the criminal underbelly of Beantown.

Still, using the access they had to people meant Ferenc could get the first stage of his plan done. It wasn't anything too impressive, merely acquiring safehouses and preparing them with what was needed. A relatively tame thing in the end, but something that was incredibly important for the duo.

With phase two of the plan accomplished, all Ferenc needed to do was focus on part three.

Helping the "idol".

Ferenc didn't quite understand it himself, but it seemed like his Servant wanted to create a small army of sorts. While he wasn't in the creation of all of them, his specific alchemic talents were crucial in the creation of some of the most important models. It was him helping out Lancer that took up most of the two weeks they had spent within Boston.

It appeared that Ferenc was able to make the most out of the opportunity life at given him. Within a month he went from the standard life of a magus, to being fully prepared to enter war. Though, if truly was ready to place his own life on the line in a battle, why was he busy sifting through old movies?

The bright light of the sun was cancelled out by the wooden planks that boarded up the building. This truly was a sketchy building on the wrong side of town. Ferenc wasn't the type to normally associate himself with this kind of environment, but some sacrifices needed to be made in the name of war. It was only going to be, maximum, two weeks of suffering.

Still, this kind of place couldn't be good for his complexion...

Ferenc was looking through a large blue plastic tub, filled with what appeared to be VHS tapes? Much like the archetypal magus he was, Ferenc distanced himself from such things. Still, he remembered such things from when he was a child. That would more than likely explain why he was sifting through VHS tapes instead of something a bit more modern, like a DVD.

With each of the tapes he went through, an audible sigh could be heard. None of these films would do. Trash, they were all trash. Why would his Servant want to watch a romantic comedy about candles? Or a film about some foot? Why would he even want to watch such garbage? No no, only the best for Ferenc and his Servant. They were the superior pair in this war, thus, they had to watch a superior film. Unfortunately, all of these films were nothing but crappy 80's films...

At least, until Ferenc noticed one, a special one.


The tape's cover only had the title of the movie, [REDACTED FOR COPYRIGHT], a knife, and blood. However, the plot synopsis on the back of the tape is what sold Ferenc on the film. While it was surely going to be nothing more than a bad cheesy horror B-film, it was exactly the right type of film for him to watch alongside the Demon Lord BATHORY.

"Erzsébet! I think I finally found something in these old betamax tapes! You might like this one!"

A betamax? Those predated him!

Truly, this was the peak a magus could go with modern technology. Even if he spent the first few years of his life as a human, he was dated beyond belief.
Aaaaaaah, I've been looking for an Fate RP since FGO Part 1 ended! I'd really like a master spot!

I might need some help though ;n;
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