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Current Okay, I think I've answered to all, thank you all for your patience.
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To those I owe replies, I’m alive! I’m just juggling work and being sick during the Christmas season !
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Extremely sorry for the wait on responses, I’m back.
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Hello all, I'm still searching. Please message me if you like any of my ideas. I'd love to plot with you all.
Updated! F// centered & one desired plot for myself to play the male in. Welcome in, check it out!
Ethan’s words had only elicited a narrowed eyed stare from his sister, as if she had made him endure hours of toture when he would often leave her to her shopping to browse the newest video games or to cowardly watch a group of cute girls he would end up not having the courage to speak to. “Yeah, it’s not like I can go bar hopping with you.”

There was a smug smile on Olivia’s lips as she crossed her arms in victory. She was pleased that Steve was still on “her side” for the mall trip despite her brother’s worried brow. After taking a bite of the slice of pizza he’d taken from the open box he sighed. “Yeah, no bar hopping for you, even when you are of age.”

“I guess going to the mall will be fine.” Ethan surrendered, “If you don’t meet any of your new classmates in the area here at least you may meet some shopping.”

Olivia shrugged, obviously not too interested in having to deal with meeting new classmates immediately with all that has been going on the past month. In fact, she'd be okay with not running into any of them at all until Monday morning when she’d start at her new high school. Sure it was a couple districts over but as far as she knew she didn’t know of anyone who had connections to her new school. “Yeah maybe.”

Quickly changing the subject, Olivia perked herself back up, “Steve said he would talk to his folks about having his little sister over sometime.”

Turning to Steve she smiled, “I’d love to have someone to dote on! It could be a girls weekend to even out the gender scale.” The teen teased, both the men before concluding that since she was done eating it was time for her to do a little more work in her room.

“If you’ll excuse me I’m going to get my bed set up before I’m too tired to do anything else.” With that she left the two men to themselves.

Ethan’s gaze followed after his sister as she closed herself off in her room. For a moment he stared at the closed door in thought before turning to his friend. “You know, getting her out and doing things is actually a great idea Steve.

“She hasn’t really been herself lately, despite her managing to keep face.” Ethan shook his head as if he were shaking out his worries. It was impossible to worry when only time would be able to heal her emotionally.

“Anyway, how are you? I feel like I’ve been gone for more than a month.”
Natural Form & Prefered Dress

Link to the artists are in the pictures, click to be led to OG artist.

Mortal Form & Prefered Dress

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Manfred Muspelheim

Manfred’s eyes were glazed over with disinterest as another line of women appeared in the auction room. Through the two way mirror, he could see the women and men of different races and different species silently staring at the ground, their expressions were solemn, pensive, as they knew they were being sold to unknown buyers. Once again, Manfred didn’t care to bid on any of the captives shown in front of him. They were all...dull, lackluster. Sure he was just looking for a companion, someone to just exist with him to fill space of his empty home that had begun to become too quiet the past few years, but that didn’t mean he was going to just pick this companion at random. No, he wanted someone specific, a rare breed. A lower level goddess, or a sphinx - now those were a rarity indeed, or perhaps even…

Another line of individuals were escorted into the auction room, the others before them being taken out to their buyers. Mismatched eyes were immediately drawn to a radiant presence, one that made his blood boil from prejudice and rage toward the being, but yet drew him in. Before him was an angel, in all her glory, bound and vulnerable; waiting to be claimed. Manfred took a long drag of the cigarette between his lips and exhaled as he clicked a button on the remote in his hand, making an offer to the auctioneer for a urethral creature that since the dawn of time had opposed his own.

What an interesting jewel she would be for him to possess, to show. She was a perfect symbol for his status and his success in not only the mortal world but in the “mythical world”, as humans who knew of their presence have called it, as well. Others tried to outbid him. Angels were on the list of rarities to be captured and sold after all, but sadly for the others, Manfred had quite the finances to outbid them. And here he thought he was going to return to his home empty-handed. When the auction was finalized and the angel was his, he put out his cigarette and left the buyer room to claim his new prized possession.

The man who escorted him out of the buyer room and down the hall was quiet, stoic until the two reached the room where the angel would be placed in his care, “Thank you for your patronage. Your ward awaits.” The stoic man said, opening the plain white door that led into a windowless room where the angel resided with a handler waiting to pass the young woman on to her buyer.

Hope this is a good start! I'll be posting his mortal and immortal appearances in the character form!
Olivia nodded at Steve’s offer of directing her to the best take out places. Not that she ate out too often, she preferred to cook for herself and others. Mostly to keep up her physique, her muscle tone in particular, and because her body felt much better in general eating freshly home cooked meals with fresh produce. Perhaps if Ethan gave her money for groceries she could cook for all of them.

Her brows raised as Steve began to tell her of his work stressors. So he was more technologically inclined. Olivia wasn’t tech savvy, she could do what she needed to and that’s all she preferred to do. Technology was tedious, tedious in a way that made her want to pull her hair out with how time consuming and fickle it could be. “ I would be glad to have the next day off too if I were to be in your shoes. Dealing with technology in that form is nothing but a raging migraine.” She deadpanned while taking another bite of her pizza. God it was so good.

Olivia’s eyes had managed to stay dry, even when Steve offered his shoulder to her. Inwardly she was grateful for his empathy but if she were to show her thankfulness with more words than she could muster, she feared tears would threaten to fall. “Thank you.” On another note, Olivia was glad that Steve was seemingly laid back and on the same terms of becoming comfortable living with one another. Maybe the reality was that he was going to be adjusting just as much as she was. The only person that had it easy was Ethan, who was still snoozing on the couch dispose their chatter.

At the mention of siblings, particularly a younger sister, Olivia’s eyes lit up with excitement. If only she had the benefit of having a younger sibling, more so a younger sister she could poke at and dress up. “You have a younger sister?”

The words came out of her mouth before she could think, “You should invite her over sometime! I’d love to meet her! You’re so lucky.” She smiled, this time with more ease than the rest of her smiles had been the last month. Somehow the knowledge he had a younger sister made her more at ease, despite that he didn’t live with her long, at least there wasn’t much to worry about now. Well except for her keeping her makeup and other whatnots out of the bathroom. She had a habit of strewing her things about the house without realizing she was doing it.

Her brows raised when he suggested they go out somewhere. She was new to the area after all so maybe it would be a good idea for her to familiarize herself with her surroundings. Maybe some of the neighbors kids would be attending the same high school as her too. That was another hassle they had to go through the past month and Olivia was perfectly happy with doing anything to distract her mind from the ‘new kid’ nerves. “I’m open for doing that.” She paused, “I’d love to go out and explore the area to see what it is you two do here for fun.”

“Or, we could go to the mall, is there even one around here?”

At that point Ethan woke up, apparently a female voice and the implication of shopping was what startled him. “Oh Jesus you’re not talking about going to the mall are you?”

Ahh, his expression said it all. The impending doom of hours of waiting while she debated over what outfit she’d chosen would end up in her closet was written all across his features. “If there is one, sure.” Olivia said, finishing off her slice of pizza, “You don’t ha-ve to go-“ She exaggerated before shrugging, “Steve and I can just go.”

“Uh, no.” Ethan said flatly before up rather slowly to make his way to the kitchen for a slice, or two of pizza. “I’m not letting you drag my friend into that sort of hell.”

“Seriously, Steve you have to watch her. She’ll trick you into doing things and you end up wasting five plus hours of your life.”
The sound of Steve's voice caught her off guard more than the fact that Olivia hadn't realized when he'd walked into the kitchen, let alone taken to leaning against the counter opposite of her. God she really needed to rest, her brain was only functioning on fumes. Her response time to Steve's initiation in conversation was only further proof of that. "Ah, yeah no problem. Thank you for buying dinner." She had managed a smile but she ended up biting her lower lip out of an old anxious habit that she wasn't necessarily conscious of.

"Oh yeah? It is pretty good, better than most I've had despite me not being much of a pizza connoisseur like some I know." Her eyes flickered to her sleeping sibling on the couch, obviously a teasing jab at him until she shifted her gaze back over to Steve as well. Maybe it was a teasing remark to him too but maybe it wasn't. Taking another bite of her pizza it appeared she was more alert than she had been before Steve had come into the kitchen but she still seemed thoughtful. Her brow furrowed as her gaze shifted downward, obviously crafting her words carefully in her mind before she spoke,

"I, uhm, really appreciate you being a such a good friend to Ethan. I'm glad he has at least one person to lean on through all of this... mess." For lack of a better word. She cleared her throat softly before smiling again. "It means a lot..." Before things began to tread on the thin ice of emotional instability for her she changed the subject, "And ... I hope it's not weird having a female in the house for you. I mean, I don't know if you have any sisters or anything but I'm basically a wallflower and growing up with Ethan there isn't anything I haven't seen, smelt or heard so don't mind me."

Olivia's change of subject just ended up with her blabbering on about a topic that shouldn't really be much of a concern considering Ethan's reassurances that it would just be as if she had another older brother living in the same space. Yet, she still felt the need to let Steve know that he could be completely himself and comfortable around her without any complaint from her. A part of her empathized with how strenuous and or awkward it could be with a younger female in the house with two older men but she was determined for it not to be that way.
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