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You will never be as sad as you were the first time you saw Jiraiya die.
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My name is Dean (probably), though I prefer to go by Vale. I've been Roleplaying for something like eight years now. I discovered this site back in the old guild days and through it managed to develop my writing quite significantly. I owe a lot of my writing ability to this website, as I'm sure quite a few people do.

My preferred genres are Fantasy, Romance, Action and Drama. I tend to avoid slice of life or anything 'normal' usually, although I'm beginning to develop a taste for it as I get older. I consider myself an advanced writer, but I have a lot to learn and I find myself actively changing how I write as the days go on.

I like fanfiction and more often then not if I'm reading or writing something that doesn't have to do with Roleplaying, it's almost always Fanfiction. Harry Potter, Naruto, Bleach and Twilight are my favorite fandom's, though I'll give just about anything a chance.

For main pairings, I prefer MxF. Side characters can be gay, straight, trans or whatever. I like the variety and it keeps things realistic and interesting. However for romantic interactions and descriptive scenes between myself and a partner, I would prefer to stick to strictly straight pairings.

And now some writing samples!

The first sample is from an ongoing Pokemon RP I've got going with the user Ambra. While currently on hiatus, the RP has been ongoing for 11 months as of April of 2018. If you ever happen to have a chance to RP with her, I very highly recommend it. She's a partner whose very forgiving of mistakes, lenient with potential delays and a fantastic writer. She's my favorite person to RP with hands down.

What follows is a battle scene. Some of the characters may seem unfamiliar to you and there are bound to be more than a few mistakes within but I chose to leave them in to give you an idea of what to expect. I'm human, mistakes happen even if I wish they didn't. Still, this has more than a little gore so those with weak stomachs beware.

Side note: Differently colored text for character speech isn't my preference and I won't do it unless my partner does in the interest of keeping it cohesive.

This sample is based in the Naruto universe. To those of you familiar with it, this is based in an alternate timeline wherein Sasuke never left and the Fourth never died. This was an RP I did with Miss Gallagher, another fantastic partner you would be very lucky to RP with.

There's gore in this as well. You'll be noticing a pattern by now, I'm sure. I can definitely tone it down if my partner would prefer, however.

That's pretty much it. If you have questions or would like to RP with me, shoot me a PM! I check the site at least once a day so I'll doubtlessly get back to you soon enough.

Thanks for reading.

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Well, I'm certainly interested. If you're still looking for people to do this with, shoot me a PM? Thanks!
I'm interested in the Angel x Demon plot you have, if you're not already doing it. Let me know?
The battle was intense. As Leon fought with all he had on the ground, Kludde sprinted about through the air, slashing and biting with an intense ferocity, but to no avail. It was like cutting off a hydra head, once you slice off a tentacle two more emerge from the water to assault while the first completely regenerates. The beast was massive, and Kludde was barely keeping ahead of it using his superior speed. Leon, on the other hand, was losing and losing fast. He was bleeding from a gash on his cheek, his shirt was tattered, his arms adorned with cuts and nicks. He was running out of energy by this point, but Valdas seemed to have endless ammounts. Leon had learned quickly that cutting him would do little to nothing; all he had to do was manipulate the water onto the platform, touch it, and he would be healed. He drew power from the massive beast while Leon drew power from Kludde and his own anger, which had quelled early into the fight. This was not a fight he could win, and he knew it. At this point he was struggling to stay alive under the onslaught of attacks, dodging, ducking and rolling all while his opponent seemed like he would never falter. The sword could separate to attack from behind, merge to block attacks or perform thrusts and become slack to act like a deadly whip. There was no winning.

They had reached a lull now. Leon was on one end of the platform, gasping for breath while Valdas breathed easy, his sword stabbed into the ground while he cracked his fingers. "Where's all that fire you had in your eyes? That anger, that drive you had." he grabbed for his sword, and swung just in time to catch the edge of Leon's blade. "Where's your spirit?!" he shouted, slashing again. Leon barely managed to deflect this one. His left eye was shut to prevent blood from seeping in from the cut on his forehead he hadn't noticed before, his hands were numb, his legs were shaky and his breath could not come quick enough. Kludde had stopped listening to his commands and was currently fighting with reckless abandon somewhere close by. He deflected another slash as Valdas laughed. "Tell me. How does it feel? Knowing your death is so close at hand, little soldier?" he made to thrust, catching Leon's shoulder as he failed to parry. His limbs were beginning to freeze up now. He couldn't help but think to himself... is this really the end? Is this all I could amount to? Will I become a bloody stain in the background of this horrible day? "No words, huh?" he slashed out again with a power he hadn't used before, slamming into the edge of Leon's rapier with enough force to throw it from his hands. It made a small splash as it fell into the water, and Leon fell to his knees, unable to hold himself up any longer. "Oh, I'm not done with you yet." Valdas sneered, planting his boot in Leon's chest, kicking him to the ground roughly.

He squinted his eyes, fire flickering underneath him only to disappear as a wave crashed onto the platform. "No more fire. No more sword. Your partner doesn't listen to you, it's too caught up in its own insanity to take orders from a useless kid." Valdas stamped again, directly into his ribs causing him to cry out in pain. "Your death will be the first in a long line, kid. Jurguards occupation of this worthless hole will be swift, and every man woman and child will die just as you will. By my blade." he spat, swinging his sword in a wide arc, slashing viciously into Leon's chest. "Goodbye, little hero." he said softly as Leon yelled out in agony. He jammed the tip of the blade into Leon's chest, between his ribs, silencing his cries as the pain overwhelmed him. The world dimmed, light faded and the incessant chanting began to increase in tempo in the back of his head. Louder, faster, deeper in tone. He'd failed. His master had asked one thing of him; never lose control. Never let him control you. He'd failed.

An explosion rocked the earth below them. The roof of the chamber shook violently, sending chunks of rock crashing into the water as a massive column of flame shot up from the floor of the platform. Valdas had retreated to the water, but even he could not stand upon its surface as the massive wave rolled over him, caused by the impact of the shockwave from the explosion. The flame began to die down, and Leon was standing again. Head down, shoulders slumped, and arms limp, seemingly suspended in air by the massive black form that was Kludde. His eyes glowed a bloody red, the flames within dancing wildly as he laughed quietly, his voice deep and rumbling. The chanting had returned. It muttered his own name repeatedly in a steady rhythm as its body rocked to and fro. His body had changed. His spine was exposed, pure white in color between the leathery black wings that sprouted almost unnaturally from his back. His teeth, long and sharp, canines large enough to pierce through stone and twice as powerful. He seemed to emit a kind of shadow like aura that billowed unnaturally from around him, much like the mist he turned into when shifting his shape. There was no shape shifting now, only this single disgusting and terrifying form.

The tentacles had returned, even more than before as the water shifted to make way for the massive body of the creature, its maw gaping, a deep rattling sound echoing out as the teeth, sharp as needles began to move as its mouth opened, displaying layer upon layer. Valdas had somehow made his way to stand atop the creature, his sword at his side as he laughed. "You do not frighten me demon!" He shouted, brandishing his weapon. "I am not afraid of the big bad wolf!"

"You should be." Leon's voice was a whisper, but it seemed to carry itself toward Valdas. It was quiet, emotionless and dead sounding. Kludde was a blur of movement, as he burst forward, slamming into the massive squid, his hands thrust directly into its mouth, pressed to the side as he pulled, the rows of teeth stabbing through the flesh but causing seemingly no harm as he began to push. Leon was there just as quickly, and just as suddenly, standing straight as a whip of fire formed in his hand. "I could tear your beast in half." he said, leveling his eyes with the man. "And what happened to the little soldier I nearly killed, huh? Where's that anger, that spark of hatred in your eyes? I see nothing in those dead eyes anymore." Valdas smirked, holding his weapon ready as Leon's head tilted ever so slightly. "There is no Leon. Only Kludde. Kludde. Kludde." with every chant of the name, Leon swung the whip of fire. Valdas' attempts to block were useless as the whip passed through the blade, striking his chest and cutting through the armor. Again and again he swung until finally Valdas jumped away, into the water. He slid beneath the surface as the sea monster did the same, disappearing under the water, leaving Kludde in the air, his wings beating heavily as he tossed his head back, letting out a scream of rage as Leon's body fell into the water, floating on the surface seemingly abandoned of the force that had moved him before.

The rampage started then. Kludde was again a blur, disappearing from the lake and reappearing in the center of the city, atop one of the largest houses, which had nearly collapsed under his weight. It was instead turned to rubble as Kludde slammed a fist into the structure, then on to the next, clearing out fifteen houses in seconds before he moved on, destroying structures, slaughtering people by the dozens as they attempted to run in vain. Soldiers fell, bodies flew, blood spattered the ground and the remains of the buildings as that scream of rage echo'd completely. Valdas had gone, his spirit with him. Kludde's attention shifted then to the new presence, the stronger one that had shown itself to him eariler. The witch and her fox. He zeroed in on their location, intent on extinguishing that light as well as he advanced slowly, the enraged roar merely a growl as he stalked forward while Leon was left floating face down in the water, unnaturally still as his worst fears confirmed themselves while he drifted inside the void of unconsciousness. In a way, he could feel what was happening. After all, a part of him was inside of Kludde, was it not? Just as part of Kludde was within him. It was not simply the demon destroying the city. It was him. He was slaughtering innocent people, destroying the city he had come to love. This was his fault. All his fault. The blackness of the void evaporated under the blinding white that had appeared from nowhere, lifting his body again with a different presence. A presence he had forgotten, a part of him that had long since vanished.

Kludde ceased its movements as the presence became known to him just as he had reached the young woman when a blinding light lit up the lake with a form he'd never thought he'd see again. "Vajra." he sighed as the dark mist around him began to consume him, transforming him against his will as the demons conciousnes faded. Leaving behind the form of a baby leopard. Leon's body had moved again, walking along the water just as Valdas had, all the way over to the shore where Kludde lay. Behind him trailed a snow leopard, whom approached Myra as Leon's body walked to Kludde, where he knelt as consciousness once again left him. The pure, undiluted spirit that was Vajra stared into the young woman's eyes, its own piercing blue ones impassive before he spoke. "I’m very sorry about all of this, but we need to leave this place before they wake up. Please follow me.” He said, his voice deep and oddly calming despite the carnage around them. The chain covering Kludde had somehow entwined itself around the new spirit’s body, and as he moved, the two that remained unconscious began to trail after him, drifting above the ground. “Outside the main gate is a pathway that will lead us to a forest. Its terrain is mostly flat, there is plenty of cover and fairly secluded. The people here think it is cursed, but we will be safe there. I cannot have Leon here any longer. If they find him, he will be executed on the spot.”
The massive explosion had caught Leon's attention, but he didn't even bother to look where it had come from. He knew its source, and he knew who had been standing atop the tower but in this state, he had a stronger connection with Kludde, who could sense her vitals from even this distance. She was alive, but barely. This was enough for him to disregard her for the moment; he had more important things to worry about. "Prepare yourself." he warned the man, the flames that had rested at his feet climbed up his legs and then around his upper torso. Kludde became a blur of movement as yet another massive tentacle slammed down on top of Leon. However, Kludde had sensed the attack, so he had sensed it as well. One swing of his rapier lobbed the tip of the appendage off with ease, sending it falling to the floor where it began to writhe as the waters shook with a deep roar from its depths. He'd succeded in angering the beast, it would seem. However taking it out would not be so easy; there were plenty other tentacles to fight with, and the one he'd managed to dispatch was regrowing itself as he stood, observing it. "Neat trick. Do you have any?" Leon taunted the man, who replied with a laugh. "Boy, you have no idea."

With the sound of a whip crack, the sword broke apart into segments, doubling in length as a rather large wave slammed into the side of the boat, drenching the deck and quelling the flames that had begun to consume it. Leon's cloak remained untouched, the water that assaulted it had evaporated on contact. The strange part was in the waters actions after this. It began to crawl, bundling up like a snake as it wriggled its way in thick ropes toward the man who wore a smirk. "I'm a professional fire fighter, kid. They don't call me a God of the sea for nothin'."

"I assume they don't call you that for your excessive need to run your mouth, either. Quit talking and fight, coward." Leon spat, brandishing his blade. "As you wish." the deck exploded as the current took over, grinding the charred bits of wood into nothingness as a writhing mass of tentacles emerged, slamming into the thing from all sides. Leon had barely managed to deflect the tentacles assault when the mans blade flung itself forward, slamming into his gut with enough force to send him careening backward over the water and into the arms of Kludde, who had reappeared again to catch him. The cloak of fire was gone, and Leon was gasping for air as Kludde adjusted his position to mount his back like a horse. "Do not falter now, Leon Argent. I am not ready to perish yet." the demon spoke, his voice lower than a whisper and as soft as a gust of wind through a graveyard. "Shut up." Leon managed as he collected himself, controlling his breathing as he watched the ship sink. "Where did he go?" he asked, scanning the waters for the man. Kludde pointed one clawed finger toward the wreckage as it was tossed and rolled in the hectic motion the water had adopted from the blast.

The instant Leon laid eyes on his position, the water stilled after one last ripple, and there he stood. On the water. "My name is Valdas, kid. Pleased to make your acquaintance." he smirked, swinging his sword outward to compact it again. "I need a place to fight him. He wont leave the water, that much is clear. His spirit lingers there and he seems to have an uncanny control of the water itself, he wont give up that advantage." Leon told Kludde, who only chuckled in response. "Get me to that pillar." Leon motioned toward one of the spires that supported the mass of rock over head. It was smaller thann the rest, and showed signs of structural problems. Chunks of the rock were missing, the builder mages had been keeping an eye on it for a while now. They had been discussing tearing it down. He planned to accelerate that process.

Kludde moved like a bolt of lightning, throwing Leon from his back just before disappearing from sight again, chains clinking. Leon tightened his focus, zeroing in on the bottom of the pillar, the most insecure part of it. A quick five word chant later, and his plan became apparent to Valdas, who simply watched amusedly as the red streak flew through the air toward the rock. Had the beast betrayed its master? No, he had a plan. Fire erupted from the water in the shape of a ring around the pillar and cinched itself around the rock, melting through it as the young man slammed feet first into the rock. Valdas had failed to notice the identical ring at the top. The mass moved impossibly fast, jutting out from its position and he gave an impressed whistle as it slid into the water, sending waves rolling out along the surface. He ghosted across the water, sliding along the surface which became smooth as glass as he approached the broken pillar, stepping onto the perfectly smooth platform where Leon was crouched, panting heavily. "I must say, you're much stronger than I originally pegged you to be. It wont matter though. I'll drown you, then I'll drown your pet. You can be a light snack for my partner"

"Speaking of your partner..." Leon smirked. Kludde had reappeared, but this time he had company; a huge shard of the pillar he'd just help destroy was held in his hands. "How does he feel about harpoons?"
I nodded at the girl as she spoke, leaning on her staff for support. Had this been any other day, I would have made a more concious effort to get her to the tower... but this was no any other day. "I got it. They won't lay a finger on them." I told her. As she left, the flames began to dance around my head again before moving back to their owner, who had moved to stand by my side. I nodded to him, and that familiar black haze enveloped him, billowing out around him like shadows come to life while they expanded. When they disappeared, a tall black horse looking creature stood in its place. Its spine was raised, the skin around it pulled tight giving it a skeletal look as the rib bones popped out, exposed and pure white. It knelt for me to climb on, and the instant I had my arms wrapped around its neck, it was off in a massive burst of speed. This was easily Vajra's fastest form; he could do many things, run at tremendous speeds while maintaining perfect control, run over harsh terrain with ease... even run on water to a certain extent. The moment hoof met with liquid, I released my tight hold. We were making a b-line for the lead ship, and I would need to be prepared for what came next. "Vajra, steady." I called to the horse as he weaved around the ice they had begun throwing at us, completely distracted by the appearance of this new enemy. The ships that had been combatting them before my arrival began to retreat now, which was probably a good thing.

Vajra managed to keep a steady pace while I began channeling. If the skeletal horse wasn't enough to strike fear into any of my opponents on that ship, then the flames billowing down my body would be. "I'm losing my footing." Vajra warned, his voice deeper than before, more demonic sounding than it had been. We weren't even half way there yet. "If you let me-"

"No." I cut him off before he even voiced his suggestion. I knew what it was, and I would not allow it... not yet. "Throw me." I suggested. the instant I suggested it, I felt him falter, then leap, throwing me off his back directly toward the ship like a missile, but he under-shot it. Instead of landing on the deck I was flying into the side of the ship. I intensified the fire surrounding me and raised my arms to cover my head just before I impacted with the wood, smashing through it and nearly through the other side. The fire surrounding me impacted just before exploding outward, razing everything underneath the deck, charring everything and completely destroying the goods they had stowed here. I stood shakily as soldiers began to run down the stairs, and I briefly wondered what Vajra had done after he threw me. My question was answered as a resounding crash sounded behind me. The wolf stood and trotted to my side, baring his teeth at the enemy. "They have a spirit." he spoke as flames began to collect at my feet. "What is it?" the men charged and I sent the fire outward with enough force to slam them into the far wall. "A gigantic squid." I paused, staring at him for a moment. I heard the ship begin to shudder and shake as I slashed through the soldiers with ease. These naval units clearly were not trained in hand to hand, they fell like flies, it was too easy.

We moved the the deck above, and I was greeted by two massive appendages, one gripping the mast and the other raising upward. "It's going to strike." Vajra warned as the soldiers around me ran, paying me no mind as they dived into the water where it was presumably safer for them than this doomed ship. "What are you going to do?" the massive arm began its sweeping motion downward, and I let out a sigh. The barrier I kept up crumbled in an instant as I met eyes with the wolf, the blue flames dancing in his eyes as I spoke; "Kludde."

The instant the name left my mouth, the change had begun. The blue flame tinted, returning to the purple it had been before, then finally to a deep burgundy as the massive arm slammed down into the wood, just beside us. I felt a lifting sensation in my chest, then everything went black.

[From this point forward I'm using third person POV.]

Chunks of wood flung themselves into the air, the mast snapped in half and the deck had been reduced to nothing but rubble as the pair stood in silence. The light in Leon's eyes had vanished for a moment as Kludde's form became apparent. There was no black mist, now shroud or cover to disguise the metamorphasis that took place, only the deep cracking and snapping of bones and rattling of chains as the dark wolf began to change, the flesh bubbling outward as its form expanded. All was silent for a long second before a deep rumbling howl echo'd out from the wreckage that was the ship throughout the entire city. The entire place shook with the intensity as chunks of rock fell from the roof, plunking into the water as the demon Kludde emerged. The blue flame was gone, only the red remained in the gigantic form of this abomination. It stood on its hind legs, its head thrown back as it howled. The sound stopped abruptly then, and the creature seemed to have disappeared, shimmering into nothingness as Leon stood, not unchanged himself.

The brown in his eyes was gone now and the orange had resurfaced, no longer dimmed by the bright blue of Vajra's flame. The irises practically glowed as the fire surfaced again, seemingly seeping out of the ground. He ran then, toward the back end of the ship where the others still floated. The soldiers on board had stopped fighting for the briefest of moments to watch as he launched himself off the railing, his body flying out over the water before landing on one of the other ships. The flames trailed after him like a protective cloak, landing with him as the soldiers snapped out of their trance and moved in to attack, only to be thrown back by the flames that intensified and spread across the wooden deck. The ship began to burn while Leon removed his weapon from its holster and began to fight.

Enemies fell easily and quickly, their blades seeming to move right past him as he dodged, weaved and sliced through the ranks. The first ship had barely anybody on board, but this one was different. It was crawling with soldiers, each of whom came at him, surrounding him, trying to gain some form of advantage only to be ran through, sliced, beheaded or otherwise disposed of as the ship began to burn brighter. "WHERE IS HE?!" Leon shouted as the soldiers began to back off, clearly outmatched. The rage the young man exuded was almost as tangible as the flames, and four times as intense as he advanced slowly now. "Where is your commander?"

"Well aren't you quite the interesting subject." One of the tentacles had returned, carrying with it a man, who stood easily atop them with a smirk on his face. "I suppose this is why they call you 'demon', is it not?"

"You suppose correctly." Leon answered as the man was set down. "And where did your dog go?" he asked, looking around them for the beast. "Run away with his tail tucked? Did he know how hopeless this fight will be for you?" he taunted as he unsheathed his own weapon, a short sword it would seem, but its appearance was much different. The blade was separated into different sections, and the moment he unsheathed it, it fell to the floor like a whip. "You like? It's a blade whip." he swung the weapon, straightening it out as it compacted, coming together like a standard sword. "But really, where is your mutt?" he asked again as Leon readied his own weapon. "Behind you." he replied. The air shimmered, and the wolf reappeared, smaller this time but its form no less intimidating. The soldiers began to run, and Kludde stood, rocking back and forth, swaying side to side as the sound of clinking chains greeted their ears along with the quiet, steady chanting of its name. The commander leaped away, making a sizable distance between himself and Kludde. "Very interesting." he said, his voice almost gleeful.
I watched Myra fight from a short distance, keeping close to her, but not close enough to get caught up in the devastating attack she unleashed on the two in front of her. As I guarded her back, occasionally cutting through a shard of ice that managed to get past Vajra with my blade, I turned to watch the man with a spirit land a brutal kick, sending her flying backward. I rushed back to where she landed, inspecting her injuries briefly as she righted herself. When she spoke, I smirked, the little dark blue flame that encompassed me flickering before moving toward my face, then finally into my eyes. There was no pain, but the feeling of invasion was intense as I blinked profusely. When I finally opened my eyes again, glowing with the same blue Vajra’s had during the funeral, they were trained on the man, who had begun to move toward us. He removed his own weapon from its position on his back. His blade was black in hue, with a long silver handle. Definitely not standard issue, which meant he was proficient with the Glaive. A polearm… this would be an interesting fight. The massive boar took position in front of him, its eyes a shiny black as I readied my weapon. Vajra appeared beside me as I made to move, startling me. “What are you doing?”

“The ships are distracting them. You need me for this.” He replied, mimicking the boars position as he stood in front of me, his stance hostile. I grabbed a handful of the chain around him, and felt it snake its way up my arm. “No emergence.” I told him as he bared his teeth. We moved simultaneously. Vajra burst forward with blinding speed in front of the boar who replied with a short charge. Vajra jumped up, over the beasts massive tusks as he landed on its back, using it as a springboard to lunge at the mans face, who blocked the attack by leveling his weapon. Vajra bit into the steel while I moved in, slicing once at the boar, who seemed unfazed as I cut barely a centimeter into its thick hide. The blade wasn’t strong enough for this. Vajra landed beside me, and the fight truly began. As Vajra combated the boar, feinting its attacks, biting into its hide gaining more purchase than I had with my blade but still not enough to do any lasting damage, I had started up a deadly dance with the man. I countered every swing, dodged every lunge and parried any other attack. He countered every attack with another attack, predicted every slash or stab and responded with his own attack, using his longer range as an advantage.

Explosions still rocked the landscape, massive chunks of ice were sent into the ships we now had inside the lake, and Vajra was beginning to slow down. I needed to end this… I need to get in closer. As the man thrust forward, I found my opening. One quick parry to block his thrust, and I found the opening I needed as I slammed the flat of my blade into his, sending it back and away from me with a metal clang. “Vajra!” I shouted as I closed the distance between us. The black blur from the corner of my eye caught the glaive before it could reach me, and I made one quick stab, ending this fight in an instant as he fell in a heap, not quite dead yet. “Your armor makes you clunky and slow.” Was all I said before Vajra bit down on his neck, ending his ghasping noises as I turned toward the boar. Its expression was fierce, but I had been prepared for the reckless attempt. Emotion could take hold at any moment and throw you off, make you weak and vulnerable. The boar had just watched the man he had probably grown up with die, outmatched and outclassed. It was enough to send him rampaging toward my sword blindly, where I fainted to the left and thrust again behind its front leg where I knew its lungs would be. It was just like hunting a normal animal. The animal collapsed as I sheathed my blade, and Vajra approached it and ended its struggling the same way he had done its master. I turned away as the wolf stood, his maw dripping now, and ran toward Myra. “Are you okay?”
“I’ll need Vajra to take out the ships. He won’t be back for about two minutes, though.” I told her as her fox began to change. Interesting… a Kitsune? My momentary distraction came with a price; several chunks of ice, flung toward the group on the shore that had prepared themselves to fight. Several people were injured and even more ice was coming. “Behind me!” I shouted to the surrounding people. The ones that were capable obeyed my command as explosions rocked the area, signaling the arrival of more people. I didn’t have time to worry about them yet. As a wave of ice flung itself toward us from the center of the lake, I prepared myself by placing my hands together. A spark formed between my palms with a sound like a thunderclap and a torrent of flame rushed up my arms, where I directed it into a wall, scaling it wide enough to catch all of the chunks of ice, reducing them to vapor on impact. I compacted the wall into a ball and forced it out into the lake, where I willed it to expand again and maintain its position. “I can’t keep that up for long, there’s no fuel for it to consume.” I told Myra just before she cast her own attack. Fire and lightning… an interesting combination to say the least.

While she fought that group of soldiers, I centered my attention on three others. “Hey!” I shouted, grabbing their attention as I dashed forward, unsheathing my rapier. The red tint glinted in the moderate light formed by make-shift lamps of glowing gems, and they advanced upon me. One man drew a sword of his own, a long sword, while I began calculating. Iron, approximately thirty five inch blade, probably standard issue. Move quickly, dodge while blocking. The other had a sword of similar size, longer by a couple inches. The final man wielded a massive claymore, though the speed with which he wielded it would present a problem. However, if he was fast he likely wasn’t very strong with it. Swift strikes, counter but don’t block. Dodge often. They were clearly used to fighting as a group. The two with the smaller swords came at me side by side as I stepped forward into action. I blocked a downward thrust from one, letting the blade slide down the length of my own as I twisted out of the way of the next sword. The man with the claymore moved then, swinging his blade in a horizontal sweep aimed at my midsection, that I managed to roll under. This would be difficult without magic. If I use another spell, the wall would vanish and my back would be vulnerable, so would the people in the crowd. If only Vajra were here.

I slammed the hilt of my blade into the space between the first mans armor, forcing him forward in a kneeling position as his partner thrust forward at my head, whistling past my ear as I leaned to my left, then under as he swept toward where I had moved. As he made to recover, I swung my blade upward, catching him under his arm and cutting right through the leather and into his skin. I felt the blade stop as I caught his bone, and withdrew it quickly as he screamed in agony, using the backward momentum to twist away from the claymore’s strike, this time vertical. The blade clanged on the ground as I refocused my attacks on the larger man, who’d recovered almost instantly from his attempt. He swung at my legs, causing me to jump over the steel, landing deftly on one foot as he brought it around for a diagonal swing. I caught it with the flat of my blade just under the hilt and skidded to the right under the force. I’d underestimated him, he had speed and power. Definitely a problem. As he struggled with pushing me, his friend stood, reading his sword to thrust through my back, but I’d been quicker than that. I used the force of the claymore to throw my body downward, landing on my side as the badly timed thrust hit nothing but the space I had occupied before while I rolled out of the way of the next vertical cut of the claymore. “Hold still you little prick!” the larger man shouted.

As I made to stand, I felt the wall behind me collapse, telling me two things; the first, I had no protection from the ice. The second; I could now use magic again. I made distance between myself and the three swordsman, the one still clutching his wounded arm on the ground as I spun my sword in the air, watching the edge blur as it left traces of fire that I sent into my enemies with one sweep of the blade. The small flame flew right into the hulking mans face, doing nothing to him as far as injuries go. It did serve as a distraction, a long enough one for me to close that distance again while he stumbled backward and bury my blade to the hilt in his chest, biting through the metal of his armor with the super heated metal of my sword. I kicked the corpse, bringing my sword out with it as the last man swung his blade at my head. I parried the swing, then thrust the sword into his neck in one swift riposte, effectively ending his life as well. I behedded the final wounded man and looked to see how Myra was doing in her own fight. As she combated the larger man, I ran forward, catching the two lackey’s off guard. With one strike, another block and a final strike the two of them fell as well. My blade shined with a different color of crimson now, and the thought made my stomach lurch. I’d killed men before, but never that easily. I had lived in peace for far too long, doing nothing but training to fight. It had softened me, but with the death of my master... that part of me that didn’t care seemed to have resurfaced. This could be a problem in the future, for now I had more important things to worry about. Another three groups were fast approaching as I moved to stand closer to Myra. I looked at the blood on my blade with disgust and flung it off.

A soft clinking alerted me to the end of my worries for the outcome of this next fight as Vajra materialized beside me from my shadow, the blue flame almost purple now with his new form; a black wolf. Not his true form, but the one he would use when I was preventing his other personality from making an appearance. “They aren’t helping, and they ordered you to protect the city.” He said, his tone disgusted as I placed a hand on his back and the purplish blue flame began to move, hovering around me instead of him. “Vajra, stop the ice.” I told him before turning to face Myra. “After this fight, I’ll need your help driving the boats out. Any kind of magic you can use to move them while I’m on board. You don’t need to destroy them, Vajra will take care of that once they’re out of the lake. Can you do that?”
A more detailed description of Omnia.

The underground city of Omnia is a place in which diversity is plenty and royalty is practically nonexistent. It is run by a council of elders, and made up of mostly magic users. The Soul Weavers are often times born here as magic runs practically unchecked throughout the gems that adorn the walls of the massive underground city. Directly in the center lies a lake of incredibly clear and pure water, disturbed only by structures crafted inside the stone pillars that keep the place from caving in, gondola’s and the occasional floating home, all of which are anchored to the floor and never move, float or collide with other structures or homes. The lake-bed is clustered with various crystals of varying shapes, sizes and colors, embedded into the ground throughout the entire natural lake, some of which breach the surface, casting a brilliant glow against the walls of the massive cavern and across the various buildings. The lake itself is surrounded mostly by land, part of which extends through the opening in the large mountain the place resides in, though this is used primarily as an entry way, there are very few homes and buildings out here.

This land surrounds the entire lake, stretching back a large distance to hold one main road that circles the entire mass as well as various small roads that lead to residences and shops of various sizes. The walls of the cavern are dug into in the shape of tunnels that extend far into the mountain, which opens up into an even larger cavern, in which resides the city-state’s main feature: on top of a massive plateau nestled in the middle of another lake, connected by an immaculate bridge of stone sits an ancient building crafted of stone and the same magical gems you can find embedded into the walls of this cavern. This building or castle houses no king or queen or even royalty, but serves as both home of the council of elders as well as the masters of magic. The very few students allowed to study here are lucky to learn from masters of their craft. For the most part it is very empty and quiet, and very few are permitted to enter this place or even the city itself. Their exports consist of magical gems and stones, harvested from inside the mountain and under the ground, used to power machines. They are very high in demand, and the city is incredibly wealthy because of this.
“I agree, it does sound completely ridiculous. I’ve never saved anything, let alone our world. I’m not exactly the heroic type.” I looked down at Vajra with a frown. He stared back, his face impassive and unreadable as it often was. “But there’s obviously something going on… something unnatural. The rumors coming out of Jurguard… there’s got to be a reason they exist, and that city isn’t exactly a safe-haven.” I turned my gaze back to hers. “If my master wanted me to do something, then things are clearly much more dire than they seem. They’ve remained quiet for a long time. There’s been no news of their armies, no news of political standings… nothing. It’s like they’ve gone completely off the grid, and nobody can exactly go check up on them.”

I mulled over the last part of her sentence, pursing my lips as I considered how to explain anything. “I can tell you anything you need to know… but not here. There are too many eavesdroppers.” I turned to look back at the funeral home, on one of the second floors I could see one of the sage’s watching us. He seemed panicked when I caught him and quickly retreated back into the building. “Here, come with-“ I felt it before I actually heard it. That rhythmic shift in my chest, the seeming split in personalities that signaled something very bad had happened. Vajra let out one long, angry growl. I looked down at him, spotting the familiar glint in his eyes. What caused it? “What Is it?” I followed his murderous gaze, out past the water to where the boats were. Wait… four? A scream echoed off the walls from out into the lake as the new boats closed the distance between the little dugouts that belonged to the workers guiding the coffins. I took a closer look at the twin masts, that insignia on the sails… “Jurguard.” I cursed as Vajra’s hair began to stand. “What are they doing?”

“They’re taking the bodies.” Vajra replied, his voice deeper than before, angry but also more gravely. It sounded thousands of years older than he had before. Vajra was not the only one with us now. “I’ll stop them.” He said, shifting his stance to leap out into the water. “No. I need you to alert the council. Those ships probably have fifty or so soldiers?”

“Fifty seven.” He corrected me. “I can feel them all from here.”

“Good.” I turned to Myra with a pained expression. “I hope you can fight.” Vajra turned toward me, his eyes pitch black as the flames that had once danced within floated around his neck. I took the chains from my neck and dropped them onto his back where they wound themselves of their own accord, wrapping around his midsection, down each of his front legs and around his neck. He needed them to move large distances away from me. Without them I was like an anchor or a short leash to him. He couldn't leave. “Back to the temple. Tell Vex.” I ordered. The cat vanished on the spot, and I returned my attention to the boats as they came to a stop beside the dugouts. The city had erupted into chaos, screams ever present as the people on the streets struggled frantically to get back to their homes; to safety. I could feel it bubbling beneath the surface, the rage that I struggled to keep in check. If they succeeded in doing this… I would not be safe here. The city would not be safe. “Can you help me drive them out of the city? This will get complicated if I can't fight them full out.” my voice betrayed me, the anger coming through in my tone as I attempted to control myself for just a moment longer.
"What do..." I paused, my expression perplexed as I gazed at her uneasily. I understood her question suddenly, and frowned, glancing at the fox at her feet. "Honestly I don't know how to answer that question for myself." I eyed the surrounding people, staring at her openly. Vajra growled loudly and each of them went about their business hastily. I thanked him with a glance before regarding the girl again. "Your master was Isaac, right? We met once. Four years ago.. I'm not sure if you remember." I glanced back at the coffins again. "I honestly don't know what you should do. I barely know what I'm going to do, other than investigate whatever this is." I removed a patch from my pocket with a military insignia, an ancient one. One that hadn't been around for at least a hundred years. I stowed it back in my pocket. Part of me said to leave, turn away and be done with her. I had more important things to worry about and much more time I wished to spend alone... but I could practically hear my masters words echo through my head, his tone understanding but stern. 'I'm missing something? What am I missing? What did I lose when... when that happened?' I had asked, my throat tight with emotion as he reprimanded me. 'Kindness, Leo. Kindness. That is what you have lost.'

"Mast- sorry, Alex... left that to me. It's some kind of military insignia... I think it has something to do with the rumors in Jurguard. He told me I would grow to become a savior, one of his ridiculous prophecies." He had been proficient in many magics, capable of using just about any spell, mimic anything anybody had to offer, but he was renowned for his ability to see into the future... the distant future. This was one of the few things he had revealed to me before he passed; that I would become a savior in our world's time of need, no longer just a demon. "You could help me." I said finally. Something told me this was the right thing to do, the logical path for my life to take and the correct decision. Maybe he hadn't departed this world just yet.
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