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Current Back after a long hiatus.
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NaNoWriMo time means my time is limited. RPs might not be as active as usual.
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Searching for RPs once more
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Hiding from adult responsibilities...
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I have returned


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@Raptra Yes that's fine :)
Alex was working that evening after school. He arrived home and had something quick to eat before heading out to work. The house was empty once again, with his mother was working all hours, and on the rare occasion she wasn't working she was usually passed out from exhaustion. He arrived at work a little early and changed into his uniform. As he approached his colleagues he heard the murmurings that Delphine Nixon, daughter of the owner of Starlight Flavours, was in the restaurant. And that's when it hit him. The familiar face from school. He'd seen pictures of her with her family. Because they were owners of his workplace. Of course, he got asked to serve the group, and that jarred him. This could lead to social suicide or worse, to losing his job, if it went badly. "Time to shine, Wolfe." Alex muttered to himself before heading over to the table with a notepad and a pen tucked into his apron.

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Starlight Flavours, my name is Alex and I will be your server this evening." He handed out a menu to each person at the table and then smiled brightly. "I understand that this tables orders are on the house tonight. Shall I get you started with some drinks, perhaps?" He asked.
Alexander had heard the mutterings of a party going on the coming Friday evening and sighed as he approached the cafeteria. While he had no intention of ever going to a high school party, an invite would have at least been somewhat pleasant. It's a bit depressing when the whole school is invited to a party with the exception of you. He couldn't go anyway. He worked evenings and weekends. Even if he had wanted to attend the party, he always put his responsibilities first. He sat down at his usual table, secluded in the corner, plugged in his headphones and drowned out the idle chatter of the cafeteria. "Feeding time at the zoo." He muttered to himself as he turned the volume up in his headphones and began to eat what passed as 'food' in the school kitchens.

He did have one benefit of blending in to the background. Despite his good grades and his outward shyness, while he could have been a premier target for the school bullies, he was pretty much left alone. There was a strange cool factor about being detached and alone. People were almost afraid of him, sometimes. Worried that his solitary attitude was due to a dangerous nature. When in actual fact he was just pathologically shy and struggled to make friends. He kind of liked the quiet though. The lack of bullying, the lack of drama. It was a comfortable loneliness. But that could have been because he'd never really known any different.
Alexander walked down the corridor, heading to his locker. He opened in, taking his books out that he needed before he would get back to his locker. The loud students around him didn't phase him, especially because he had his headphones on and was drowning out the rest of the world with the music playing through them. He quickly took his books out as the shrill sound of the bell made a slight interference in his song. He took his headphones off, stuffed them in his locker and closed the door. He headed to first period through the swarm of students before him, and slipped into a seat at the back without really being noticed.

As he looked around his eyes fell on a girl who was clearly new to the school, but he seemed to recognise her. He couldn't work out how he recognised her but there was something really familiar about her face. He couldn't imagine how he'd forgotten her, she was a very attractive girl, and he was sure that, had they met, he wouldn't have forgotten her. It all confused him.
Ladies, gentleman and variations thereupon, I present to you some Roleplaying ideas.

My grand return would be a little hampered without setting up some Roleplays, and now I have the time to RP again I'm very excited to get stuck in, so I have some ideas to get started. First off though, let's get the boring bits out of the way: the rules.

So I have a handful of rules that I need to set out before I get started.

1. I only ever play males. That's just the way it is. I don't feel I can accurately represent female characters and I feel that takes away from the RP experience.
2. I request at least a decent attempt at good spelling and grammar. Again, having to virtually translate posts takes away from the RP experience.
3. I don't mind small replies, I know sometimes you want to be able to make a post but don't have time for much more than a few sentences, but just understand that, due to my time constraints I may only be able to reply once per day, and if I'm logging in every day to a single line post I'm likely to get bored of the RP. I like something to work with.
4. If you have ideas for the progression of the RP, twists, turns, subplots, whatever they are, feel free to direct the RP toward them, and if I'm not getting it, let me know OOC. Give me a heads up and I'll know what we're aiming for.
5. I work 12 hour shifts so I don't always have time to get online for more than maybe an hour a day. Please don't expect me to be available constantly.

That's about it for rules/guidelines. Not all of them are rules as such, more just a heads up.

Now onto the ideas. For now I've mostly just got a list of the kinda things I'm looking for, which I would be happy to flesh out with people with messages. I do MxM or MxF pairings, mature and not.

The list will be split into fandoms and non-fandoms. Please note I always prefer to play OCs. The list may be edited over time, with more fleshed out ideas possibly being added.

Doctor Who
Harry Potter
Final Fantasy

High School
Hello Roleplayerguild.

I have tried returning a few times previously, all with varying degrees of success. I was actually a part of the old Roleplayerguild site for a while, and joined this one when it became active. Recently I've had... certain circumstances which led to roleplaying dropping quite a way on my list of priorities, things I won't get into now. But the good news is things are on the up and up and I'm back! I'm hitting 2019 with a new lease of life for Roleplaying.

I will remain in my usual state of only doing 1x1 RPs, purely because my work schedule and timezone means I can't keep up with most group RPs. But if you're looking for an RP partner please feel free to message me :)
Bumpity bump
Hello all! I've been gone for about 6-8 months due to various reasons, but I'm back, and with a fresh set of ideas!

1. I do disappear from time to time, I will do my best to make it clear if I'm going to be gone for a longer period, I ask the same.
2. I may not post every single day due to limited computer access. Please be patient with me.
3. I always play male. This is non-negotiable.
4. I also always play original characters. This is also non-negotiable.
5. I expect good English spelling and grammar, not because I'm harsh, but because I don't want to have to struggle to read whatever reply I'm getting to my posts.
6. RPs should be fun, but also interesting and engaging. In that regard, I try for more original storylines and subplots where possible. If you have an idea for a twist, feel free to put it forward and we can flesh it out if we think it works.

Now, to the ideas!
Most of my ideas at the moment are just pairings, but I will list some fleshed out ideas when I have a chance.

*=My Preferred Character

Doctor Who:
Doctor/OC Companion*
OC Timelord*/OC Companion

Harry Potter:
HP Era:
Marauder Era:
Young Dumbledore/OC*
Newt Scamander/OC*

Buffy The Vampire Slayer:

Non Fandom:
Lords, Ladies and Variations thereupon,

I come to you, this fateful today, to return to the fold of the Roleplayer Guild.

After a pretty long hiatus, I thought I may as well re-introduce myself.

I am vampiricchild, but feel free to call me Orion. I'm a novelist/transcriber, I have ongoing anxiety and recently came back from a pretty bad bout of depression (hence the disappearing act). My issues sometimes stop me from getting online for periods at a time, but I do try my best to explain and keep people in the loop.

In terms of roleplaying, I've been doing that for about 8 years (and creative writing for 9), I generally stick with 1x1 RPs because group RPs go way too fast for me to keep up with them. I've always enjoyed RPing and writing in general, so it's nice to be getting back to doing what I love.

Feel free to message me with any RP suggestions, or even just a friendly chat, I'm very sociable, and love meeting new people.

See you all on the other side.
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