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Hi all! As the title suggests, I'm looking for a romantic roleplay based around the game Twisted Wonderland! I'm mainly interested in Canon x Canon ships, but we can discuss something involving OCs if you can't play canon characters! I'd like to adjust the ages of the characters we play so that they're more appropriate for a real life college setting, just for the record! It'll make things a lot less awkward.

I'm mainly looking to play as: Cater, Idia, Riddle, Jamil, Sebek, Vil, or Jade! However, I am super open to trying out different characters!

I am open to all ships, so don't be shy to suggest a rarepair if you have any, I promise I'm open minded! My current favorite ships have been Idia/Cater, Vil/Malleus, and Jamil/Azul, but aside from them I ship a ton of things. The dynamics in this game are all so interesting that I'm sure finding plots to start us off with will be no issue, I've got tons of ideas there as well!

Now, I guess I should finally share a bit about myself so you know what you might be getting into. My name is Anonym, I'm 19, I use any pronouns, and I'm in the central standard time zone! I work a 9-5 on the weekdays, so my replies can tend to be a tad spaced out, but I always try to get at LEAST one reply a day out to my partners. I love chatting ooc and sending art, songs, or whatever else to one another! I'm also cool with just keeping things to the rp and not chatting much too, it all depends on what you're comfortable with! I roleplay in third person, and generally write in advanced literate style, with anywhere from 3-8 paragraphs on average. I really tend to match my partner's length.

I only role-play with people over 18, so as long as you're an adult, hmu! I mainly talk through discord (my tag is: •✧*Quentin*✧•#5883), but we can discuss things through chats here first of course! Please, shoot me a message and say hi!
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