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Hey, just a dude with a lot of roleplay experience. Not that it means a lot- left roleplaying, a long time ago, trying to get into the rhythm of it ever since. Instead of dedicating myself to one whole forum-universe, I'm now thinking more one-thread-tales are my kind of thing. I also love animation a lot and obsess over art stuffs, may or may not draw a profile icon for myself, so don't be surprised if my icon changes to crude sketches.

Its pretty easy to get my attention for a roleplay idea; action, sci-fi/fantasy, war stuff, large groups, some calm for character development- basic stuff. Or so I hope. Nation Roleplays are also a thing I thoroughly enjoy, though I'm strangely picky with threads/lore, can't really specify what it is, some threads rub me the right way and others don't.

Feel free to chat with me! If I'm still around, who knows, inactivity strikes at the worst moments.

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@6slyboy6 Unfortunately I'm actually going to have to bail on this thanks to life, though I do wish you luck with keeping the thread/universe alive.
[Yorva, Human Controlled System]

[Adene, Io Slums]

The walk between the two locations was longer then anticipated, it felt impossible to forget the entire dreary experience of walking forth in the dimly lit underground, as if they were walking towards the center of their planet rather then to the other side of the city. Surprisingly, no one had complained, the mere silence and tired breathing spoke much of how the other two fared during their journey, Adene remaining a borderline emotionless weapon awaiting to reach her location, as normal. The other end of the tunnel was a mere wall, with a wooden ladder attached, going all the way up to a floor tile above them. Adene would push it open while climbing the ladder.

Three pointed guns with blinding lights attached to them had been raised to fire, it was impossible to see anything more then the black shadow of those carrying them, they didn't cease in their hostility in the slightest. After another second of keeping their rifles up, they quietly began to back off, revealing the run down kitchen with looted cupboards and other rebels. While Adene and the other two would climb out of the hole, a Yorvian would approach and help her up. "So you're the weapon they kept talking about, Adene right?" he asked, pulling her up by the hand while she carried her weapon in the other.

He, like many of the other rebels was dressed in a combination of clothes which had much to do with surviving in their current conditions, thick coats, face masks and tough boots. Their conditions being that of the slums, which lacked heat, had a rampant sickness and plenty of glass, garbage and debris strewn across it's streets. The depressing houses made of easily accessible metals, each building small with three stories in height at most, packed to the brim with Yorvians who had no positions of worth in order to get higher standards of living. It'd be hard to believe if there was a lower part of society, and incredibly impressive any of them had lived so far- even more so that they were able to sneak a few weapons in for the rebels to use.

Not that such weapons would help in the long run, not against the full might against the Emporium for sure, but the rebel's ignorance on the more well equipped humans was worth keeping around, for morale.

"Yes, are you ready?" Adene wasn't hesitant in the slightest, cold as well despite being surrounded by nervous and concerned allies, all of whom barely took notice of her as they watched the windows, equipment or technological devices. A bit of a deviation then the norm since most groups had treated her like some sort of spectacular relic, or some sort of super soldier, but this change of behavior was more than likely due to the change of firepower in the Emporium's arsenal.

The rebel leader helped the store owners out of the hole as well before the tile was placed over it, resuming their talk shortly after. "Well you took longer then anticipated, so we've had a change in plans. You're good at sneaking, right?"

"Sneaking?" Adene squinted her eyes, the closest she could get to a baffled look "Why?"

*** Outskirts of the Communications Facility ***

It was the midst of night, with a disturbing combination of metal over an ancient brick structure being used as their cover. Resting their backs against the wall, the dozen rebels waited with an eagerness to shoot, Adene waiting behind their leader as he leaned out from the corner and observed the well defended facility. Defenses such as barriers, armed guards and regular patrols were of the norm, what they were armed with now was up to debate with all the escalating riots. Surrounding the facility was just the cusp of the slums, as well as small number of other rebels spread about awaiting the first shot.

The plan was for Adene to get in first, then assault the facility as a distraction and a way to divert forces from the gate. After that another rebel cell would assault the gate and open it for the Liberation Front's inbound convoy. It wasn't complex overall, thankfully, but if anything goes wrong- which it always does -they'd possibly end up all dead, or worse. So little thought was spent on considering the consequences.

"Okay, I have no idea what I'm looking at." the rebel stated, to which Adene leaned in over his shoulder to observe the facility.
She replied plainly "When you hear the alarm, start the assault."

"Yeah okay, but what-" the rebel turned about to look at her, noticing she was no longer there.
I'm really, really sorry for not having posted- like, damn, 28 days, I need to get my life on track with this. Thank you for being patient in advance, I'll get a post out tomorrow or Saturday I swear.
Grace, New Newyork

She quickly lifted her head, glancing at CB17 with a hesitant voice "What, n-no, no, I'm fine thanks." with the tapping coming to a halt, leg still. Even after speaking her direction would come to the floor again, something so prevalent that one could think she'd be an expert a floor tiles. Silence taking over once more as the shuttle moved it's way through the depths of the district, the suspense and adrenaline in her body became a source of irritation. How much longer did they have to wait? It was a case of nervousness that dictated her to not fly the shuttle, New Newyork- let alone Earth -being such unfamiliar territory, it was hard not to overthink and break down in fear at the prospect of piloting through such a world.

However, this oncoming irritation only fueled motivation, and the motivation was that of getting this shuttle on track. "We need to get there faster, so uh, I'll just be...piloting." Grace was still as nervous as ever despite the newfound urge to get things moving, glancing over at bulky droid before opening the door swiftly, disappearing even faster as the pilot's seat would be taken up, controls wrangled back from the autopilot. A new shuttle would provide a lot of obstacles in the way for someone who was used to simply operating these machines, but, for someone of Grace's background, the only different thing was the logo of the company who owns the plating. The insides of controls like these had been torn apart too many times. Once gawking at and getting used to the controls was done, the great urban abyss was left to be piloted through, endless rows of lit up windows, long pipes and a hard time finding out what was up from down when the sky was out of sight. Giving a heavy sigh, Grace would glance over to the nearest indicator of where they were suppose to go, trying not to be too distracted by the scenery. And trying not to think too much on if the autopilot was actually faster...
@6slyboy6 I'll deliver a post...soon.
If I don't post tonight I'll post tomorrow. Also I'll be sending out a notification to everyone who is on the roster but hasn't posted.

Sweet, looking forward to it! Once the pirates are let loose, I'll post a ton more.
Everyone finding their starting locations okay?

Just hoping @thegreenleafe posts soon.
Do you want the shuttle to land at all and get things rolling for the pirates?
@Thread Generator SIN Woops! Er, sorry about that then, want me to rewrite it? I got the time!

Grace, New Newyork

She nervously tapped her heel against the ground, a rapid pace as her right leg hopped in place and a elbow was placed on the left thigh, body hunched over with a hand clasped about the locket around her neck, thumb rubbing against it. It was a cold ride over even with her jumpsuit on, adrenaline surging through her body long enough for her to begin to sweat with the slightest air causing a chill, the suspense of going on a mission like this always had the same reaction.

Suspense, it was a killer of emotions and thought, Grace staring blankly at the shuttle’s metal floor without a single opinion on the situation, not even on those surrounding her. The mission ahead didn’t even have any food for thought, just an excuse for her body to go haywire and drain itself of any possible feeling of being alive. The hum of the engine only grew ever closer to her ears once a loud ‘clang’ shook her out of the trance, something possibly bumping against the shuttle on the outside, or a figment of her imagination. Once awakened and aware, her eyes would make a quick glance around the shuttle before dropping the gaze to the floor again. There were two others to help as well with this important task they were assigned on- CB17 and Artyom.

To say there wasn't any familiarity would be an exaggeration, but they weren't individuals she knew well of either. Getting closer to wherever they had been designated to land at would only bring a worrisome insecure feeling, hoping that those two were more then enough to deal with whatever was causing trouble for Shaw, because it certainly wouldn't be brought down by her timid protests or expertise on machines, not alone anyway.
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