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Well, I can say I'm ready!

Character creation insists one character needs to be accepted before a second one...but I got a little excited over ideas and needed a duo.
Anyway, hopefully a madman and his pet project make for acceptable sneaky villains. I also used a artsy program for the font so if its screwy, you know why.

Kingdom of Amucia
Present Day
Rodenia, City Square

The pole struck the ground with a loud metallic clang, as if the gravel beneath it had been eviscerated entirely with the cobble street cracking from the sheer force. In reality, it hadn't changed a thing- other then horrifying the two Rodenians in front of the tall guard.

"Return to your homes." Augustus stated, holding onto the tall pike with a firm grip. One of the natives whimpered something inaudible before taking the other by the shoulder and walking around Augustus. He'd turn his head as far as it could go, watching the two little creatures move away in a panic, nearly stumbling along as they looked back at him only once. Following their disappearance from his sight, Augustus would resume patrolling the nighttime street, moving between the large and very primitively made residential structures. Brick and wood were the materials that made up these houses, with glass windows following all the up to the highest floor.

Rodenia, a quaint little backwater with a native species strikingly alike to Amucians. The Rodenians had only been allowed to survive due to their appearance, though their humanoid features were lacking. If anything the Rodenians were actually quite bestial, like anthropomorphic rats, slightly smaller then the average sized denizen of the galaxy with a medieval culture and technology. Or they used to, the Kingdom had decided to forcibly uplift them a few decades ago. Now the new generations living in this scientifically advanced age would scurry about beneath the Amucian colonists, those same Amucians who lived in luxurious and isolated villages in the mountains where the soldiers were never deployed. Instead, their patrol routes had to go through the most overcrowded and detestable streets belonging to the natives.

Augustus turned his head forward, marching down the street with the pike in both hands while the town was eerily empty. The natives had to follow a curfew since a attack a few weeks ago. It was nothing more then a mere bombing, but it was more of a symbolic attack, an attempt to arise rebellion among the rodent populace. Genocide was much more preferable in response to something like this- but supposedly the rich and nobles of Amucian society found the natives to be too useful in agricultural work, enough so that any idea of killing them was disregarded. So the elite honor guard were sent to give a clear message on how the Kingdom felt about the situation.

The honor guard, a very important military unit. Their weapons varied, armor strong and thick enough to hold up against the detonation of many handheld explosives. Their exoskeletons and metal plating made them stand tall, a total of 7ft, much higher then much of the populace. Their armor always remained coated in a black, bulky enough to hide their entire body and exoskeleton beneath. To have them deployed is quite a event, the fact that a mere bombing held enough importance to deploy them felt a bit shameful.

His ears would receive a loud buzz, emitted from the helmet's headset. "Augustus, respond." the voice spoke in a empty tone, much like all those in the honor guard.

"Yes?" Augustus replied.

"We're getting new orders. Meet us in the town square." it was vague, probably intentionally so. In a second the radio came to a dead silence, the transmission ended and orders having been received. Without question he'd march his way there.

Kingdom of Amucia
Present Day
Amucia, The Palace

The situation was getting increasingly dire.

The navy found that found that quite a few ships were missing parts critical to communication. This would not be such a severe mistake if it hadn't been for the fact many ships with this same flaw were currently patrolling the border. No awareness of how alone they were, no ability to communicate, if a mistake were to happen only the crew aboard could solve it. The amount of problems to be experienced in the void of space is innumerable, so much so that casualties were assured by now, especially with the state most of these vessels were already in. The King felt it necessary to just give on up these lost ships entirely.

But this was not all, the border was now left blatantly exposed to any incursions, which was a quick way to get people of all kinds into a panic.

"-we'll keep them doing drills until our fleet is back in action." that was one of the many advisers speaking. Nothing more then another plan out of many.

The King tapped the tips of fingers together repeatedly, slumped in his chair while sitting at the end of a lavish wooden table. On top of it sat a unrolled hand drawn map of all of Amucia, all known star systems and intricate little anomalies, numbers surrounding them indicating population of both Amucians and native species, from stockpiled supplies to local garrisons. Whoever commissioned it certainly knew who to talk to, the regret of not knowing who had drawn this up caused a great regret in the King's heart. It was such a good piece, ruined with all the hand prints of others.

"That is too expensive, way too expensive, I don't think any of us could come to a agreement like that." arguments continued like this. Peaceful at first as always, providing little facts and opinions intertwined, so desperately trying to push for relief for a side. Such sides would be corporations, the military branches, nobles, a representative for the peasantry and even a alien sympathizer so heavily mocked. It was all caught around in a ferocious verbal battle around one long rectangular table in a colossal room. The walls shined in morning light, enough so to be blinding. Couldn't look away from every arguing, couldn't go anywhere without hearing their voices echoing, having to deal with so many men screaming at each other...

The King, in all his youth, had seemed to age ten years every time this arguments kicked off. The lounging position and long hair didn't help.

The chair he sat in made a slight creak, a hand raised with fingers together and palm exposed. A clear demand to silence which every adviser froze at as if time itself had come to a stop, their mouths shutting and hands bodies becoming idle.

"We'll get two dreadnoughts running." The King's voice was depressing to listen to, like a man dying from a sickness, he continued with his hand hitting the arm of the chair "Get both patrolling our most familiar routes separately. We'll need the mining colonies working on overtime in the case any of our ships have been destroyed." a barely noticeable hand motion went over to the nearest General "And we'll have each garrison doing a series of drills, but only the militia. We'll keep everyone distracted from this mess until we know whats going on."

The entire room fell into a depressing silence.

"Meeting adjourned." he added.

There was a clatter of footsteps as everyone but the King began to separate themselves from the table. A rolling of chairs and finally, the opening of a door and the echoes of their footsteps leaving the room. A minority looked at their leader with a confusion and a pity for his sorrowful state, but all remained hushed until they were out of his sight.
You can count me in. I also vote for starting anew.
Alright, here we go. Not my most organized CS but I hope I got the job done.
Ready for review.


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