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Current @KingOfTheSkies sounds about right. *starts loading slicing shots"* Not getting me this time yah bastard.
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I've always found trying to push through a block makes me hate what I write down. Usually I read/write something of a similar setting to help get my mind going again.
1 yr ago
I hate it when you feel like you're in a nice place for your RP limit, then you see a RP you would love to do. -_-
1 yr ago
Hey, don't talk shit about my derpy land fish!
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Me: Ah finally, two days off. My manager: Heyyyyyy, whatcha doin today? God damit


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Hello! Venorik here, and I'm looking around for a partner or two. I only recently got back into RPing, so I only have a handful of requirements to read, so without further ado, let's get them out of the way!

- God-modding, character controlling, Mary Sue's, you know the drill. Try to avoid those as much as possible

- Posting lengths: I myself aim to be around the casual level, doing 2-3 paragraphs average, though that will likely change depending on the scene. Heavy dialogue or fighting? Shorter posts. Solo scene or exposition? Longer. I'm hoping for something similar from my partner.

- Posting times: I'm on usually every day, so I'll probably be able to put a post out within a day or two after my partner. This isn't very strict though, as I am well aware life can be a bitch. Again, hoping for something similar.

- 18+ aspects: Violence, drug use, swearing and sexual themes are all in the clear for me. I'm getting close to 27 now, so if you would like to include any of those, please be over 18 yourself. I have no issues with RPing with someone under that, just as long as stays clean.

That's pretty much it. Now on to the more interesting things like pairings and themes. For genders, I have plenty of experience with MxF and some with FxF, but none with MxM, nor any interest. (Sorry guys!) I can play either gender, both as the main character as well as secondary ones.

For themes (genres?), I prefer... pretty much anything but modern and full on slice-of-life really. Medieval, Sci-fi, dystopian, fantasy, apocalyptic. The further from normal we get, the more I usually like it. I have recently had an interest in either mechs (either supersized Battletech style ones or more manageable Titanfall sized ones) or monsters (courtesy of Love Death and Robots).

If anyone is interested, either drop something here or shoot me a message. I have a few plots in mind for certain settings, but if you have your own you'd like to give a shot, feel free to send that in a PM. The worst that I can do is say no, right?

Quick note, I'm probably only going to start one or two, don't want to swamp myself right after getting back.
Looking between each member of the room that spoke (and giving a roll of her eyes at the warning about being cheeky), Arlathil made a quick mental check on each person's name mentioned, though Isa got a slightly raised eyebrow. She was going by her Rune, and seemed to call each of the others by it too? Odd. In any case, she gave a quick smile to her partner in teasing, Valeria apparently. Next up Isa went through a list of everyone currently present, so it made it much easier for her to learn them as well, even if it might take some time for her to remember each one by heart. She'd have to learn their actual names either later, or when they introduced themselves. Speaking of introductions...

"Well if we're doing introductions, might as well get mine out of the way. Arlathil Avuna, local fighter and now, apparently, Berkano Rune." She said as she wandered over to the other women in the room, picking up a tea for herself with a quick nod of thanks to the medic. She took a quick sip, preferring to leave it without milk or sugar herself. She probably could have said more about herself, but she figured it would be best to give everyone a chance to speak.
I took a slight liberty in having Arla and Delia seeing eachother shortly once before, but with her getting there after getting into a fistfight with a Warg, I didn't think it would be much of a stretch.
It didn't take long for Arlathil to reach the lounge, and she was reasonably sure she wasn't late as she entered, giving a glance around. There was only a handful of people in the room so far, so she assumed she wasn't the last o e to arrive, as there was supposed too be nine of the 'Runes', and a number of the people present were Blessed guards. While she herself had only been brought to the facility recently, she had managed to remember most of the buildings layout and a number of the guards faces, though their names still escaped her. Of the Runes that were here before her, she hadn't actually interacted with any except the healer on her first day, though that was only for a short time before the brass spirited her away for their 'Chosen' spiel. What she had heard of most of the others though... she had to admit she was a little concerned about them forming a force to fight anything, let alone Ragnarok. However, what right did she have to second guess Odin himself?

Speaking of the other Runes, as well as the healer, she spotted the pastel wearing individual already there, making some tea. She couldn't help but smile at the rather interesting character that she had woken up to after her scrap with the Warg. The scent of the tea was also much appreciated. She figured it would be best if she went over and properly introduced herself to her, as well as the second one that had now sat down, as she would likely be seeing them both much more from here on out. Before she could, another person wandered past, smelling quite heavily of booze. Her smile shifted to more of a smirk as she glanced to the guy that seemed mostly asleep.

"I see someone had a self inflicted bad morning." She said as she looked the guy over. She didn't see a Rune on him, but it might just be somewhere she couldn't see. Even if he wasn't, she'd get around to talking with the others later, especially since they would probably do some grand introduction for them. Hopefully this whole thing wouldn't be too over the top.

I believe that's everything.
Working on mine. I swear the moment I sit down to type, everyone immediately starts bugging me to do things with them -_-

Quick question, how large/strong is a Warg compared to a normal person?
If no one else has claimed it, I'd like to reserve the Berkano if I can. I only recently got back into rping and had intended to stick to 1x1s, but this looks absurdly fun.
Ah, roleplaying. That old hobby I haven't touched in years, yet it still crops up and makes me wanna do it again. Hello! Long time gamer and writer here, though I have to admit my writing has been left alone for a good long time now. Been poking around and this site has a good layout, so here I am. I'll probably be quite rusty, but my solid (overactive really) imagination has always stayed strong, so hopefully that will help.
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