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3 mos ago
Current Almost all the takeouts here shut when they were all offering delivery just a few weeks ago. Lockdown really fucking up the service industry
3 mos ago
Just downloaded all the Kingdom Hearts games from the Game Pass. Can’t wait to be super confused by Nomura’s fever dream
3 mos ago
God fuck Coronavirus right in its sickly ass >:( I wanna go to the fucking gym and then I wanna go to fucking Costa and ruin my diet
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3 mos ago
3 mos ago
So YOU’RE the reason why I keep getting promotional emails for Adam and Eve >:(


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In Lockdown 3 mos ago Forum: Spam Forum
Wherever it is that there’s different coloured zones, you’re basically living inside Prototype lmao

Lots of people here don’t give a fuck about the law either but that’s mostly cause the police here don’t do shit when you report people for breaking the law. That’s why all of our local businesses are dying.
In Lockdown 3 mos ago Forum: Spam Forum
What’s yall lockdowns like?? I’m in the uk and we’ve been in lockdown for 3 weeks since Boxing Day and we have 3 more to go. Half the country has shut down and so many of our companies have gone in the shitter

Wondering if the grass is greener elsewhere

Also the boredom. Dear god the boredom
There’s nothing there
A fact about me is that I was playing Crash 4 last night and I died a total of SEVENTY THREE TIMES on Cortex Castle
Big hoe energy
Those god damn invisible neighbours, probably peeping through my windows and shit smh
Big rainbow birb
Naw man I had a Huawei P30 Pro and it was ass. Just kept acting like it knew what I wanted and went ahead and did it without my input. Like turning auto brightness on by itself even though I kept hitting off about 10 times a day >:V
Oh I have an Xbox lol
Xbox needs a paint function tho that’d be funny
Okay if anyone’s the pizza man here it’s Dante 😂😂

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