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I have now met my original.

If you're cool with this amount of people, I'd say go ahead! It's already been up for almost 2 weeks.
Dane McKenzie placed his hands against the cool window, eyes wide as he stared at their view of the academy compound. It looked absolutely amazing, giving off the rich private boarding school vibe he had only seen on brochures. This was his third start at a high school debut. His first school got wrecked in the Union City incident, and his second only lasted for a few months before he got his Empyreus-version of a Hogwarts letter. And you know what they say, third time’s always a charm! He could envision the upcoming years now: he’d be top of the class (fat chance, as his grades were always on the brink of failure), super popular (highly unlikely, as he was too childish and noisy to really top that cool social chain), all the girls would love him (maybe by ignoring his not-at-all smooth self) all the teachers would be impressed by his abilities (despite how recent it manifested and how inexperienced he was) and he’d be a superhero and save everyone!... Okay, so maybe that last one was really the only possible goal, but a kid could dream, can’t he?

As he was daydreaming of a wonderful (unrealistic) future school life, the sudden sound of someone speaking up in the bus broke his train of thought. Dane himself was seated among the first rows of the bus, being the first to board. He was hoping he’d get a seatmate along the way, but there were only a few boarders so it didn’t happen. Glad to finally hear a voice, he focused on the conversation. At his new schoolmate’s question, he looked out the window again, also noticing lack of movement and life in general from their view of the school - well, actually, he noticed it too, of course! Totally! It just didn’t bother him! He was an observant person, really! While trying to convince himself in his own head, the bus driver answered. Dane’s eyes widened in surprise. “Oh, are we that early?” It was kinda weird how, for a school so huge, there were only a select few on this bus. It was also odd no employees were around, but hey, he wouldn't judge people that only came at the time that was needed, often being a latecomer to class himself. “Couldn’t wait to see the kids on your route, huh, mister bus driver?” he added with a huge grin. Maybe this buff guy was just a big softie - all bus drivers were!
This would be set in either the Korean or Japanese idol industry (Korean preferred, unless you’re okay with my J-idol knowledge being limited to idol animes). They would be in two different idol groups, one being a senior (just by a year or a few) and the the other a recently debuted rookie.

It might involve a lot of character creation, since they’ll be in separate groups. On the other hand, we could also do already established K-pop idol groups. Feel free to mention the groups you have in mind and I’ll see if I can write them.

I write casual-advanced, am okay with mature stuff and any posting speed ranging from once a day to once a week.

Shoot me a PM if interested. Even if it isn’t similar to the plot above, if you have an idol RP idea, feel free to suggest as well.

Interested in this! Are you still accepting?
Very interested in this!
Yo. I used to RP years ago but stopped because of life. Now trying to get back into it because I need something creative and productive to make me feel good about something again.

Also, tried to check out my old account and noticed the remark that there was a relaunch of this site back in 2015. So was everything prior to that erased? Or were they archived somewhere? Was hoping to check out some of my old writing and feel nostalgic.
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