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Current a lot of people don't write descriptions in the character sheet, though. they just toss in some image off of google.
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my community was mostly places where image embedding (and sometimes even hyperlinking) wasn't even supported. you had to c&p any links. so people just... wrote a character description. like... writers
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maybe i am getting old. when i used to rp, "face claims" basically didn't exist, and now seeing how pervasive they are i just want to go on a long rant about Kids These Days.


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"Ours is a world without foundation," or so it is said. Though most any person alive would think the lands where they have always lived must stretch out across the ages, present from time's very beginning to its very end, it is not so. For many, the only life they have ever known is more like a bubble floating on the surface of the world, appearing only briefly with the churning of the waves...

Priests have preached and scholars have taught the same of all things. "For example," one might say, "while the people of one age may dine on silver pools, their food floating lightly on its surface and remaining ever dry; the people of the next must store it tight in sheets of shapen stone, for fear a rogue gust might cut it through and return it to the skies."

- Excerpt from "The Nature of Dreams," Introduction, pg. 10.

Terra Ephemera is a world where magic reigns over substance. "Natural laws," for the most part, do not exist; instead, those talented in the use of magic can shape the very rules around them. These people are known by several names, but are most revered as "Dreamers."

Dreamers are something akin to both mages and gods. While they are mortal, they have fantastic power; though they are not omnipotent, it is only through them that a physical world exists at all; and, of course, though they are many, the greatest among them are quite few in number.

However, as mighty and revered as they may be, few would regard all Dreamers as equals. After all, each land has its own Dreamer, and through them, it gains its own characteristics. It is for this reason that the many nations are known as separate Dreams, and the people of most nations regard the Dreamer who shapes their own Dream--and therefore, who provides them with the life they know and cherish--as the greatest.


Though the true number of nations in the world is still beyond modern knowledge, most experts agree there must be at least several dozen dreams as large as Krometia, and many more which contain only thousands--or even hundreds--of souls.

- Excerpt from J. Keiran's "Geography of the World"

Though some countries of a sort do exist, it is Dreams which best define and divide the many nations of the world, and it is not difficult to understand why. Though any individual Dream is already quite flexible, the difference between two individual Dreams is far greater: where the people of one dream may have metallic exoskeletons, superhuman strength, and live in a vast system of artificial caves, the people of the next could sport birdlike wings and make their homes in towers that stretch taller than even the highest mountain.

Indeed, it is common for people of one Dream not to notice the people of another at all, mistaking their bodies for mere sculptures or common wildlife--or even overlooking them altogether. However, no matter how different the people of one Dream may appear from those of another, there is one means through which they can tell they are all, fundamentally, the same. Should a person of one Dream somehow slip away from their Dreamer, they may soon reawaken in the Dream of another, and with the physical form to match.

Though, this is not always the case...


It is through our Dreamer that we are blessed with shape, and breath, and life itself. It is by Their grace that our eyes may open, and our very souls may be nourished.

- Soli, Priest of Veil

Though spirits themselves may very well have always existed, and certainly are not created by the Dreamers, they exist in a state of perfect slumber until a Dreamer calls them to life. Though it is not known how many spirits exist in the world, it is known that Dreamers tend only to call those for whom they have some affinity or affection. In other words, everyone who exists within a given Dream has been, for one reason or another, chosen by the Dreamer who presides over it; and, if they should reject or slip out of that Dream, there is no guarantee another Dreamer will choose to awaken them anew.

This is yet another reason many people show a fierce loyalty to their own Dream and revere their own Dreamer. However, quite a few people throughout history have, all the same, deliberately chosen to migrate from one Dream to another, even knowing the risks. Each society has their own term for such people, and affords them a different social status. Some may view them as mere traitors or vagabonds, where others venerate them as courageous and talented.


They may call themselves an alliance, but you know the truth. They've always been the greediest bunch on the planet.

Nothing is beneath these Autumn bastards. Nothing!

- A certain pubgoer's overheard sentiment

In recent times, however, the natural borders between Dreams have weakened... or, at least, the natural borders between some Dreams. Nearly every Dream which shares a border with the lands of Autumn--a Dream where nature provides an endless bounty, and the people are possessed of the appetite to match--has gradually found the orange leaves and damp earth of those lands encroaching upon its own territory, and the power of its own Dreamer waning.

The priests of Autumn have said a spiritual illness is spreading, and vowed to do everything in their power to heal it and restore the balance between Dreamers. Taken in by this promise, several smaller Dreams have already joined a new "Autumn Alliance"... and then, gradually, their own Dreams have been subsumed. Many more still have considered the option, fearful that they may otherwise be left without a Dream and fall back into an impenetrable slumber...

However, not everyone can believe the words of another Dreamer's priest so easily. In most nations, at least some believe--and in some nations, most all--that the truth is something different. That this is not an illness, but aan invasion. Though they may not understand the means or motives, they can't help but believe it: the people of Autumn have found their own Dream wanting, and set their sights on the lands of their neighbours.

And it is here that our story begins.


So, uh.

Character creation would basically give you two options: either you create a character who lives within one of the Dreams I'll create, or you can also file an app for your own original Dream. Note, though, that I would still be GM writing for your Dreamer and possibly some other key characters.

Other than that, I'd need more protagonists than antagonists, and, for the sake of the plot, any antagonist applications can't be for someone really high up in the Autumn Alliance or similar.

There would be a few more restrictions in order to preserve balance and story theme, but nothing too intense. (Basically, as long as you're not trying to completely subvert the setting, it should be good.)

Anyone think they'd be interested?
Possible interest, though the vagueness leaves me a bit hesitant...
In Yo. 5 mos ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
I'm new here, and I'm bad at talking, so let's cut to the skinny.

Career: I started roleplaying a little over fifteen years ago now, but I've been on hiatus for the past five or so. Adult life is a pain. Anyway, my experience is mostly with forum-based PBP, same as here, though I've done a bit of chatroom and MMO RPing, as well.

Preferences: Group RPs in SF settings are my usual jam, but I can enjoy a good 1x1 session, too. I prefer to make my own original characters, but I don't mind playing them in fandoms. Playing someone else's character isn't my thing, though, so if there's a roster to choose from or anything like that, count me out. I also have a lot of my own setting ideas, so, failing all else, you might see me posting stuff to the Interest Check sections.

Interests: I'm a hipster-goth wannabe-philosopher. I like video games and music, but only if they're indie or alternative enough. I also complain a lot, about pretty much everything, but it's (usually) nothing personal.

Hope to share some fun times and awesome prose.
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