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i'd say i didn't know i needed a persona 5 dancing game, but let's be real, i knew the whole time.…
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Seeing CGI young Carrie Fisher in Rogue One lowkey hurt.. ;;

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@Grey fuck i thought i was being cool now i have to CHANGE IT
I've gone pretty ham on the posting so I will slow down, but I figured I might as well get at least someone else in the IC sooner rather than later. Also made up an incantation because I gotta be hipster my dude.

god i wish i had seibah delivering me lewds on christmas

Location: Urquhart Castle, Scotland.
Interacting with: Berserker of Red @MeteorD; the other Masters of Red by association.
Magical energy: 177 out of 180.

With a few small corrections to her summoning circle, Sonja was content. As she tightened the bandage about her hand, her palm still throbbing from the blood she drew to complete the circle, she moved to stand and position herself just outside of the circle; there was no need to use magic on the wound yet, not with her medical kit in her pack and a summoning ritual pending. As far as she could see, the rest of the world was blissfully unaware of their presence, although it wasn't likely to stay that way once seven servants were summoned in succession. She only hoped the others shared her sense of urgency.

With a sharp breath in, Sonja lifted her left arm, presenting her bandaged palm towards the summoning circle and supporting her arm with her right hand resting atop her left upper arm. The blood had yet to reach the bandage itself, contained promptly by the dressing underneath. With a bit of pressure from her right hand, she could feel her magic crest pulsing in anticipation under the sleeve of her jacket. Even despite all her research, she didn't know as much as she would have liked about summoning a servant: while she knew the incantations, circles, and mechanics of the Holy Grail War, she wanted to know more; in fact, the more she thought about it, the more she realized she didn't know. Who are the other Masters of Black, for that matter? Why couldn't they have discovered this before executing the he-

She pushed her doubts from her mind. She knew that this wasn't the time to let herself down.
"For the essence: silver, and my own blood."
From this moment on, she was becoming more than the bearer of a complete magic crest:
"For the foundation: stone, and the archduke of contracts."
...she was becoming a Master of Red, gambling not only her life, but also the future and success of an entire bloodline of magus.
"For the ancestor: Lavrentiy the Faded, the first of my kin."
Until the war was won, she could accept nothing less; there was no other options.
"Let the gates in all directions be shut, rising above the crown, and let the three-forked roads to the Kingdom revolve."
With a gentle tilt, she turned her left hand to be in a vertical fist, and with a gentle nudge from her thumb, she pressed open the vial of liquid silver. It ran down her hand, over her skin and between her fingers, until dripping from the very bottom and falling onto the summoning circle. With every drop that fell, the circle grew brighter: glowing a brilliant green, as is standard for the stage.
"Fill, fill, fill, fill, fill."
She had almost no appreciation for where the others were in the process. In the case none would share her sense of urgency, she would bear it alone: if Ayondale's men were to be on their trail, both her and her servant would be ready. Everything had to be perfect.
"Repeat five times and destroy each when filled." She paused briefly, before delivering the next word as if a firm command: "Set."

As the circle shifted color to a faded yet brilliant blue, in the style of her family crest, she continued. Her voice was quiet, yet commanding: she had no interest in making a show of her summoning, yet had every intention of controlling it to the end. Precision and magic went hand in hand.
"I hereby propose: become my champion, the warden of my fate. If you submit to the call of the Grail and will obey this will and reason, then answer me."
She was nervous, but she refused to show it. She refused to be accepted as anything less, especially in the presence of younger magus.
"In exchange, I hereby swear: I will bear the virtues of the Kingdom of Heaven, and smite those of evil where they may be found. Thou seven heavens, clad in a trinity of words, come forth from the cradle of restraint: by both my oath and yours!"

The light became blinding, too much for Sonja to bear. Tried as she might to look into it, to look for the servant she summoned, she couldn't bear it. She sealed her eyes shut in favor of maintaining her posture, until the very end.

Here's a quick revision for you:

  • Name: Legacy of Gérard
    Title: Mysterious Bane of William the Silent
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Rank: C+
    Range: 75m
    Maximum number of targets: 1, although a shot penetrating an unarmored target may proceed to strike a second.
    Description: A single wheellock riding pistol, the very one used to assassinate William the Silent. While recorded history would teach that two pistols were used to assassinate William the Silent, only one pistol was ever recovered, and old witness accounts held in the archives of the Clocktower would suggest that the same pistol fired twice in succession to assassinate the revolutionary. While the truth is unclear, the legend gave form to the Legacy of Gérard: a pistol that reloads itself, allowing for successive fire at the wielders foes. The reload process occurs magically and takes approximately a second and a half to complete, at the cost of 2 units per shot. The lingering magical energy from the reload process remains with the shot, activating upon contact with the first object struck, regardless of what it is; when the magical energy activates, it guides the shot through the struck object and provides it with extra force to proceed through at full speed, allowing it to go straight through armor, an unarmored enemy, or even a wall at no loss of momentum. This can only occur once per shot as the lingering magical energy is consumed entirely for a single penetration.
  • Name: Kingslayer
    Title: As David to Goliath
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Rank: C+
    Range: 75m
    Maximum number of targets: 1, although more may be caught in the blast cone if positioned in a tight group.
    Description: A single shot fired from the weapon, loosely based on the shot that killed William the Silent. After being fired from the weapon, the shot will - if true to its mark - begin rapidly duplicating itself once within 5 meters of the target, from which the duplication will also duplicate until the mark is met or passed. Each shot is a full ball in and of itself, enhanced in its impact damage by the lingering magical energy from the duplication process. The outcome is a magical shotgun blast, capable of dealing severe or even lethal damage if enough shots connect. Due to the nature of the duplication trigger, a target running at the shot might only be struck by two or four shots if they are running towards the oncoming shot, whereas a target running away might he struck with sixteen or thirty-two; hence, using the Noble Phantasm against a fleeing target is the most lethal option. Each use consumes 350 units, the majority of the servants 600 units total. It should be noted that Kingslayer doesn't share the armor piercing quality of Legacy of Gerard as the duplication process, merely a part of the full reload process, doesn't produce as much byproduct magical energy as the complete reload process: instead, the lingering energy is instead used to amplify the impact damage of each individual duplicated shot. With enough duplicated shots, a full Kingslayer blast could blow a hole clean into a wall, or the sheer force of multiple impacts could inflict severe blunt trauma against an armored target from the sheer impact and even outright shred the armor off.

@Turboshitter Slightly late but, I've been giving that buff for Archer some thought and I've got a pitch for you:
Increasing the strength of Legacy of Gerard, as MeteorD suggested. I was thinking of knocking it up to around C to C+, where the shots are magically augmented with an armor piercing quality. I figure, the range should stay as is because it's a wheellock carbine so range would defeat the point of it, and endurance and agility are lit as is.

or maybe it's an AYONDALE SPY
h o m o n c u l u s w i f e d e t e c t e d
I hope we're allowed to post 'cause, yeah, there's that.

Location: Urquhart Castle, Scotland.
Interacting with: The masters by association.
Magical energy: 177 out of 180.

"Two uniformed guards patrolling underneath the east ramparts..." Sonja muttered, as if a world away from the reality they were in. With both of her eyes pressed shut, one hand against the wall for stability and two feet spread comfortably at shoulder with, Sonja focused on the perception from her sparrow familiar. It was hard to see overhead - the transparent nature of its construction made it blend in with the night, taking on the dark blue from the sky above. With a gentle motion from her left hand and a faint glow from under her sleeve, the sparrow suddenly changed direction, weaving to keep the two security officers in sight. She could see the summoning site from above, and the group not too far from it. They were close. "..and.. go now. Don't stop, this is the last leg." After giving the word to the haphazardous pack, she opened her eyes - returning her senses to her own point of view - and made her way forward herself. She'd found herself a bit of a vein to work in doing this, operating in a support role: throughout the heist, she monitored the situation from above and below, keeping the party well informed and going where few others could fly or fit.

After crossing the last gap, Sonja briefly closed her eyes to check on the guards: fortunately, they were none the wiser. With her brief check completed, she moved to close in towards the summoning circles. As she dropped to a knee she slipped her backpack off her back, bringing it about to rest it on the grass besides her. A brief search gave her what she was looking for: several dirty squares of paper towel, wrapped snugly about a vaguely rectangular object. She reached forward to unwrap it before a voice drew her attention away:
"Ladies and gentlemen," the voice began, "it is good to 'ave you 'ere tonight..." It was as soon as that that she stopped paying attention. It was no secret she wasn't fond of speeches - while some of the younger conspirators, some as young as 15, might appreciate some stirring words, she was no such conspirator. She had almost 10 years over the youngest, even some of the selected masters, so it was only natural her tastes and preferences differed; or at least, that's how she justified it to herself. She returned her attention to the paper towel, now unwrapping it to reveal the prize within: the ancient head of a Japanese Ono, shaped in a crescent D and subjected to all sorts of deterioration and attrition. Most would be forgiven for not identifying the tortured bit of steel as an item of legend: the head of the Ono wielded by Kintaro, the Golden Boy. After stuffing the paper towel back into her bag, she gently set the axe head down in the center of her selected summoning circle.

While the speech went on, Sonja went about double-checking the summoning circle. Nothing less than perfect would do: they were up against the Clocktower elite, some of the best magus on the planet, as a haphazardous of rebellious adolescents and young adults. Too much was at stake for an oversight to end the grand plan so early, before even the earliest confrontation with the enemy. For all she knew, Ayondale himself could be following them to their summoning circle, or could have even sabotaged it already. Which reminded her... Mid-way through the inspection, Sonja closed her eyes and waved her hand to update the sparrow's orders. From the perception of the nimble creature above, she surveyed the surrounds again and yet again, watching for anything out of place. Heavens forbid that Ayondale already has masters nearby, let alone summoned servants...

Throughout the remainder of the speech, until the positions were taken by the seven masters, Sonja continued to inspect the circle and survey the surrounds time and time again. The summoning has to be perfect. There was no room for error, not against a superior enemy. It has to be perfect.
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