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Current [wakes up from year long coma] theres another sonic movie
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to everyone waiting on a response, i'll get back to yall ASAP!! things are a little hectic rn, but i should be back to normal by monday <3
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out here judging Met Gala looks in my sweatpants like im Meryl Streep in Devil Wears Prada
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having a harry potter phase in 2021 because of tiktok..........this is so humiliating to my brand. sirius black brainrot
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i bet on crazy frogs


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Location: Luis' Tacoporium
Interaction: Malu @metanoia

“But maybe you might?”

That got a good snicker out of Mia, head tilting back as if dear Malu had just suggested that she paint her nose red and join a circus.

“As if! No, thanks. I’m leaving the scholarly work to you nerds, since you’re so good at it.” Mia squished Malu as she laughed. The notion that she could ever put in the work to challenge Malu Vass of all people was endlessly amusing to her.

The girl had worked out a while ago that the academic life didn’t agree with her. She had never been able to sit down, focus and study what had to be studied, not ever. If her mother hadn’t locked her in her bedroom and forced her to do her homework throughout most of freshman year, she most likely would have been held back (and even then, she still managed to sneak out through the window when nobody was paying enough attention). Thank the heavens her brother managed to somehow be even worse than her, there was no time to worry about Mia barely passing math when Vincent was getting detention every other day and not even bothering to show up to class.
So while good, smart girls like Malu devoured books and cared about their futures, Mia was getting into shady nightclubs with her professionally-done fake ID or attending house parties she had no business being invited to.

“You don’t have to worry about competition from me, I’d much rather just be your hype-girl.” Mia smiled, her ridiculously expensive lip gloss adding a light pink color to her lips “And I’ll worry about peer-pressuring you into going out to party with me~”


Location: Bleachers
Interactions: Charlotte @Akayaofthemoon, Marco+Maria @LostDestiny, Daniel Murphy @Moro

“Yeah, yeah, you’re so full of shit.”
Lydia ignored the mood shifting upon her arrival- nothing she wasn’t used to in this damn school- focusing instead on returning Charlotte’s hug. She didn’t really like being affectionate in front of people she wasn’t close with, she’s only a hugger in private, but she’ll make an exception for Thorne, placing a hand on her best friend’s waist as Charlie kept her arm around her shoulder.

”Do you all know each other or are introductions in order?”

“We’re all familiar.” Lydia said, glancing at the rest of the group, greeting them with a nod and a smile that wasn’t as sincere as before. Lydia didn’t mind them, mostly. The Costellos were pretty okay, as long as her ex wasn’t around. And Daniel was… one of the better ones, especially where Vincent’s buddies were concerned. She wouldn’t call them friends by any means, but she hardly called anyone her friend
“Vince’s friends.” She explained, looking back at Charlotte.

“Can’t believe I’m not the first to give you a warm welcome. That’s embarrassing. I’ll have to try harder.” She tilted her head, eyeing the group “So, how’s the elementary school reunion, then?”

Location: Bleachers
Interactions: Charlotte @Akayaofthemoon, Marco+Maria @LostDestiny, Daniel Murphy @Moro

The quick reply from her friend got a grin out of Lydia, who was impatient by nature. The confirmation that Charlie was near her was good to hear, the fact that she's already getting hounded by the resident Dellbrook idiots, not so much.

Narrowing her eyes, Lydia scouted for her model friend, the other 10 in a sea of 5s...and found her crushed between two gingers and a dork.

Lydia walked to the small group, more than happy to interrupt the happy reunion, as an extremely rare occurrence happened: Lydia Harrington had a genuine smile on her face.

"Already replacing me with your old pals, Charlie?" She called out, jokingly, directing her words and smile to her friend "You're cold."

Location: Luis' Tacoporium
Interaction: Malu @metanoia

Mia let out a giggle at Malu’s colorfully-worded attack on her brother, who was nowhere near to defend himself. And something she appreciated even more than hearing her brother get roasted was hearing compliments. Opening a big smile, Mia felt the uneasiness about her new look quickly evaporate, interwinding her arm with Malu’s.

“I can always count on you to hype me up in the best way, Mal.” Falling in line next to her friend, Mia conducted herself with the same carefree attitude that had gotten her through the past 16 years.
“So, other than patiently waiting for me, what’s up with you, smarty-pants? Ready to intellectually kick ass and make the rest of us look bad?” She raised an eyebrow as she asked, smiling with her teeth.


Location: Field -> Bleachers
Interactions: Charllotte @Akayaofthemoon (via text)

The field was packed, unsurprisingly, with everyone in school, except for the one person Lydia wanted to see. Either Charlotte had found something sweet to entertain herself, or she was alone flipping her shit. Either way, Lydia would find her, even if it meant subjecting herself to possibly bumping into her brainless classmates.

Ignoring the sophomore girls who were very conspicuously whispering about her, she pulled out her phone, texting Charlie as she headed for the bleachers, where she could at least hide from the sun (and maybe even have a sneaky smoke, if she's lucky).

made it to Hell in time, sadly. Where tf are you?

Axel Maddox

Location: dorm -> 155° Cafe
Interaction: Gareth Maddox(phone), Jamie @smarty0114

“You can’t do it.” Axel grit his teeth through his words “You can’t keep me here for another fucking term!

If Axel’s grip on the phone was any stronger, it would snap in half. This obviously meant it was time for the monthly call with his brother- and it was going about as well as it always did.

”God, not this talk again.” He heard Gareth’s exaspherated sigh from the other end of the line, which onlt pissed him off more ”We can talk all day about what I can and cannot do, it doesn’t change anything. You’re staying at OIC, that’s final”

“Fuck you, I am.” With a scoff, Axel paced around his room, stomping on the hardwood floor as if the boards were his brother’s dumb face “This is bullshit, you can’t keep me here against my will, like I’m your ugly pet hamster. It’s fuckin’- abuse!”

“Fucking spare me, Axel.”

“You know how easy it’s gonna be to get them to kick me out?” It wasn’t the first time he’d made this threat, and something made him feel like it would not be the last “Some destruction of school property, and boom, that’s it, easy peasy. I’ll be back home, breaking your property instead, you actual psychopath.”

“Fine, go ahead then. Get expelled. I guess that means you don’t want your inheritance anymore, right?”

Axel could feel his jaw tightening. Fucker. Threats went both ways in the Maddox family interactions.

“You know the deal. No degree, no trust fund. Dad made it crystal clear in the tiny letters.” He could hear the smug, satisfied smile on his brother’s face on the other end of the line “What’ll you be doing after your expulsion, with your great set of skills? Get a job? You’re gonna flip patties at McDonalds, Axel?”

“Eat shit.”

“Gladly. You’re gonna make me some to prepare to serve under Ronald?” Another sigh- it’s like he does it on purpose “This is what’s best for you. Everything I’m doing is for-“

“Yeah, yeah, great fuckin’ talk, like always, Gareth.” Axel cut him off, not being able to stomach anymore lies that were bound to come out of his brother’s mouth “Have a good time cheating on your girlfriend, you leech. Don't call again.”


Hanging up on Gareth was always cathartic, but this time, it did little to make Axel feel better. Gareth had done it, he had placed the cheese down and trapped Axel like he was the world’s dumbest, angriest rat. And this place was the word’s dumbest, most pretentious mousetrap. He wanted to scream.


He screamed.

There was no point in fighting it. If there’s one thing Axel was, it was realistic, and he knew damn well he wouldn’t last a day out there without money. He hated it here, but he also hated it home.

The phone in his hand buzzed, and Axel’s expression immediately turned into a scolw, expecting to see Gareth’s contact on the screen again, bothering him, since bothering is the only thing he knows how to do.

“@jamiethegreat: im bored what are you doing”

Well, maybe some things were better here.

Going back and forth with Callaghan for a while, he decided to go meet him at the café. It’s not like he had anything better to do, other than sit here and feel miserable for himself. One more second letting his anger marinate and he'd give into the cliche of putting a hole in the wall.

He put something decent on, and headed out for the 155. Axel raised an eyebrow as he walked, seeing an unordinarily big group of people around a bulletin board of all things. And were some of them…looking at him?

No, no, fuck that. He didn’t know, and he didn’t care. If it’s important, Callaghan will tell him. Axel ignored the board, and the looks, put on his headphones and moved on with his life.

Stepping into the café, he gave the place a quick look around. He spotted that Mimsy girl with Vaupel- whose presence Callaghan couldn’t be happy about. Axel had no problem with her, but he did find their little rivalry pretty amusing. Jamie clearly did not.

Speaking of which, there he was, sitting and looking like the nervous wreck he usually was. Axel almost smiled, making his way to sit across from him.

“You better not have gotten me anything shitty, Callaghan.” He leaned back on the chair, eyeing the boy across from him

Location: Studio -> Audi -> Dellbrook Academy High School (sadly)
Interactions: N/A

Location: Hallway --> Luis' Tacoporium
Interaction: Mandy (via text, @TGM), Malu @metanoia

Admittedly, Mia had zoned out. This wasn't an uncommon occurrence, the girl had a tendency to get lost in her own thoughts, and was often spotted staring at nowhere with her head so far up in the clouds, her feet nearly left the ground. The buzzing of her phone was what made Mia snap back into reality, scrambling to read the various texts being sent her way. Reading them over, the junior typed quick as she walked.

Mandy Flanagan
This is a reminder to everyone who was in drama last year to let me know what you'd like me to petition for on your behalf in my proposal for our yearly theater productions. Also, I'd like a headcount. Is everyone who was part of our core participating this year?

I don't like surprises! See you guys later. :)

u KNOW u can count on me this year again, mands <333

This got a smile on her face. Despite Amanda's ironically intimidating smiley faces, Mia really couldn't wait to be on stage with her friend again. Was she terrifying? Totally. But it was part of Mandy's appeal, and Mia couldn't deny that she astronomically raised the level of the drama club solely by being there.

Mad Malu
Get your ass to Luis’ Tacoporium
Mad Malu
Bitch we gettin us some tacos!

lessgoooooo !!!!!!

omw. save me a spot on the line, bbcakes

Suddenly energized with the thought of overpriced Mexican food, Mia strutted her way through the carnival to meet with her lovely, grumpy friend- who was sure to be even grumpier at the fact that there was, indeed, a line at the Tacoporium. Malu was easy to find, if not for the fact that she was the angriest person on her way to get a taco. Contrasting with her friend's in-character crankiness, Mia ran up to her and wrapped her arms around the girl, smile wide across her face as she got her in a bear hug.

"Hey, grouchy! I missed you!" Mia said, in a sing-songy voice. She was quick to pull away and gesture at her last-minute haircut, with a hopeful expression as she looked over at Malu's reaction to it "So, bangs, what are we thinking? ...Please say something nice. Vincent has been calling me a 'little lad' all morning, I need it for my self-esteem."

bump :)
bump!! <3
hey!! I recently got back into Harry Potter 'cause of TikTok (which is so embarrassing for my brand, but I'm taking it like a champ), and I've been wanting to play around with the universe a bit. If that seems like something you'd be interested in, feel free to shoot me a PM!! My only requirement is that you're over 18 :)

I'm pretty open-minded and flexible on most things, so if you got any ideas, lmk!! But here's what I'd be into doing:

If any of these catch your eye, shoot me a PM! <333
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