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Current Why go commando when you can be invisible?
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If I had unlimited funds, my income tax would also be unlimited, which would cause runaway inflation and completely destroy the value of the dollar.
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The commies showing up in the status bar is some riders of rohan type shit.
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Who controls the British crown? Who keeps the metric system down? Men do, men do. Who keeps Atlantis off the maps? Who keeps the Martians under wraps? Men do, men do!
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this argument was all kinds of dumb. everybody go to your rooms and don't come out until dinner.
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<Snipped quote by Vilageidiotx>

I agree, but I also feel like creation would actually be that casual of an act for literally YHVH the Almighty.

It would be easy for a omnipotent and all powerful god, but that's not the same as casual. Taking the Christian cannon at face value suggests that god takes the universe seriously.

Now, the argument that an omnipotent being could never truly take creation seriously is compelling...
use a stic
<Snipped quote by Vilageidiotx>

Technically they're not wrong. First Bibles were in Greek Latin and Hebrew, and one of the first languages it was translated to was Old Slavonic (long before Martin Luther translated it to German and then the next guy to English) which is extremely accurate because of Greek alphabet and lots of Greek loanwords. Let me tell you, after reading it these guys are pretty much doing God's work. The only thing they have going wrong is the free market thing. Christ our Lord was quite against the dangers coming from the powers of greed and late stage capitalism that a "free" market defined which is understandable and also puts me off from American conservatism.

You're obfuscating what is silly about this. The mainstream english translations are the KJV and its children. The idea that KJV or the language updates that have followed it are liberal conspiracies is crazy as fuck. I've never in my life met a Conservative who would argue that all the English translations bibles are examples of liberal media.

The thing is, you say the Slavic language translation is accurate because of the greek loanwords, and that is fine. But English isn't the same thing. It is unlikely that they will outdo previous interpretations, especially since they are dedicated to tweaking the translation to fit a modern political narrative.

Just peaking in, I figured I would look at how they handled one of the most iconic translations...

King James Version
In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

New International Version
In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

Conservapedia Version
For starters, God created the heavens and the earth.

Now, the argument they make for this literary misfortune is interesting grammatically...

There is no definite article in the Hebrew text, and thus "for starters" is a better translation than "in the beginning." Creation was not God's beginning, but the universe's.

But to me, there are some serious problems with this choice. For one, they are splitting hairs, because nobody reads the english translation as suggesting God began at that moment. For two, the expression they chose is idiomatic, one that an english speaker would typically associate with informal writing or speech. "In the beginning" carries a literary weight that equals the task of creating the universe, whereas "For starters" makes creation sound as casual as ordering mozzarella sticks.

Now, in my opinion this whole thing seems like a joke. That they are crowdsourcing a biblical translation implies to me that much of this would be a joke, and replacing one of the most iconic lines in English literature with "For starters" suggests to me that some internet atheist types are having a laugh. And that would fit Conservapedia's history. The guy who started it was fucked with by people making fun of him and conservatism for years so that the website is half troll articles. The practical response to that website is to say "It's a joke" and move on.
<Snipped quote by BrobyDDark>

That's actually interesting. Speaking of which, where does Yeezus fare on the political spectrum?…

I feel similar to what @Odin thinks.

The benefits of Democracy is limited by the knowledge of the voters. Socrates compares society to a ship in an example...

<Snipped quote by Socrates>

In order for Democracy to be beneficial, the voters must be informed of the issues and the best way to deal with them. Without knowledge, many things can arise from Democracy. Hitler, for example, was able to exploit the fears of the German people to the point where his party had total control.

The problem with the Socrates quote is... well, lets pull it out of its context. Socrates in this particular situation isn't necessarily the philosopher himself, but a character in Plato's Republic, where Plato's concept of an ideal society is developed. It's based on the idea that you can create a meritocratic natural order, where an upper level of "Philosopher Kings" can be nurtured to rule.

The problem is that you cannot make a meritocratic natural order. Plato's Republic amounted to saying "It would be great if we always made worthy people into Kings, so we should do that", which is nice sounding, but it's quite Utopian in reality to expect an aristocracy to work that way. Whatever problems democracy has regarding education, dictatorship also has. If the history of Kings and Dictators was a history of meritocracy, sure, we could stick with it. But in reality that history is a history of Carlos IIs and Neros.

In a democracy, the failures can at least be rectified by the reaction of the populous. With Monarchy you have to hope that the next role of the dice is a good one, whereas in a democracy the population itself can intervene through... democracy. And it has worked out that way. Buchanan, the 15th President of the US, is considered the most incompetent in American history. He is directly followed by Abraham Lincoln, who is often rated our best President. Democracy is a good system because it is reactive like that.
Do people do [thing I don't like] unironically?

There's don't like, and there is just being a goofy stereotype. Like...

DARTH VADER: "Luke, you have a very nice figure. I've said that if you weren't my son, perhaps I would be dating you."

In .v. 3 days ago Forum: Spam Forum
do people read conservapedia, like, unironically?
-Health insurance and gasoline prices are also going down. As well as prices for food at local groccery-stores (especially milk/cheese/yogurt, which is dropping in price faster than gasoline)


you can argue that nothing much has happened despite the president, but to argue that America has become a paradise on earth because of him is batshit tbh. i mean, you might as well say that the cheese is cheesier and the tits are bouncier

also, the AHCA hasn't passed yet, so healthcare is a weird thing to choose since Trump hasn't done anything pertinent. Which is neither her nor there because I haven't seen anything about it dropping and have personally experienced no change in my premiums. Googling healthcare premium drops hasn't really produced helpful info to refute or support the notion.

<Snipped quote by Vilageidiotx>

Yes, but is he narcissistic enough?

Kanye? Yeh. He's really the best out there for a Trump equivalent. The idea that he would become President isn't that super funny now, it's just more of the same.

Now if we are going to go next level, we gotta swing into some next level shit. A Ted Nuget vs Tommy Chong election would be there.
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